She led me with gentle and firm steps

Preparing for the Week Long Retreat of dr. Joe Dispenza, in Berlin, I really had a big expectations (from myself?) . I thought I would experience a big transformation and that would be it. I will take away all my burdens and continue with my new life. The experience was beautiful, 1200 people in one place with the same intention – to love life. I’ve taped a world I did not even know existed. However-… I did not even suspect that I would just spit out the surface. I returned home exhausted physically and with more question marks over my head about my life. I came back to the old environment and it was challenging to stay in the same vibration. Petra s School “Create a New Life” And 30 day online program have changed me in a much deeper level.

With gentle and firm steps led me to the darkest parts of myself. I actually needed that. To face myself with all my parts … to awake my blockages … to find out what beliefs do not serve me. And then, when I “broke up” and opened heart to “unknown” people, the second part of the transformation began, such as a solid, stable flower – every part of me began to come to its place.


From a person who was lost and on daily basis had terrible thoughts about herself… I’m not worth enough…I m not smart, beautiful, capable…- who always thought about what someone else would say,… who always compares with others … from a person who cried a lot..who doubted in his own intelligence … I became firm, stable, I returned my faith to myself, my existence and my value. Now I know it’s OK to be happy even someone else is not, realizing that everyone has the CHOICE. I learned to separate myself from other thoughts and feelings and stay in my mind, calm and content. I opened my heart and returned faith to miracles. Now I look forward to my future, knowing that I am creating it in the present. Petra’s leadership throughout this process is priceless. From Berlin I came back happy, but in the depths of myself, in disintegration … And I did not know where to go. Then I got the opportunity to go to Petra’s school and to go through the whole process of the transformation to the very end, step by step, with true support from Petra and other participants. I am really gratitude from the depths of my soul. Now I see every challenge as a blessing and opportunity for growth. I look forward to my life.