…A wonderful and liberating experience, moreover, magical!

School of personal change ‘Create Your New Self!’ is surely one of the best gifts I have decided to give myself. I recommend this „must have“ education to everyone – eight weeks have passed in the moment resulting in incredible outcimes! Petra and her team are extraordinary and I’m indescribably grateful for the time we spent together.

An amusing, ambitious, emotional, sincere and encouraging female group under Petrin’s leadership succeeded in what many experienced coaches did not –  to let me be here and now, in peace and love with myself. Already during the first week of the course I began with the demolition of primeval and unnecessary structures of perception and behaviour, continued by re-examining my life goals, detecting and deactivating silly blockages, and (un)expectedly, ended up with significantly changed lifestyle and one big step closer to the life I want and deserve. A wonderful and liberating experience, moreover, magical.