Petra creates a safe, loving and trustworthy environment for the group and in the same time she is very attentive of the individual. It was definitely life-changing for me!

This course really goes into depth with each energy center and provides a deep understanding of blockages in our life (physically, emotionally and mentally). It is structured amazingly well and offers significant and crucial knowledge. It’s definitely transformational and you can always go back to the practical tools that are given to you during the course. Petra is absolutely amazing coach and a heartwarming, caring person. She leads by example and although she is highly professional she always makes you feel like we are all alike and on the same path. She creates a safe, loving and trustworthy environment and group gets connected and everyone really benefits from that. She is a great teacher of this time where we are flooded with all sorts of spiritual awakening courses for she has a great expertise but is able to make it simple and understandable. She is also very attentive to the individual and has an amazing subtle feeling for when you need additional care and keeps an eye of everyone. She even adapts the course in between just to meet all of the individual needs. Not many teachers are able to do this and still go through the intended material. This workshop will definitely lead you to great depths and if you commit to it at least a little you will recognize a change in you. This school helped me break down some walls and gain a different perspective. Definitely moved me forward in my life and already a lot has changed during the course and right after. Would sincerely recommend it to anyone, whether you are a beginner in this journey of mastering yourself or you think you’ve done it all. Definitely life changing! So grateful to have done this course!