I finally love myself. It sounds like some modern self-help cliche, but nobody teaches you how to do it, do they?

It’s like you are a child and you can get inside your favorite fairy tale. You feel differently, you see differently, your perception is inside out, you enter a completely different world. It’ s like you can really sense the „magic“ around you. You realize that you have the power. You have a magic wand in your hand and it is OK to play with it. Try it on your own because there are as many journeys..  as there are people.

I was struggling with a toxic relationship, mixed feelings of business dedication and romantic desires, that were „killing me“, feeling like there is no way out, stressing and hurting. In the same time, being at the crossroads of my career, I was focused on my fears and insecurities, feeling stuck and lost. Stagnation at every point. Overthinking, blaming myself for every decision I made, feeling like I am not good enough or worthy for being happy and fulfilled again.

After the intensive weekend retreat; after two days of meditation, getting in the depth of myself, exercising yoga and lot of writing through special creative tasks – I have peeled off layers and layers of baggage. Old stuff that made me so backward and slow. Ooooh, it feels so good to get rid of it! I can’t believe I walked the world with it??  While all the others still live with that stuff on their back and limp the streets, completely unaware of themselves. That’s the first glitch you notice.

When you are free, you are able to see the world as it is. Beautiful and full of opportunities. The difference is within you – your beliefs. This is a gentle and creative way of changing your beliefs through your own visualization and brain, exploring body and soul. It is very effective and gives you a beautifully intimate experience of your self.

Now I don’t stress over situations mentioned above, I feel strength, optimism, peace, and trust in myself and in life. I finally love myself.  Yeah,  it is a lifetime task, but I finally know – how to do it.  It sounds like some modern self-help cliche, but nobody teaches you how to do it, don’t they?