A Past Life

The portal to every next level is through the parts of yourself that you most avoid.

This therapy is for you if you had an Advanced Holistic Healing session with me and are ready to move step further. 

Therefore this therapy can help you:

  • understand and heal the cause of anxiety, depression, phobia, fear, sadness, sorrow, guilt, shame, lack of self esteem that isn’t related to this life
  • resolve problems you can’t seem to resolve no matter what you do
  • break free from vicious cycle of repeating the same patterns, behaviours and mistakes over and over again
  • understand seemingly unbreakable bond to some person whether that relationship is loving or troublesome 
  • break free from the relationships that are exhausting you and suffocating you and from which it seems you can’t escape 
  • understand and heal the cause of a physical problem or illness 
  • gain greater awareness of your purpose and clear direction what to do next in your life
  • regain sense of peace, strength, self confidence, worthiness and love
  • remember and renew your talents and wisdom that you as the soul have in other lives
  • creating a healthy and lasting change on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels simultaneously

About the Therapy

Sometimes the root cause of the problem lies behind the veils of this current life. After all we are souls living in the human form. 

People often think that humans are imperfect and that souls are perfect. The truth is that both humans and souls are perfect in their imperfections. We come to various lives to have an experience, to learn and grow. 

In order to have the best conditions for that we choose bodies, families and circumstances that will provide the perfect playground for our learning and growth. You can look at the soul coming to some life as a child going to school. It will learn, make mistakes, sometimes fail, sometimes thrive and in that way it will learn and grow. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t perfect. It simply means it is learning and growing. 

Sometimes an experience in a certain life can be troublesome and we don’t process and heal it on a soul level, or the lesson we are learning isn’t completed in that life. Because of that we might carry an energetic imprint with us to other lives or there might be still some work that needs to be done so that we could make a closure and stop repeating the same patterns. 

That is why sometimes we can’t understand why we feel such a strong connection to someone, why we can’t break free from an unhealthy relationship, why we carry deep feelings of sadness or guilt which don’t seem to belong to this life, why we have a physical problem that we can’t heal or we have an unusual fear of water, heights etc. 

Journey into other lifetimes therapy not only helps understand and resolve all that but it can also help you realize what your purpose is and awaken your talents by bridging your consciousness in this life to the consciousness in other life times.

This current life is just one of many we have and we are always connected with experiences we are having in other life times. So, after clearing and healing what is needed in this life, the next step is expanding your consciousness even more and exploring yourself as the soul that you are and heal on a higher, more profound level. 

Journey into other lifetimes therapy is a deeply healing and transformative process. I find that this form of therapy is truly sacred. Traveling through time with this type of therapy brings new perspectives and healing in a way that hardly any other therapy can offer. 

Using a state of deep relaxation with the help of hypnotic techniques, we open the door to remembering our true nature and to our higher wisdom. As an impartial observer we are able to see, feel, hear, or experience, in a way that is suitable for us, some ‘’past’’ events that have contributed to the present situation. Memories that are stored in the subconscious mind, body and soul become available and can be explored through profound hypnosis. Remember that hypnotic state is a very natural state you go in and out of on a daily basis. It just takes the right tools and techniques to help you take the advantage of being in that state in order to expand your consciousness and become aware of your self beyond the boundaries of your physical self.  

Then under my guidance you can heal what needs to be healed on a soul level, get the understanding, break unhealthy and unsupportive bonds and renew those that need to be renewed so that the relationships in your current life can start to flourish. I truly can’t recommend this beautiful and profound work enough.

What Should I Expect in this Therapy Session?

At the beginning, I help you define and clarify the main goal of the session just like we do when doing an Advanced holistic healing session. Then I guide you to a deep, relaxed state, helping you to expand your consciousness beyond the limits of your conscious mind and your physical body. While you are aware of yourself in other life times and different bodies, your current conscious mind always stays present, and you always remain in control. In that way your conscious mind can also understand the correlation between all experiences that are shown to you and problems you are experiencing in this life. That serves as a great integration tool in times after the session when you continue living your life from a different vantage point.

Before the session neither your nor my conscious mind know where to look for answers. After all, I am sure you tried everything you could using your conscious mind to find solutions and solve problems you have. Now is the time to let your subconscious mind and soul show you the way. They will take us exactly where is needed at any given time. That is why both you and I need to enter the state of expanded consciousness and let us be taken where to look for answers. I am constantly communicating with all aspects of yourself making sure you get the healing, understanding and resolution you are looking for. 

Sometimes we gradually travel back through time but sometimes we are immediately taken to a life where the root cause of the problem and its solution lies. Some problems are solved layer by layer, so we find solutions like pearls on a string – in childhood, womb, in one other life or more of them. We put all revealed pearls together during one session making sure you receive all the healing you need in a particular moment.  

When we both agree it’s time to come back, I gently guide you back to your senses, we talk briefly about your journey, I give you some instructions for independent work and we finish the session. 

After the session you remember everything that happened. Moreover, the therapy can be recorded if you would like that.  



If you have already worked with me, feel free to schedule a Journey into other lifetimes session. 

In case you haven’t worked with me yet, please schedule an Advanced holistic healing session first so that we might address what needs to be healed and cleared in this life first. That will ensure that the path to your other lives is cleared and your Journey into other lives session provides you the in depth healing you are seeking for.

Petra helped me to understand and become aware of what is really the cause of all my problems. Through therapy she helped me to deal with the problem and solve it easily.’’

Ana Varga

Even if you are already working on some part of yourself, the therapy will give you wind in your sails and help you make the steps that you would otherwise need more effort and time if doing them independently. This is an excellent way to get help yet still do the job yourself."


Up to 3 Hours


Online via Zoom



Prior to the session you will receive an email with all necessary information and guidelines on how to best prepare for your session.