I used to think I couldn’t do it at all.

It would take me a long time to make a video now… My friend who attended Petra’s group a couple of years ago said it well – she said that Petra is firm yet gentle. I would add, she knows how to work with people and works an awful a lot on herself as well. I saw videos of her working with Joe, it all touched me. I admired how she worked so nicely.

You know the questions from the last assignment? I used to think I couldn’t do it at all. But with you my dream became possible, I followed the lectures and meditations. My diary is full of my illegible scribbles. In fact I went through all the lectures again, and as many said: I missed a lot. You just have to go through it again. I feel so rich that I own it all and even more than that – I now have Petra, you and the others here in my ❤. God willing I will just keep on going.

My dreams have come true ???? and now – with a little refurbishing and a little color, a little upgrade ????????????????????

Thank you all very much ????????????????