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Every time you fall is an opportunity for you to rise higher than before.


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In this series of podcasts Petra’s clients and students share their inspirational stories of healing and transformation to inspire others. If you are looking for words of encouragement from people that are just like you - make sure you listen to what these beautiful people had to say.

It’s darkest before dawn.

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When you heal you aren’t doing it just for yourself. You inspire so many others to do the same.

This is the best self-growth course in Croatia. I claim that based on my 4 years intensively exploring education, due to my personal growth career development. This course is unique. It is perfectly adapted to your daily schedule because you don’t have to physically be somewhere, you get all directions online. The fact it is

Petra is absolutely amazing. If you’re thinking to work with Petra, don’t think just do it. You’ll be transformed by her love, care and expertise. Whatever you need she’ll be there for you. I was touched by her level of being and passion for what she does. Don’t let fear get in your way, jump

Veronica Trufasu
The online course with Petra has opened up a new level of understanding of life for me. I appreciate my life, I enjoy it much more. This is not the first time that I meet with Petra’s work, yet she still keeps me amazed at every turn. This time, I managed to dedicate, observe, and

Wow!! What a ride!!! The Petra School of Change has led me on an incredible journey of personal transformation. The weekly catch ups to share our experiences combined with powerful meditations, yoga and profoundly reflective homework has provided me with the time and space to deeply heal some of the traumas that have been holding

Gabe Morahan
It would take me a long time to make a video now… My friend who attended Petra’s group a couple of years ago said it well – she said that Petra is firm yet gentle. I would add, she knows how to work with people and works an awful a lot on herself as well.

Petra Podhorsky
Petra’s workshop represents a systematic way of questioning and realizing yourself and your life from various aspects up to this moment. It also gives you useful techniques and methodologies which enable you to continue to work on yourself after the workshop is finished. The irreplaceable experience of working in a group gives you the opportunity

Brian: I definitely recommend anybody on the path to self-improvement both physically and spiritually to work with Petra Brzovic. She is an authentic teacher and guide. Petra: Thank you, dear Brian. There is no greater joy for me than witnessing transformation of all of you. I will never forget that moment we shared in Brighton

Brian Battle

Prekrasan vikend. Izvrsno društvo, vrlo pozitivna energija. Jako dobro organiziran, jako dobro vođen (svaka čast Petra!). Sretna sam što sam bila ovdje s vama ovaj


Jednostavno točno ono što sam trebala! Toliko različitih spoznaja, doživljaja i otpuštanja, da sam napokon, nakon sto godina, lansirana u budućnost i sada nema stajanja 🙂 Hvala svim divnim ženama,  Petri bez koje više ne mogu zamisliti sadašnjost ni budućnost te organizaciji na trudu i veselju!  

For anyone who feels ready for the long awaited CHANGE, for those who just don’t want to settle with ‘good enough’ but want ‘GREAT’ in any area of their life, for those who feel lost or stuck and don’t have a clue what they want as well as for the ones who know exactly where

School of personal change ‘Create Your New Self!’ is surely one of the best gifts I have decided to give myself. I recommend this „must have“ education to everyone – eight weeks have passed in the moment resulting in incredible outcomes! Petra and her team are extraordinary and I’m indescribably grateful for the time we

It is wonderful how everything fits in and how powerful are the messages we receive during the LBL!  I see things much more clearly now. First, I didn’t know what to do with information I got, but when I look back, I see how useful they have been to me. Since the therapy, my life