Join us to heal and love yourself, your loved ones and whole planet!

You are invited to connect with 999,999 like-minded souls worldwide as we meditate as one, manifesting peace, love, and healing during a global meditation flash mob.


Thank you for joining us in this magnificent event in Zagreb, Croatia and on-line March 3rd. We created true magic by opening our hearts meditating together, raising our energy and energy of planet Earth. For all of you that wish to download the meditaiton here is a link for your free meditation.

Our experience is being made even more profound thanks to amazing music of  artist Barry Goldstein. You can check his magical work and music here.

Enjoy it!

For next Global LOVE&HEAL world meditaiton STAY TUNED; NEW DATES SOON!

Join us to raise your own energy and heal & to spread LOVE and help heal your loved ones and our whole planet.

Remember that as you open your heart and give love to others unconditionally – you are raising your own vibration and opening yourself to receive even more love in return.

We are making a network of open, loving hearts around the globe connected by love – and broadcasting that love all around loving and healing the world.

Now, let’s make our home a better place for all.

Thank you for giving your heart in!



  • On Sept. 23rd, 2017 we meditated to Dr. Joe Dispenza’s “Global Coherence Meditation”. We reached over 72,000 meditators world wide!
  • On Nov. 25th, 2017 we meditated to Meditations created by Global Meditators in all languages. We reached over 84,000 meditators world wide!
  • On March 3rd, 2018 we rocked the world!
  • Last Global LOVE&HEAL world meditation was on 24th of March

Our goal is to be 150,000 meditators!

Join 1Million Meditators movement for the true energy transformation. Together we will inspire humanity to reach a heightened sense of well-being
& revitalize our beautiful planet from the inside out.

For joing us in person please register through form beneath the video.


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