In Depth

Healing with Petra

Each one of us is on Earth right here and right now for a reason. Each one of us has our own unique journey, lessons to learn, work to be done, love and joy to experience. 

Looking from the higher perspective there is so much beauty in each one of us, and there is so much beauty in each of our journeys. Yet, sometimes it is hard to see that. Sometimes those journeys can make us feel overwhelmed, tired, broken, disheartened and like there is no way out. 

I am sure that you have already tried many things to change your life or heal. And yet here you are. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you were doing something wrong. It means you did all that you could with the knowledge, resources, capacities and assistance you had. Now is the time for a completely different level; for a healing, an upgrade and miracles you’ve been preparing yourself for. 

That is the perfect moment for us to connect and for me to help you heal and transform your life.

I find every session I facilitate beautiful as each of them is unique just like the person I work with. Every body, mind and soul is unique and it makes me feel humble and grateful to be a guide on each of those healing journeys. Even after thousands of sessions I’ve had an honor to facilitate, I am amazed by what we discover underneath the surface to be the cause of the problem, struggle or disease. It always leaves speechless both myself and my clients what the wisdom of their body, subconscious mind and soul reveal. Even more astonishing is to witness how resolving the cause of the problem on the subconscious and superconscious level creates miraculous changes in all areas of their lives. 

Trying to find a true solution by merely using your conscious mind is impossible. Regardless of how amazing our conscious minds are – there is a prodigious, vast space of information within and without you that holds all your answers. To reach those answers and transformation and healing you seek you need to go beyond the limits of your conscious mind. 

Sessions that I facilitate provide a safe space for us to work in a holistic way, taking into account all aspects of you. Everything happening in your life and your body is undeniably connected and intertwined. Your body keeps the score of everything you ever went through since you were conceived, and your soul carries the wisdom of your immortal self gained through times of your existence both in various lives and amazing time between lives.

And this is where my role as your therapist and guide lies.

Even though I hold many certificates of world renown schools and institutes which gave me a great foundation for the work that I do, working with my clients and patients, witnessing their journeys of transformation and healing, being led by my intuition and the wisdom of their subconscious minds, bodies and souls is what taught me the most. Therefore, I often say that the people I work with are my greatest teachers. 

Every session unlocks the doorway to another story and every story is different and unique. We are all part of a tapestry made of love, light, lessons and gifts. We just need to remember who we truly are. 

The darkness we fear…the struggles, the pain and hurt we want to avoid, are actually a calling, an opportunity for us to remember that. 

It is so common that in an attempt to make the discomfort and pain disappear people try to ignore, mask or push it away. They do so by numbing the pain with pills, overeating, alcohol, drugs, by distracting themselves by, for example, shopping, endless scrolling on social media or by escaping to different realities by excessive playing video games. 

They are doing that, consciously or unconsciously, hoping that if they don’t think about the problem nor feel the pain problems and pain will disappear. The thing is – they won’t. 

Problems will become bigger, relationships will suffer more, and bodies will need to be more ill to get their attention. Too often people wait for their lives to become unbearable or bodies severely ill before they stop and are willing to look within. 

Those problems, pain, illnesses…that darkness we fear – are our greatest gifts. Even though it might sound totally ironic, the truth is that they represent a doorway to our freedom, abundance, joy, health, love and enlightenment we seek. The only way out is in.


First of all – you will feel it. You will simply know that now is the time. 

That doesn’t mean your conscious mind might not question your decision. You might even feel a bit afraid and nervous and that is perfectly normal. As long as deep inside you feel that this is it – then this is it. It’s time for you to start trusting your body and your soul. You’re ready.