This is a miracle!

The therapy accompanied by a QEEG scan was an extraordinary experience. It had multiple effects on me!
Firstly, seeing the results of the initial QEEG is a treat for itself because people rarely have the opportunity to see the status of their brainwaves and all the other values associated with the scan. Then, the therapy itself was an amazing process.

Being taken back to the origins of a problem you have in the present and dealing with it then is similar to being taken out of your comfort zone in order to be rewarded for it.  I got wondrous insights, learned new things about myself and my past and dealt with all of it in a safe environment.

Finally, seeing the analysis of the QEEG scan that was being recorded during the therapy was another miracle. Seeing activation at times and places that indicate accessing and processing new information, as well as emotional processing at the times when it was happening during the therapy was a real physical proof of the real brain processes taking place during the therapy.

The whole experience is something I still keep thinking about and would like to do all over again!