Petra’s workshop “Create a new life” has changed my life from my roots up

Dr. Dispenza’s week long retreat in Berlin was a wonderful experience for me: I moved my boundaries several times, I found out that I was not afraid of height and that I was much stronger than I thought. On the other hand, I was shocked to see that the root of all my troubles and problems was actually feeling unworthy. As long as I meditated and worked on that belief, I could not overcome the enormous sadness that covered me. I saw Petra first time in my life on the challenge in Berlin, not knowing who she was, and second time when Falco talked about his experience. I was very pleased when I found out that she is from Croatia and even more when I saw that she was a therapist.

Petra’s workshop “Create a new life” has changed my life from the root because now I can better understand the  patterns of my parents behavior and, above all, better understand myself. With her expertise, experience and love, Petra led us through the tiniest parts of our soul and heart, and I have no words to thank her for that. I felt like sailing on a soft cloud supported and loved, so perfect just the way I am. Whenever I went astray, Petra and a group of beautiful women met me with a lot of understanding, they would strengthen me and encourage me to move on.

Nevertheless I have experienced the most beautiful experience in individual work with Petra. The wonderful journey to the hidden parts of my being helped me to breathe differently, to finally begin to feel my true needs and to really hear what my soul has to say. For the first in my life I  have felt so safe that I can fully relax and release all the burdens from the past.

Thank you, Petra, from the bottom of my heart <3 <3 <3