It is hard to put into words…

It is hard to put into words the experience and feelings one feels when embarking on a LBL journey, for a real journey it is. Yet I will try to share mine with you, so bare with me for a short while 😉

A couple of months ago I decided to do a regression therapy “Life between lives” with Petra. As just one of many journeys I already took with her in the past year – this one too was a game changer for me.

The whole experience was simply amazing! The journey back and then above left me with such a calmness and deeper understanding of one of the biggest questions I’ve been asking myself: “Why am I here?” Many times during my life I jumped from one reason to another, from one project to another, all the while searching and reaching out for a bigger purpose. Where there was fear before, now there is serenity, where there was insecurity now there is certainty – this year will bring many big changes and I welcome them all! I know that from them my purpose will arise as well 🙂

After the therapy I felt a mix of gratitude (for then I knew without a doubt I was not alone and was deeply cared for) and anticipation for what was ahead (even though I was sure it will take some effort to get there). And indeed it took some effort already: like throwing out half of my basement (the storeroom of my past) and all the unnecessary and useless things/mementos that were just keeping me stuck.

I now walk lighter, happier and kinder to all that is around me and within me. I am sure you will as well 🙂