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Every time you fall is an opportunity for you to rise higher than before.


Give Yourself a

In this series of podcasts Petra’s clients and students share their inspirational stories of healing and transformation to inspire others. If you are looking for words of encouragement from people that are just like you - make sure you listen to what these beautiful people had to say.

It’s darkest before dawn.

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There is a bridge between heaven and Earth. Let me show you the way.

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When you heal you aren’t doing it just for yourself. You inspire so many others to do the same.

This is one of the most beautiful life experiences to get to know yourself and empower yourself. Petra is an expert, a caring person you can confide in completely. The


Beautiful weekend! Positive women, positive vibrations! Petra, big thank you!! I definitely want to repeat this

Dear Petra, you entered into my life and sprinkled it with the flowers. Throughout your Regression Workshop, my life  unwound  and turned all over in a just two days. Leading


Veselo, inspirativno, puno smijeha i

I faced the same repeating situations over and over again. First time, second time, I didn’t react. I thought it was just a coincidence. But when it happened again for

The School of Personal Change ”Create Your New Life” is neither a course nor a seminar or a lecture that you are listening to and continue with your life as

During each private and group work with Petra, I remain speechless because it was challenging to choose the right words to describe the exact experience and the results of the

Zelim vam zahvaliti na radionici i podijeliti s vama sto mi se svidjelo. Uglavnom bilo mi je jako lijepo, prekrasna atmosfera i prekrasna energija se osjetila svuda oko nas. Bilo

Getting to know yourself is an exciting adventure that takes on another dimension in Petra’s workshops. Meditations and support of the group in achieving  your goals, your change of behavior

Petra is one of the most heart centred people I have met and be fortunate to be connected with. She is selfless in her guidance and spiritual teaching of others.

Alja Hopkins
What a beautiful, gentle and kind soul! Working with Petra one on one was nothing short of miraculous! Petra is very observant, very kind, comforting and very patient. She definitely