She is teaching from her own experience

I acquainted myself with the teachings of Joe Dispenza 2 years ago and soon after I started with “the work”. After a while, working on my own and dissapointed with my progress, I decided to begin attending his workshops. At one of those workshops I met Petra as a member of Dr Joe’s team. I immediately noticed that several Croatian students in my group, which I didn’t know form before, were already working with her and were at a much more advanced level than me. After that I applied immediately to one of Petra’s online workshops and I realized that they are an excellent addition to Dr Joe’s. The benefits are numerous like smaller groups so each attendee gets the appropriate attention, each can ask questions and share his/her experience, people bond during the workshop so they continue to motivate and support each other during and after the workshop, they share problems they are struggling with so all the others within the group are benefiting from this sharing… Petra’s workshops are exploring other techniques of working on yourself, she is teaching from her own experience so people recognize the authenticity of her words/work. Petra gives individual sessions as well and is specialized in other alternative healing techniques which might be just what you need. Instead struggling on your own I recommend attending Petra’s workshops, it might help you as it helped me. I can say I improved my technique, my meditations are deeper, my motivation is higher, I am more present and more aware.