Intuitive Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

The only way out is through.

This therapy is for you if you feel like you are stuck in a loop and failing to find answers to:

  • why you keep repeating the same patterns
  • why you behave and feel the way you do
  • why are you struggling in your relationships 
  • why your body is ill
  • or what you should do with your life.

For example you will greatly benefit from this session if you:

  • suffer from fears, phobias, OCD, anxiety, depression
  • feel lost, lonely, unworthy, ashamed, guilty, powerless
  • feel stuck and unable to progress in life
  • are unable to move forward after a break up or loss of a loved one
  • have suffered from some kind of traumatic event you need help processing and healing the consequences (for example: an accident, surgery, illness, abuse, rape, natural disaster, war, witnessing a traumatic event, taking care of someone ill for a long time, loss of a loved one, home or job etc.)
  • suffer from eating disorders, obesity, insomnia, autoimmune disease, frequent inflammations, hormonal disbalance, cysts, fibroids, urogenital diseases, cancer, digestive problems, heart or lung problems or any other illness and are searching for the cause of your physical illness and want to help your body heal
  • have troublesome relationships
  • can’t break up an unhealthy relationship
  • keep on having problems at work or home you can’t seem to solve
  • want to prepare for success in upcoming events such as giving birth, assisted fertility treatment, parenting, exams, performances, changing your job, or any event / upcoming period in life

Indeed, if you want to heal and achieve change there is no area where this type of therapy cannot help you. Sessions I facilitate lead us right to the cause of the problem, bring deep insights, allow you to finally break free from the burdens of your past and start living the life you dream of.

About the Therapy

There is no one recipe for all - I tailor every step of the way to your needs, helping you find the cause of your problems and turn your adversities into your strengths and wisdom. 

Every person is unique and so are you. 


Everything is correlated and there is a reason why whatever isn’t working in your life. Your unhealthy relationships, problems, struggles or bodily diseases are here to show you what seeks to be healed within. Your life and your body are your greatest teachers. 

When you heal the root cause of your problems, your life and your body start to reflect that change back to you. Suddenly your problems go away, people that used to trigger you and even drive you crazy miraculously start treating you differently or disappear from your life and your body starts to heal. 

This type of session you can book whenever you feel stuck and in need of answers and guidance on your healing and transformational journey.


When you feel it’s time for you to go step further and start exploring your soul’s lessons, seeking connection between this life and other lives you choose as the soul you are, you are ready to book your Journey into other lifetimes session.

And then when you feel it’s time for you to go even further and tap into the soul world, remember who you truly are, understand the lessons you chose to learn as the soul you are, your life here on Earth and other existences, reveal your soul’s purpose and many other things it’s time for you to book your Life between Lives® session.

What Should I Expect in this Therapy Session?

Sometimes people know precisely what they want to work on whether it is finding a root cause of their illness or getting out of the loop of anxiety, fears, feeling unworthy or repeating the same pattern in behavior or relationships over and over again. 

Yet sometimes so much is happening in your life making you feel confused, lost and tired and the only thing you know is that you’ve had enough and can’t take it anymore, not knowing what is actually that you need to heal. 


During our initial talk I help you clarify the goal of the session and then we proceed with some exercises and relaxing techniques that help both me and you understand the way you receive messages and to get to know the way your mind works. I closely pay attention to the tone of your voice, breathing, words you use, the way your body reacts and based on that I guide you through the vastness of your subconscious mind and your body. 

For us to be able to access your subconscious mind and to listen to the messages of your body and subconscious mind you need to be relaxed in a trance-like state, a state of hypnosis. That state is a very natural state to you because you enter and exit that state many times during the day without even realizing it. For example you are in that state every morning when you are waking up and every evening when you are falling asleep. You are also in that state when watching a movie, reading a book, driving long distance, running or doing some repetitive task. At the same time your conscious mind is present and you never lose control. As a matter of fact, we need your conscious mind to be present, not to be shut down or sleeping like many people think. Your conscious mind plays a vital role helping you put everything into a new perspective after the session. And it is very important for your conscious mind to know that it is needed and helpful. 


Your subconscious mind remembers everything you’ve ever experienced, good or bad. Some of the events left a mark even though you might not consciously be aware of it. Yet you might be struggling today because of that unhealed memory, not knowing why you are having problems or feeling in a certain way.

Even though you might not remember something consciously, your subconscious mind remembers. It holds all memories regardless of you wanting it or not. 

That’s why you can’t make a certain problem go away by simply not thinking about it. In that case you don’t think about it with 5% of your conscious mind, but the 95% of your subconscious mind runs the show of your life from underneath the surface. You might think (with your conscious mind) that you have everything under your control when the truth is you have nothing under your control and sooner or later there will be a moment (preceded by many other moments) when all your efforts to hold the fort will fail. So, the sooner you decide to look within and heal what is seeking to be healed the sooner you will be free and able to live the life you desire without needing to make that enormous effort trying to make it work without avail.


This work is a team work; a team work between me and you and a team work between all aspects of you. It is my role to guide you and enhance the collaboration between all aspects of you to make sure you heal and transform in a holistic way. Since everything is correlated - your mind, your body, your soul and everything happening in your life, I help you heal the root cause of the problem and at the same time understand all implications of that cause on all aspects of your life. Reaching the root cause of the problem most often shows that the cause of the problem is completely different than you might have thought it to be. It can be a moment in your life that you totally forgot about, a memory that might seem insignificant, or a memory that you thought you’ve healed and that has nothing to do with what is going on today in your life. 


You always get precisely and only the information you need at a particular time. Your subconscious mind knows what information you need to make the necessary changes and, therefore, guides you and points you to where you need to go and gives you the insights you need in the way you need it – be it in the form of memories, events, clear instructions or explanations. Much information comes in the form of messages, pictures, feelings, smells and sounds – depending on what type of person you are. For example, some of us are very visual and our subconscious mind will most often send us information in the form of images while others are very auditory so messages and insights will be received in the form of sounds or messages.


My role is to ask questions and to give suggestions for you to choose from, making sure that whatever you decide to do to ignite the healing is yours and only yours decision. 

Unlike many other therapy modalities that work with the subconscious mind I never give suggestions that I think would be good for the client. 

Just the contrary, I always trust the wisdom of the client’s body, mind and soul - as I believe only they know what is best for the client. Therefore there is always a subtle dance between me guiding you and allowing space for you to make your own choices while I support you. Not only that it gives you the unerring sense of you doing exactly what you need to do in order for you to heal and transform, but it also serves to help you remember your innate right to live in your greatness and that you are the one in charge of your life. By that the feeling of power and self confidence is being restored and anchored in every part of your body, mind and soul and from that new level of consciousness you can start taking all actions in any area of your life. 


So, not only do you have an instant sense of relief, peace, wholeness and healing by the end of the session but also those changes continue to unfold and through the ripple effect reach all aspects of you and your life in following days, weeks and months enhancing the change in a subtle yet extremely powerful way. 

It can happen so subtly and magically that you don’t even realize how much your life has changed until a few months later you turn around and realize that your life is totally different than it used to be. And that is the beauty of this work. We do everything we can during the time we work together, and then we leave it to the beauty and power of the energetical world beyond our senses to continue its magic in days, weeks and months to follow.


Since this is true teamwork, I cannot do anything without your effort and desire. Only if you’re ready and willing to change – miracles can happen and I’m here to help you manifest them. If there is no desire and effort – the conscious mind creates a blockage and without your cooperation I cannot do anything. Likewise – clients willing to collaborate create such deep and beautiful changes (even the ones seemingly impossible to them at the beginning of the therapy session) that I am often moved to tears as well. When it’s time to wrap up the session, I slowly lead you to a fully awake state. You remember everything we went through. Then we talk briefly, I give you some instructions for independent work and we finish the session. 


The purpose of my work with you is to teach you how to be an absolutely independent, strong, calm, happy, confident and healthy person who is capable of and ready to face everything that life brings, aware of the power of you carry inside and with the knowledge of the tools and techniques that you will be able to use in any life situation


Most often one session is enough for us to heal a particular problem (and most often during that one session we heal many other problems that you weren’t even aware of their correlation with the problem you came to solve).

Then after a few months or years you might decide you want to heal some other aspect of you or your life. 


The other way we can work together is that after healing the root cause of the problem in this life through this session (which can be any time after, but also prior to your birth, while you were in your mother’s womb waiting to be born) you can schedule a Journey into other lifetimes session and continue exploring and healing the same problem from a soul level. 

The reason for that is that sometimes some problems aren’t only related to this life but the reason for us having that experience can be connected with experiences in other lives - unhealed or unresolved problems and relationships there, decisions we’ve made or even giving a promise to ourselves, others or to a higher power in that life due to delusion or confusion not realizing how unsupportive impact it has on us on a soul level, being carried through many other life times, including this one. 


This current life is just one of many we have and we are always connected with experiences we are having in other life times. So, after clearing and healing what is needed in this life, the next step is expanding your consciousness even more and exploring yourself as the soul that you are and heal on a higher, more profound level. 


Due to the fact that with the Advanced holistic healing session you clear the pathway to accessing your soul’s memory, most often after this session you are ready to continue your journey into the soul realm.

Very rarely, in case of greater traumas, more sessions might be needed. In that case you and I agree when to schedule the next session and what to do in the meantime to enhance the healing process that continues after the session we just completed.

We are not even aware that what is struggling, burdensome, and hurts us does not have to be faced in a painstaking and difficult way.’’


Up to 3 Hours


Online via Zoom



Prior to the session you will receive an email with all necessary information and guidelines on how to best prepare for your session.