My present is much happier, and my future looks brighter and brighter every day!

I faced the same repeating situations over and over again. First time, second time, I didn’t react. I thought it was just a coincidence. But when it happened again for God knows which time, I got scared. There was only a gray future in front of me, full of sadness and pain. That’s exactly how I felt. I was sad, tired, exhausted. I knew that I didn’t live my intended Purpose; that I didn’t live a Life for what I felt I needed to live and, after all, the Life I want to live.

Trying to find a solution to this problem, I faced the wall. I no longer knew how and where to go, where to turn. I was stuck. Everything I tried backfired. There was no right path for me to take. I tried some therapies, both classic and alternative ones, but they all left me tapping in place.

When I first came to Petra, I cried. She was so kind and compassionate right from the start that I felt free to cry, right there in front of the complete stranger. To get the answers to my question about why I’ve been facing the same repeating situations over and over again, we have done three therapies – hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, and LBL – Life Between Lives regression. A lot of things felt clearer right after the first therapy, but I took a fraction of the puzzle – a fraction of the answer to my question form each therapy.

Life Between Lives regression was the most rewarding. It was beautiful and very comfortable. I like to describe it as my most beautiful earthly experience so far. I got a lot of insights and clear guidelines. And now, after everything, I can say that I understand myself much better, I understand why I chose this very Life, I clearly see the role of certain people in my life, and, most importantly, I understand why certain exhausting situations were repeating to me over and over again.

Regression therapy has given me the kind of answers I didn’t get on any other therapy, but I can’t say that, having undergone that experience, I magically started living the Life of my dreams, no. What I got is the starting point for the future, a recipe for braking down the wall that has been disabling me to live my Purpose. And so I moved on, slowly. At first, I was pretty uncertain, but now, after a few months of following that recipe, I have to admit that my present is much happier, and my future looks brighter and brighter every day.

Thank you, Petra!