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Petra Brzovic

Petra Brzovic is an intuitive and certified therapist with extensive expertise in a range of healing disciplines including modalities of hypnotherapy, regression and past life regression therapy, and life between lives therapy. She is an IACT Master Instructor and Trainer, a member of IACT (International Association of Therapists and Advisers), a Head of Education and a member of the Advisory Council of Michael Newton Institute. Petra is also a passionate researcher of consciousness and the correlation between the brain, body, and soul, and works closely with an international team of scientists.

I met Petra during a Dr. Joe Dispenza workshop. I was a healee in a coherence healing. I received a lot of energy from all the healers, but the energy in my body was stuck so I couldn't release it. My body was shaking and my arms were flying up and down all the time. I was so lucky that Petra asked if I would like her to help me. She asked me in which energy centers my body has health conditions. She gave me instructions what to do and assisted me to move the stuck energy. This stuck energy was so huge I felt it like a real big stone and Petra helped me step by step to release it. I still remember and feel her warm and beautiful hand. She put it on my heart and I just wanted to hold and hold it all the time. I was so touched by her pure love, caring, kindness, heartwarming professionalism...! She is a Real Master of her skill! My dear Petra I am so grateful to you, big, big hug and good luck in your very important job!

Elena Fountain

You’ll be transformed by her love, care and expertise. Petra is absolutely amazing. If you’re thinking to work with Petra, don’t think just do it. You’ll be transformed by her love, care and expertise. Whatever you need she’ll be there for you. I was touched by her level of being and passion for what she does. Don’t let fear get in your way, jump on and go all in, because you’ll love who you’ll become in the process. Thank you Petra for supporting me on my journey. So grateful to have met you.

Veronica Trufasu

What a beautiful, gentle and kind soul! Working with Petra one on one was nothing short of miraculous! Petra is very observant, very kind, comforting and very patient. She definitely went above and beyond to help me face my greatest fears and trauma that I have been dealing with for years and her approach was very careful, loving and thorough. Petra is an angel and carries the gift of knowing how to deal with serious trauma. I LOVE her passion and unconditional love for humanity!


Petra’s focus is on helping clients who have experienced traumatic events, suffer from fears, phobias, and anxiety, or who are suffering from chronic or acute diseases. Her work combines various body and mind healing techniques to help clients heal on all levels. Petra’s biggest passion is working with trauma, diseases and souls through Life between Lives sessions, which bring deep healing and understanding to her clients.

In addition to her therapy work, Petra leads workshops and seminars worldwide offering a fusion of unique and intuitive healing techniques developed over years of practice. She teaches in international schools training other therapists, helping them learn the skills and techniques needed to help others heal. If you’re interested in joining this path, please feel free to contact us regarding future trainings.

Petra actively participates in Body & Mind conferences, seminars, and trainings, and stays up-to-date with the latest research in the fields of medicine, quantum physics, epigenetics, neuroscience, and soul. With her keen interest in the correlation between consciousness, the brain, body, and soul, Petra collaborates with an international team of scientists to conduct research in this area.

As Director of the Educational Committee of The Michael Newton Institute, Petra is dedicated to ensuring the highest professional teaching standards and contributing to the evolution of consciousness of humankind happening at all levels.

Petra’s work is grounded in the holistic principle, and she is a certified Fertile Body Method therapist, aromatherapist, yoga teacher, and doula. She is a co-founder and co-leader of the training for prenatal yoga teachers in Gaia Yoga School, certified by Yoga Alliance. Petra also developed and established a support program for couples who wish to get pregnant and especially for those who are facing infertility issues in collaboration with top experts from the fields of gynecology, nutrition, acupuncture, psychology, and holistic treatments. She has designed group and individual lessons for pregnant women, making sure that babies and moms are healthy and taken care of, making birth a wonderful experience, and helping them prepare adequately for the postpartum period. Petra’s work as a doula has deepened her knowledge of the transformational power of giving birth, enabling her to support women, their partners, and the babies they bring into the world.

Through her work, Petra helps clients recognize the power to heal at the deepest level and make the changes they want to make in order to live happy, healthy, and free. Her classes and workshops represent a fusion of various healing techniques, making them unique, intuitive, and liberating.

With her warm and compassionate approach, Petra’s therapy sessions are life-changing for her clients. Whether you’re seeking to heal from trauma, overcome fears or anxiety, transform your life aligned with your purpose or tap into the wisdom of your soul, Petra’s unique and holistic methods will help you achieve your goals.