I felt like I was in some game – every day was full of surprises and joy!

The online course with Petra has opened up a new level of understanding of life for me. I appreciate my life, I enjoy it much more.

This is not the first time that I meet with Petra’s work, yet she still keeps me amazed at every turn. This time, I managed to dedicate, observe, and enjoy each and every thought and feeling during the day. Each day was a new task, a new focus, and thus a new challenge for my busy lifestyle. I felt like I was in some game – every day was full of surprises and joy! Or as if I was reading an excellent book that kept revealing an unexpected, deep and yet so simple truth …

Petra’s dedication to each person in the group has also been felt in the digital online world, regardless of time and space.

The concept of the workshop is carefully designed, but at the same time very spontaneous because it is tailored to the needs of the group. All the tasks, meditations and total energy of the group, guided by Petra’s vision and faith, just kept on growing during the one month of the course.
We all connected so deeply that I did not feel like I was a part of an “online” course. When the course ended, we all became so close and open as we had known each others for years!
Now, almost two weeks after the course, I breathe easier and with full lungs. I’m calm and focused on all new things in front of me. I keep on thinking how many more magical months are in front of me!