Next retreat in May 2019.

Dear women,
We are inviting you to join us on a healing weekend reserved for women only!

Heal the woman within yourself under leadership of world renowned therapist and healing power of the sea, essential oils and female energy support in a protective embrace of a mountain that shall open its doors to us through its paths to its interior and Manita peć cave.

This weekend is the perfect combination of enjoying the sea, sun, wellness, relaxation, company of other women and a deep dive within oneself with the intention of healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.


Last year a day and a half has been too short so we have decided to add another day and night in order to have enough time for additional workshops and spending relaxing time together!

Gathering starts on Friday at 18:00, and after initial introduction and dinner we are retreating to a space dedicated to us only, so we could create a female circle by candlelight (and if it’s still warm enough – a starry sky) and start our time together as well as work on healing of each and every one of us.

On the first night through group-games we will get to know each other better, we will connect with each other awakening our femininity, wisdom and love. Each of us will be able to set a goal for herself, the most important issue of the moment in her life. This is the point when we create a base for the rest of our healing work during the weekend.

After the next morning’s breakfast we shall take the time for meditation and preparation to work on oneself on the mountain and head towards the National park Paklenica.

zena na planiniWith conscious walking through the paths towards Manita peć, the magnificent cave in the heart of the National park Paklenica we question ourselves, our life, current circumstances, the challenges we face, clearly seeing all that is binding us, holding us down, scares us, makes us angry…so we can hand it all over to the mountain in order to set us free.

By spending time in the cave reserved only for us, we dive into our innermost, supported by the Earth’s strong female energy we awake our femininity, inner strength, power and connect with our intuition.

zena u prirodi3Descending back towards the sea, we make our first steps on a new path of life – releasing our fears, nonsupporting beliefs and shackling thoughts we learn to walk the new path of our lives towards the fulfillment of our deepest wishes and dreams strongly, self confidently and powerfully, but at the same time gently, softly and femininely.

Time after returning from the mountain is intended for refreshment, relaxation, sun bathing and swimming in the sea or pool, wellness treatments or deeply healing thereapies and sessions (advanced term reservations required!).

Afterwards we are meeting for dinner and continuing to heal and strengthen ourselves by spending our time together including meditation, visualizations and energetic exercises.

Saturday evening is the evening of rebirth. During the evening session we will open the doors to new possibilities, new fire, new wildness, new life. Water will give us the safe environment for our journey. Sisters and mothers together in peace, water, love, conceiving a new womanhood in the entrancement of the elements.

Next morning we are gathering with some fruit and tea and learning to connect with our body through yoga, attention and breath, accompanied by the sea and essential oils scents of the Velebit climate. Thus we are learning to understand the messages our bodies are sending us and how to daily guard and restore our overall health and strength using simple techniques.

zena u moruWe all intuitively choose essential oils of mount Velebit climate, that will support you on your voyage to healing, wisdom and health (each woman shall be able to enrich her 100% natural personal face and body cream with essential oils which will continue to support the changes she has begun).

Finishing ceremony of group meditation shall energetically encircle our time together.

After the finishing ceremony you can give in to rich breakfast, benefits of the sea and the sun or therapeutic treatments and massages of the wellness hotel Alan as well as therapies and sessions of our therapists.

Return home according to wishes.

Late check out secured.

  • How to be a woman in the world of today – how to preserve your overall health, be happy and fulfilled with numerous commitments and roles we have
  • Regain your femininity and sexuality
  • Regain your inner strength and power
  • Use your intuition
  • How to understand messages your body is sending you and how to heal yourself
  • To recognize your life’s purpose – are you living the life you want and how to take the road you need to travel
  • Exercises, breathing and visualization techniques for woman’s health
  • To intuitively choose essential oils that will support you on your voyage towards healing, wisdom and health (each woman shall be able to enrich her 100% natural personal face and body cream with essential oils which will continue to support the changes she has begun)

Before attending the workshop each participant shall receive instructions for writing paper by e-mail in order to prepare for the weekend and enhance personal changes during the weekend as well as in the following period of her life.

Payments until 01.04. 340,00 €
Payments after 15.04. 380,00 €

Discount price is valid only for full amount payment until 15.04.

It is possible to pay in 2 to 6 installments with Diners, Visa, Master card and American Express credit cards (in that option the price is 410,00 €). Please contact us for further details.

Participant’s place is considered reserved by making a non-refundable payment in the amount of 50% of the price amount. Remaining 50% of the price needs to be paid by 01.05.

  • 2 overnight stays (montage houses for 4 people), cost of fees and registration
  • buffet breakfast i buffet dinner (2 half boards)
  • fruit and tea before morning part of the workshop
  • all of the workshops and necessary materials
  • admission to National park Paklenica and cave Manita peć with a professional guide
  • unlimited use of wellness (inside pool with against-current swimming and massage waterfalls, massage whirlpool, surprise showers, finish, bio, aroma and steam sauna)
  • free use of: outside pool for adults and children, easychairs and a parasols at the pool, beach volleyball, badminton, bowling, fitness, tennis, table tennis, mini golf, childern’s playground
  • 15% discount for all treatments and massages in wellness and additional discounts for specific treatments
  • free parking
  • free wi-fi


Accommodation in one or two-bed bedrooms or montage houses for two people is possible with additional fee. It is possible to have lunch at the hotel for additional payment of 10 €.


Starigrad Paklenica walkStarigrad Paklenica mountainsStarigrad Paklenica Manita PećStarigrad Pakelnica yoga & sea 2015


Limited number of participants. We recommend reserving your place as soon as possible.

If you are traveling from abroad – you can travel by plane to Zagreb, Rijeka or Zadar and then take a bus or a car to Starigrad Paklenica. The nearest airport is the one in Zadar. If you need help organizing your trip feel free to contact us.

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