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Every time you fall is an opportunity for you to rise higher than before.


Give Yourself a

In this series of podcasts Petra’s clients and students share their inspirational stories of healing and transformation to inspire others. If you are looking for words of encouragement from people that are just like you - make sure you listen to what these beautiful people had to say.

It’s darkest before dawn.

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There is a bridge between heaven and Earth. Let me show you the way.

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When you heal you aren’t doing it just for yourself. You inspire so many others to do the same.

Petra is an angel that I’m really grateful to know. Her energy is so peaceful and comfortable that with her guidance I felt safe to face my fears and move

Petra Brzovic you have a very special gift and I am so grateful to have met you and to have completed this life changing course! You are wise beyond words

Peggy Morison

Dobro društvo, pozitivna vibra, poticaj za novi i bolji život. Dobila sam snagu i uvjerenje da možemo i sposobne smo napraviti sve što poželimo! Jer – možemo!! I kraj


It is useful to find a chance to devote oneself to himself and listen to someone else recall certain things about

I really liked the introductory masterclass, and the way you explain it. To the point that you made me cry, because I recognized myself. And thank you for it!

Brian: I definitely recommend anybody on the path to self-improvement both physically and spiritually to work with Petra Brzovic. She is an authentic teacher and guide. Petra: Thank you, dear

Brian Battle
It is wonderful how everything fits in and how powerful are the messages we receive during the LBL!  I see things much more clearly now. First, I didn’t know what

This is the best self-growth course in Croatia. I claim that based on my 4 years intensively exploring education, due to my personal growth career development. This course is unique.

The decision to attend this workshop was a great decision, the decision to take my life into my hands. Using the techniques and the tools I have learned there has

About five years ago, I started to struggle with chronic fatigue. As a professional athlete, it was difficult to break my contract and sign a defeat, but it was even

Radionica je bila predivna, puna sadržaja. Upoznala sam mnogo predivnih žena, također s problemima s kojima se nose kroz život. Petra, hvala ti na svemu, na tvojim savjetima za bolje