Everything I perceived as weakness and negativity, was my strength and personal power

My dear ones, … my 3rd Energy Center told me such a story that it gives me goosebumps. My past, my victim role, my burdens – showed me a strength and personal power that I did not believe existed in me. Although my 3EC was somehow very big and spreading further than all the centers, that feeling was weird to me… What matters is that everything I perceived as weakness and negativity, was in fact my strength and personal power.

Something amazing – for me.

Well, I gave in and got what I didn’t know I needed. The eyes that were always squeezed, relaxed. There was a relief that I felt later in my walk. My today? Unrepeatable. It shows how everything Petra says makes sense. After seven weeks the armor on my back has fallen, my shoulders are relaxed, my breathing has deepened. I am happy and grateful to Petra and the entire team that supports her work. I am grateful to all of you who shared this journey with me, sharing, asking .. an excellent group of people. I believe we will continue on with Petra. Her energy is calling … And we continue on ????.

Thanks, as big as the universe … ????