This workshop is a true and sacred retreat during which we go on a journey through time and space… through lifetimes and universes.

By using safe and advanced hypnotic techniques I lead you deeper and deeper into your core, teaching you how to get to know yourself, gradually and gently building a path towards your Soul and your answers.


By travelling along the time-line of this life, through the time between your conception and birth and beyond to various past lives we gradually expand our conciousness preparing ourselves to embark our Souls.

Regression therapy in hypnosis is a journey back in time to relive memories and explore past events – this truly is a transformational process. All our experiences from birth and even earlier on are stored in our body, mind and soul.

As there are several types of regression – Age regression, Inner child regression, Womb regression, Past life regression and Life between lives regression – we dive into different types of regression to get more and more answers as we move along.

Each of you is coming to this workshop with an intention – healing, understanding why some things happen or don’t happen to you in this life, why are you connected with other people in this lifetime, what should you learn from those relationships; why do you keep on repeating the same patterns and how to change them, to realize your life purpose, your soul purpose, and awaken your talents.

During regression therapy, we return to childhood, the time we spent in our mother’s womb and past lives. We discover forms, contracts, arrangements, perceptions, beliefs, and strategies that are shaped, at the subconscious level or at the level of the soul, as a result of what has happened in this or past life and even in the life between lives.

As an impartial observer we are able to see, feel, hear, or experience, in a way that is suitable for us, some past events that have contributed to the present situation. Memories that are stored in the subconscious mind, body and soul become available and can be explored through profound hypnosis.


  • expanding awareness of yourself and gaining greater control over your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being
  • meeting your inner child and healing it which reflects on all areas of your life
  • reducing or neutralizing physical pain and accelerating the healing process
  • connecting with deep emotions and sources of causes of the problem and healing them where it is needed and in the way that is needed
  • connecting with the parts of the consciousness you lack in order to truly break free from the vicious circle repeating in your life and thus open to change and new experiences
  • more clearly see your purpose and the direction in which you need to go in this life
  • creating a healthy and lasting change on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels simultaneously
  • and so much more…

Venue, prices and exact dates to be announced.

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