The irreplaceable experience…

Petra’s workshop represents a systematic way of questioning and realizing yourself and your life from various aspects up to this moment. It also gives you useful techniques and methodologies which enable you to continue to work on yourself after the workshop is finished. The irreplaceable experience of working in a group gives you the opportunity to perceive yourself through differences and similarities of others.

It was interesting to see very visible changes on people attending the workshops and to hear about the ways the workshops helped them. Each of them mentioned different aspects of growth they experienced but still all of us knew what she or he was telling us about. That is exactly what constitutes the very essence of Petra’s workshops, everybody goes through the same content, same techniques and tools but still the effects are different and exactly the ones you need at a given moment.

By adopting learned techniques into my daily practice I’ve noticed an increase in my capacities in many fields but above all I gained the ability to see myself and the things happening to me on a much deeper level.

It is not easy to find the words to describe the effect of Petra’s workshops – the best way is to feel it.