A Profound Life
Changing Experience

We are here to remember all that we once knew.

Life Between Lives® therapy enables you to access your own spiritual wisdom, to find a deeper understanding of who you are as a soul, bringing healing and expanded consciousness to your current life. 

During this special journey you get to experience yourself in the state of super expanded consciousness, remember your true nature and your home, meet your loved ones (both living and deceased) and get an understanding of choices, relationships and circumstances in this life and other lives you’re living in. Upon entering the soul realm you are greeted by Higher Beings that are there to help you get the understanding, answers and healing you need. 

Not only do I have the honour to facilitate sessions where I help people embark on this sacred journey but I also have an honour to be the lead of the educational committee teaching other therapists how to facilitate Life Between Lives ® sessions. I feel very humble for being chosen to have the role of bringing this sacred work forward as I believe this work is needed today more than ever. 

This kind of therapy nourishes your spiritual side but is an extremely effective form of therapy, revolutionary and unique, made after more than 25 years of research in a respected institution Newton Institute. 

We are more than just physical that we see – we are a mixture of energies, experiences and learnings from our other lives. Our eternal quest is a search for growth. During this experience, you will get a complete perception of your path. Words can not explain how empowering it is to know your true aim.

Life Between Lives ® is a deep hypnotic process which enables you to deeply understand yourself, your needs, your mission, your emotions and your current challenges. What do you need to learn in your life now? You will get a completely different perspective.  

The Micheal Newton Institute® invested more than 25 years in research, led by its founder Michael Newton, with over 7,000 clients. One of the biggest research findings is consistent reports from thousands of clients about the existence and support of Higher Beings in the interlife known as guiding beings, who stand as personal guides and teachers.

Is this therapy for me?

This therapy is for you if you want to:

  • get to know yourself as the soul
  • get to know your guide and other Higher beings always there to guide, advise and support you
  • get deeper understanding of your current life, why you chose this body, family you’ve been born in, relationships with significant others
  • gain insights about your challenges and struggles and what you can do to overcome them
  • meet your loved ones (both living and deceased)
  • loose fear of dying
  • understand your purpose in this life and your soul’s purpose
  • access information that you can’t access solely with your conscious or subconscious mind
  • stimulate, empower, accelerate any part of you and your life
  • improve the balance of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self 
  • remember and experience how you spend your time in between incarnations and in other lifetimes
  • find inner peace
  • experience unconditional love
  • receive healing that you need

What Should I Expect in this Therapy Session?

By now we got to know each other well as we’ve been working together and have undergone some beautiful journeys together. Now it’s time for this ultimate journey as the crown of the work you’ve been doing so far. 

When we meet we will talk about the questions you’ve prepared and what you wish to gain from this session. Then we will embark on this amazing journey with a long and very deep hypnotic induction to help your conscious mind to relax and to help you to achieve a highly-expanded state of consciousness. This should be an easy and enjoyable process for you as you already are acquainted with me and the way I work so you know you are always safe and in control. 

After that, using regression techniques, we go back to some of your pleasant childhood memories. From childhood, we continue back to that unique time in the womb, after conception and before birth, where we can get first soul memories. In the womb, we can explore such things as how you feel about coming to be born and what it is you hope to do, learn or work on. Then we go back to the most significant ‘’past’’ life to review some of the most significant events as well as how that life ended. That death scene serves as a doorway into the spirit, and that transition is a very easy one, as you’ve been through it many times as the soul that you are. 

Once the soul is in the spirit realm, it enters the ‘’now time“ where review of all your lives is possible, including all insights about the current life and future events. We stay here as long as needed exploring everything you want to explore. Your loved ones and Higher Beings come to greet you and help you get healing, insights and answers to your questions. Each journey to the spirit realm is unique and special. We never know what your higher self, guides, teachers and other higher beings have in store for you but I can assure you that you will experience and receive exactly what you need. 

Only when you feel ready will we begin our journey back to this realm. You will remember everything but most importantly you and your life will never be the same. All insights, wisdom, healing and knowledge you receive in the spirit world will be retained to help and empower you as you complete the remainder of your current life with renewed energy and purpose.

Upon your awakening we will talk briefly about what you have experienced and then I’ll recommend you to stay in solitude allowing yourself time to integrate and process everything that you have received. 

You will also get a recording of your session as a lifetime memory of your experience. You can go through it whenever you want and remind yourself of all your answers and findings.

I noticed that in fact all the advice I received I am subconsciously using and that life is leading me now in such a beautiful way. From the bottom of my heart I am grateful for everything, with all I have now I'm devoted to my healing."


Where there used to be fear now there is peace. Where there was uncertainty, now it's security. Today, I relate to everything around and inside me more easily, happily and gently."


5-6 Hours


Online via Zoom



Prior to the session you will receive an email with all necessary information and guidelines on how to best prepare for your session.