• Venue: to be announced, Toronto, Canada

  • Time and dates: Friday 02.11. 6:00 – 8:30 p.m.   Saturday 03.11. 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Sunday 04.11. 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

  • Price: 380 Canadian dollars for the whole workshop (healthy & nutritious snacks and lunch on Saturday and Sunday included!) EARLY BIRD (till 30.09.) 320 Canadian dollars

If you wish to get to know yourself and figure out:

  • why some things keep happening to you (or not!)
  • why you get sick
  • how to create harmonious relationships
  • how to attract abundance into your life
  • how to change your life for the better
  • how to be happy, healthy and fulfilled

Tools you will receive at the workshop are for:

  • empowering yourself
  • releasing yourself from the past
  • maintaining healthy state
  • creating the life you want
  • fulfilling your dreams

These are tools for the rest of your life! You can reserve your place here or simply make a payment by adding this product into the basket on top of this page.



So, you’ve decided that you’ve had enough of the same old life, relationships, fatigue, disease, stress and not having abundance that you want?

You want to be healthy, happy, full of energy and enjoy harmonious relationships and abundance?

During this workshop we dive deep inside of us, we work through yoga, specific emotional release and mental clearing exercises, meditations and guided advanced hypnotherapy and regression therapy sessions to peel of the layers that restrain us from living our fullest potential and open to creating the life that we want by broadcasting the signal of our future self to manifest Now.

This workshop sums the best of School of Personal Change ”Create Your New Self” – it is packed with transformative and eliberating tools and techniques that will give you a kick start you need by clearing what holds you in your past and prepare you for magnificent changes and new life.


These workshops have been, alongside all of the knowledge available to us so far, supplemented by the latest findings on body&mind medicine, quantum physics, epigenetics and neurology.

You’ll learn about the power of the mind, thoughts and beliefs which create your life. You will come to recognize the connection of your habits with your brain and how to change them. You will confront your emotions suppressed in your body and liberate the body and life off all that is keeping you in the past.

You will learn the basics of quantum physics in order to understand the invisible field of energy which is hiding endless opportunities, realizing that the energy goes where we direct our attention thus creating everything that is or isn’t happening in our lives. By using concrete tools, techniques and guidelines you shall feel the changes within your inner self which then manifest in all areas of your life.

This Intensive Transform & Free Yourself Workshop is a result of Petra’s long term experience in working as a therapist and yoga teacher – it represents a fusion of various healing techniques and newest findings in the field of body and mind medicine which makes it unique, profound and liberating.

Besides being an exceptional teacher and therapist, Petra has undergone a long jorney of self-worth, confronting her own weaknesses that have thus become her strengths, facing her illness and moving from a painful, dark and heavy end of spectrum towards abundance, love, joy and peace.

This workshop concerns the relation between our physical bodies and the circumstances we live in, our relationships, work, families as well as our thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

It gives us a chance to clearly see the patterns we live in and beliefs and emotions that hold us back while liberating ourselves from them.

During the event we get to know our energetic centers deeper as well as the connection of every center with everything that is happening in our lives. We learn to recognize the patterns, beliefs, thoughts, emotions and traumas that weaken our bodies, but also to balance ourselves, make particular changes, heal and invigorate ourselves on physical, mental and emotional levels in order to start living the life we want!

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You can also watch a video about workshops here:

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