This was so neccessary!

About five years ago, I started to struggle with chronic fatigue. As a professional athlete, it was difficult to break my contract and sign a defeat, but it was even harder to stop following your dreams. At that time, for the first time I heard about hypnotherapy, and good friend of mine said that it might help. As I lived outside of my origin country, it was difficult to find a person of trust. One year ago, the pain and fatigue were so strong that I had to give up and sign the capitulation. Studying the work of Dr. Joe’s Dispenza brought to Petra and on her website, I found out that she is also working with hypnotherapy. It did not take long to schedule an appointment.

Although for the main reason I mentioned tiny phobia and curiosity, in the initial conversation, Petra said that chronic fatigue could be also good to cover in hypnotherapy. We started with meditation and relaxation, and then Petra took me to one of the most interesting adventures of the lifetime. The journey started in my safe place, a mountain I always like to return when I came home. She met me with my phobia, took me to early childhood, and through communication with myself at age of 6 and 4 years, but also with the phobia itself, gave me the right answers.

Through various sensations in my body, we have reached the main source of fatigue. Unlike the phobia which was outside of me, tiredness manifested itself as part of me. Petra then took me back to the mountain where we tried to throw away that fatigue. It turned out that it is still not the right time to be thrown, because in my life for the last several years there was no time for tiredness.

For the end of my journey, two young version of myself (6 and 4 years old) joined me on the mountain. And when I thought it was all over, there were some new questions which brought new sensations in my body. Suddenly I am shown up in the sports hall, at my last match of a professional career. Watching myself on the sports field, the whole situation has become very emotional. Petra then took me to come closer, to embrace myself and congratulate on everything we have gone through together. Although I was proud of everything I did, the athlete in me could not stop tears.

After returning to the present moment, returning home and the rest of the day was quite emotional, but the next morning everything had somehow become different.

Two months after – I signed a new cotract for new sason – I am back in the game full of power and joy!

Thank you Petra for this wonderful and amazing adventure! 🙂