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Life Changing Retreats

Retreats are a perfect way to give yourself a gift of healing and transformation. If you have been feeling stuck, lost, lonely or simply need that push to move your life in a new direction and finally start living your purpose - don’t think twice. Retreats are a perfect way to give yourself a gift of healing and transformation. Having the opportunity to work with Petra in person is a life changing experience. Take a look at the list of upcoming retreats and choose the one that is calling you.

Live Events

Do you want to learn more about the mind&body medicine, the power of the subconscious mind, holistic healing or the fascinating world of souls beyond the senses?
Petra is often asked to be part of inspirational events where she shares her knowledge with fellow colleagues.
Check the list of upcoming events and join Petra's events.

1:1 Sessions

If you're looking for answers, release, or healing the most powerful experience is a personal session with Petra.
Petra's gift of healing is unparalleled.
She has an incredible gift of sensing exactly what every person needs to heal, and with her sessions, you'll be amazed at how deep the healing can go.
Not only is it safe and gentle, but it is also incredibly transformative.
Petra works in a way that empowers you to find your own path and takes incredible care to make sure your journey is tailored to your unique needs.
Her sessions are truly life-changing. Indulge yourself and experience the transformative power of her work.

Group Coaching

Unique opportunity for individuals to engage in deep personal growth, learn from others, and build a supportive community.
Supportive and safe space, individuals with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences will help you gain insights and knowledge from one another, expanding your understanding and challenging your assumptions.
Petra, Guy Lawrence and Matt Omo work under the name ‘’Live in Flow’’.
Together they run retreats and online events and help people transform their lives in a group coaching program called ‘’Inner Self Mastery’’.
If you are looking for a way to transform your life under the guidance of this extraordinary trio and other like-minded people, you can find more info about the program here.

Petra Brzovic

Petra Brzović is a renowned authority in supporting individuals to release their deep-rooted trauma and access their innate soul's wisdom. With over 20 years of experience in the health and healing industry, Petra has served millions worldwide, mentoring top experts to help people heal and transform their lives. She has developed her own unique method of holistic healing, integrating mind, body, and soul. Currently, Petra serves as the Director of Education at the prestigious Michael Newton Institute for "Life between Lives" therapy that enables clients to go into soul realm and access healing and wisdom they seek. In her inspirative work, she also leads groundbreaking research initiatives focused on exploring the depths of consciousness and the profound connection between the mind, body, and soul.

Petra conducts workshops and seminars worldwide, blending various healing techniques into unique and liberating experiences. Her passion lies in helping individuals recognize and unleash their hidden potentials, guiding them through layers of limiting beliefs, trapped emotions, and stuck traumas. Through her holistic approach, she helps people find the root cause of their illness and guides them through the healing journey. During the process, Petra empowers clients to transform their adversities into wisdom, strength, and power, ultimately living their life purpose.

Upcoming Events

Nurture Your Mind, Body, and Soul with Our Guided Practices

Heal your trauma set

(in english language / na engleskom jeziku)

Iscijelite svoju traumu set

(croatian language / na hrvatskom jeziku)

Be Inspired

Give yourself a

In this series of podcasts Petra’s clients and students share their inspirational stories of healing and transformation to inspire others. If you are looking for words

of encouragement from people that are just like you - make sure you listen to what these beautiful people had to say.

stories of change

Endless Peace

After the therapy I felt endless PEACE in my soul, I touched a, for me, completely new world and got the answer to many questions that followed me all my life… one heavy handful of stones fell from my chest.

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