Example of how we should always live! There are no more excuses with this workshop!

I recommend this online workshop to all who feel it is time to sort out something in their life, to make a change, to find out a bit more about themselves, to get into what they have felt for a long time but have not dealt with just yet. It is especially great for those who cannot physically attend the workshops. There are no more excuses with this workshop. Everything is served on the tray: daily instructions, motivational messages, meditations, homework, and full-time support from the leader as well as all members of the group through Facebook.
30 intensive days create a base and serve as an example of how we should always live: conscious, strong, uncompromising … so every moment, every situation and emotion may serve as a stairway into ourselves – built of knowledge and of our true path in this Life.
Thank you Petra for this wonderful experience!