Whether you are a yoga teacher, yoga student or someone who is rather new in yoga or any body work this workshop will help you get in contact and understand yourself, your body and messages it sends you in the right way.

Our body keeps the score of everything that ever happened to us and if not processed those events leave marks in a form of illness, stiffness, pain or some other discomfort and imbalance.

As we are so much more than our physical bodies it is more than necessary to understand and be aware of the connection between our thoughts, emotions, way of living and our bodies. In order to heal ourselves, get to know ourselves and free ourselves we need to learn the way our body communicates with us and what is it actually saying.

This workshop is dedicated to help you understand and get to know yourself under the surface of your skin and clothes you wear. To truly dive into your body, listen to it, eliberate it.

We learn about aura, electromagnetic field around our bodies, chackras – energy centers and their connection between them and specific parts of your body, emotions and thought patterns. We intensively work with our bodies, stretch them, open them, challenge them in a loving and gentle but profound way.

Each chakra is associated with one part of the physical body through the endocrine system. Although every one of them works in its own way, they are an important part of the whole, and therefore it’s very important for our psycho-physical equilibrium that all chakras are balanced and functional, and directing energy freely through the body.

Proper flow of energy through the chakras creates and maintains health at all levels of the being.

Through yoga, meditation, breath work and other techniques we dive into ourselves and release blockages in body and mind while we learn about each energy center (chakra).

1. CHAKRA (Root Chakra, Muladhara)

  • Location: the perineum
  • Connection with the physical body: adrenal glands.
  • The focus of this chakra is a connection to the earth, survival (physical survival and basic functions such as food, water, and sleep), and stability.
  • Disorders are manifested as fear, insecurity, discomfort, anxiety, disorganization, financial difficulty, leanness or obesity, lack of physical strength, “not being grounded”, problems with the bones, teeth, legs, bowels and lower spine…

3. CHAKRA (Solar plexus Chakra, Manipura)

  • Location: solar plexus
  • Connection with the physical body: pancreas
  • The focus of this chakra is our relationship with the outside world. Shock and stressful events affect this chakra much more than other chakras. This is the center of our strength and will. People under great stress almost always have an imbalance in this chakra.
  • The element of fire is associated with our digestive system, the stomach and the liver – so many people under severe stress have problems with the digestive system (stomach ulcer, bile, etc.).
  • The disorders are manifested as low self-confidence, poor self-discipline, bad digestion, blaming others, passivity, unreliability, aggression, dominance, need to always be right, anger, stubbornness, arrogance, eating disorders, diabetes, stomach ulcer, stomach, pancreas, bile, and liver disorders…

5. CHAKRA (Throat Chakra, Vishuddha)

  • Location: throat
  • Connection with the physical body: thyroid, throat
  • The focus of this chakra is expressing, expressing the truth that we feel in our heart chakra, the expression of everything conceived in our creative sacral chakra. All of this can be expressed through voice or through any form of art.
  • People who find it difficult to communicate or who are denied the ability to express their creativity will have some blockage or imbalance in the throat chakra area.
  • Throat chakra will show a lot of imbalance in people who do not live their truth.
  • The disorders are manifested as fear of speech, weak voice, difficulty expressing feelings with words, shame, deafness/aphasia, too much talk, inability to listen, gossiping, neck, throat, ears, voice, jaw, thyroid problems…

7. CHAKRA (Crown Chakra, Thousand Petal Lotus Chakra, Sahasrara)

  • Location: crown of the head
  • Connection with the physical body: pineal gland
  • The focus of this chakra is our awareness, spirituality, and freedom. It helps us to express our highest wisdom and to be open to universal wisdom. This chakra can be blocked in people who don’t want or are afraid to open up to their own spiritual potential. The energy of this chakra will be in a significant deficit in people who are very attached to the material aspects of human life.
  • Disorders are manifested as cynicism towards spirituality, learning difficulties, apathy, materialism, greed, excessive intellectuality, addiction to spirituality, confusion, separation from the body, migraine, brain tumors, coma…

2. CHAKRA (Sacral Chakra, Svadishtana)

  • Location: under the navel/in the sacral bone area
  • Connection with the physical body: ovaries and testicles
  • The focus of this chakra is sexuality, creativity, and fluidity. It regulates the fluids in the body such as urine, menstrual blood, seminal fluid, fluids in the gut.
  • All creative impulses come from this chakra, whether it is a creation of a child, a song, or an image.
  • The disorders are manifested as problems of the reproductive organs, spleen, urinary tract, menstrual problems, sexual dysfunction, lower back problems, knees, hips, lack of flexibility, loss of desire for food, sex, life, fear of change, hysteria, bipolar disorder, emotional addiction…

4. CHAKRA (Heart Chakra, Anahata)

  • Location: center of the chest
  • Connection with the physical body: thymus, heart
  • The focus of this chakra is love, emotional stability, happiness, balance.
  • This chakra also connects the lower and upper chakras. The three lower chakras (root, sacral and solar plexus) are primarily related to our physical world experience, while the three upper chakras (throat, third eye, and crown chakra) relate to mental and spiritual experiences. The heart chakra connects and balances them.
  • The heart chakra is considered a bridge between our physical body and spirit due to its connection to the element of air. Symbolically, the air entering and exiting our lungs contains life. Without air, there is no life and thus the connection between the body and the spirit ceases. Breath connects our bodies with our higher self, or with our spiritual levels.
  • Breathing is the core part of almost every meditation and thus helps us to achieve this connection.
  • The disorders are manifested as asocial behavior, introversion, criticism of oneself and others, loneliness, depression, fear of intimacy, narcissism, lack of empathy, jealousy, sacrifice, heart, lung, breast, arm, and shoulder tension, chest pain, asthma…

6. CHAKRA (Third Eye, Ajna)

  • Location: center of the upper forehead
  • Connection with the physical body: pituitary gland, eyes
  • The focus of this chakra is the intellect, understanding, and intuition. Intellect can be a rational intellect, but it can also be related to clairvoyance. Understanding is also an understanding of the moral issues and lessons we need to learn in this life.
  • Disorders are manifested as weak visualization, poor memory, lack of vision, denial, belief that only one thing is true and right, hallucinations, obsessions, concentration problems, nightmares, headaches, eyesight problems…

This is a deep and profound journey into the depths of yourself in a safe environment – don’t miss the chance to finally get to know yourself and set yourself free.

See you on the mat!

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