After hypnotherapy -it is like a difference between night and day!

I had persistent bladder infections and I was always prescribed antibiotics that had side effects and so on… for many years, as in a vicious circle. In addition, my periods were so painful that I would vomit each time, have diarrhea and literally pass out. When I came to Petra, I was surprised because the space was beautiful, she was very professional, pleasant and we talked about everything that was happening in my life, what troubled me, what health problems I had, and then we started the treatment. It was like a difference between night and day! After only a month I got rid of bladder infection naturally with a help of remedy Petra had prepared. Even though I was nervous about hypnotherapy at the beginning it blew my mind – it was a pleasant relaxed state after which I felt so much better – both physically and at work, and in a relationship… a beautiful change in all aspects of my life 🙂 For the first time in my life my period was finally as it’s supposed to be – pleasant! I recommend Petra to everyone!