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The only way out is through.

‘I am sure that you have already tried many things to change your life or heal. And yet here you are. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you were doing something wrong. It means you did all that you could with the knowledge, resources, capacities and assistance you had. Now is the time for a completely different level; for a healing, an upgrade and miracles you’ve been preparing yourself for. 

That is the perfect moment for us to connect and for me to help you heal and transform your life.’’

from Petra

1:1 Sessions and Coaching with Petra

When not hosting retreats, presenting at events or teaching her students Petra offers a possibility to work 1:1. Those spots are very limited but she makes sure to find time to support people in that way as well.

 Petra is currently fully booked for 1:1 healing sessions. If you wish to be notified when new registrations will be open please join the waiting list

EXCLUSIVE If you are interested in 1:1 premium 8 week healing program of healing sessions and coaching please send us an email.

Step 1. Advanced Holistic Healing

This session is for you if you’re ready for change and willing to find underlying reasons for your problems or illness in order to ignite the healing and change on all levels.

Step 2. Journey into Other Lifetimes

This session is for you have had an Advanced Holistic Healing session and you’re ready to go step further and experience yourself outside of the boundaries of this body and heal on a soul level.

Step 3 . Life Between Lives®

You’ll know when it’s time for this session… you’re ready for an experience of a lifetime…or rather, a soul’s time where time doesn’t exist.

Group Coaching

Unique opportunity for individuals to engage in deep personal growth, learn from others, and build a supportive community.

Supportive and safe space, individuals with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences will help you gain insights and knowledge from one another, expanding your understanding and challenging your assumptions. Petra, Guy Lawrence and Matt Omo work under the name ‘’Live in Flow’’. Together they run retreats and online events and help people transform their lives in a group coaching program called ‘’Inner Self Mastery’’.

Transform your life under the guidance of this extraordinary trio and other like-minded people.

You’ll be transformed by her love, care and expertise. Petra is absolutely amazing. If you’re thinking to work with Petra, don’t think just do it. You’ll be transformed by her love, care and expertise. Whatever you need she’ll be there for you. I was touched by her level of being and passion for what she does. Don’t let fear get in your way, jump on and go all in, because you’ll love who you’ll become in the process. Thank you Petra for supporting me on my journey. So grateful to have met you.

Veronica Trufasu

What a beautiful, gentle and kind soul! Working with Petra one on one was nothing short of miraculous! Petra is very observant, very kind, comforting and very patient. She definitely went above and beyond to help me face my greatest fears and trauma that I have been dealing with for years and her approach was very careful, loving and thorough. Petra is an angel and carries the gift of knowing how to deal with serious trauma. I LOVE her passion and unconditional love for humanity!


I met Petra during a Dr. Joe Dispenza workshop. I was a healee in a coherence healing. I received a lot of energy from all the healers, but the energy in my body was stuck so I couldn't release it. My body was shaking and my arms were flying up and down all the time. I was so lucky that Petra asked if I would like her to help me. She asked me in which energy centers my body has health conditions. She gave me instructions what to do and assisted me to move the stuck energy. This stuck energy was so huge I felt it like a real big stone and Petra helped me step by step to release it. I still remember and feel her warm and beautiful hand. She put it on my heart and I just wanted to hold and hold it all the time. I was so touched by her pure love, caring, kindness, heartwarming professionalism...! She is a Real Master of her skill! My dear Petra I am so grateful to you, big, big hug and good luck in your very important job!

Elena Fountain

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Petra Brzovic is the first in the world to launch a research with a team of international scientists, on what is happening in the brain and body when science meets spirituality.

The research is conducted in Germany and Switzerland and brings a number of new discoveries. Data is currently being processed and will be available to the public in a few months.

Heal & Grow

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