As a former procrastinator, I am telling you without a doubt I found the recipe for happiness

I took part in Petra’s school in order to get my life straight, focus on my goals and stop procrastinating. To be clear, I didn’t have any severe problems, such as health or broken mind issues, I didn’t experience any traumas in my childhood nor did I have unloving surroundings or unhealthy relationships, yet I didn’t feel satisfied with my way of living. Basically, I enrolled to get the best out of myself. To become the best version possible. AND I DID.

I’m not trying to say that after 2 months course I made my life perfect, that would be far fetched and impossible. What I’m saying is that I found many little unresolved issues within me that I first recognized and then with Petra’s guidance and group support learned how to fix. I found the knowledge I was lacking to enhance my focus and see what was holding me back. Petra’s words weren’t just supportive and motivational, but also full of knowledge and wisdom.

Through everyday meditations guided by her I started to be aware of my thoughts and feelings, I started to learn to control them and I got the most amazing ideas whilst doing so. I found out that all answers come from within and that I already had them all, but just couldn’t reach them. I feel like I only scratched the surface of what exists inside of me, and I never would’ve been able to do so without professional guidance provided by Petra. And as a former procrastinator, I am telling you without a doubt that I will not stop doing introspective like Petra taught me through various techniques. That implies that now I know that I have enough strength to do literally anything I set my mind to. After 2 months I really did become a new person. I found the recipe for happiness, and it tastes better than any pizza napoletana!

If you know that feeling when someone gives you something and you lose your mind because you don’t even know how to properly thank them, that’s the feeling after this course. THANK YOU PETRA! You made a nonbeliever believe.