Why do some people stay only for a brief time in our lives?

Why do some people stay only for a brief time in our lives?

We all have meaningful people and relationships in our lives. But, sometimes we meet someone, we have that instant click with them, we feel like we’ve known them for lifetimes – and then they abruptly leave.

Those encounters always leave me speechless, in awe and humble.

I just had one of those encounters a couple of days ago. I’ve met a person and instantly knew that he came into my life for a reason and was excited and eager to learn what it is all about. The whole story had that strong ‘wow’ effect on me and I was super aware and present, all my senses were heightened, I was wide open and feeling alive with every cell of my body. We’ve spent intense time together, shared some deep, heart to heart conversations, with no holding back. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried.

Even though we’ve never met before, we’ve helped each other get over some big obstacles and to widen our perspective of life. We’ve helped each other in ways that clearly showed we were God sent to each other. And then, he exited my life just as fast as it came into it.

When I was younger I used to feel sad when I would ”loose” a meaningful person like that. I used to long for that heart to heart connection we’ve shared. Today, I celebrate and bless our encounter regardless how short it might have been.

I know that we are all entangled and that there is no such thing as an accidental encounter.

When I look back I can see how each person that came to my life was bringing me the gift I needed at that time. Especially people that went out of my life as fast as they came in.


On a soul level we make an agreement

On a soul level we make an agreement with other souls about the lessons we want to learn in this life and how we can support each other best. People that trigger and drive us crazy the most are our greatest teachers. Whether you like it or not, they came into your life to play the role you’ve asked them to play, before you came here.

On the other hand, people that come into our lives, leave big impact and leave, might be one of those souls that we’ve agreed with to come and help us learn, but also they might be sent by our guides and guardians to help us move and shift something that we’ve been working on for quite some time or to bring us an important message we need right in that moment.

For example, the person I’ve mentioned above helped me make a closure and move on in relation with something I was working on for quite some time. I feel like being on the top of the world today, immensely grateful for the help and support that I received.


A fierce, petite woman

But, I would like to tell you one more story about an brief encounter I had with a woman that nudged me into the direction of living my souls purpose.

More than twenty years ago, I was skiing in the Alps with my friends. It was one of those beautiful brisk, chilly days. I can remember my skis cutting through deep snow, vastness of space around me, fresh air filling my lungs, snow shimmering touched by the rays of sun. That perfect day was disrupted by one moment of my distraction, me losing focus, falling and getting hurt. Since we were on the top of the mountain with no medical help available, I was taken to a nearby restaurant that was the only building in the area. While I was waiting for medical help, I was put in a room that belonged to a woman that owned the place. She was tiny, slim and wiry, she didn’t talk much and wasn’t making any more than necessary contact with any us. I had a strong pain in my neck and head due to the accident and could barely move. As I was quietly lying in this woman’s bed, I was scared, not knowing how serious the injury was, but at the same time super aware of everything happening around me. Again, all my senses were super heightened. In one moment this fierce, petite woman entered the room, and without words she put a beautiful quartz crystal in my hand and then gazed into my eyes with her deep, blue eyes and told me with strong German accent ”You are loved. Trust and you will be okay”. She stormed out of the room, and I was left alone, holding the crystal and listening to the words ”You are loved. Trust and you will be okay” echoing in my head.

I was holding the crystal like my whole life depended on it and kept on repeating to myself ”I am loved, I will be okay”. The more I was repeating those words the more I was immersed in something I could describe as angelic love and deep sense of peace. Soon I was rushed to a hospital, clutching the crystal strongly in my hand, and after many scans doctors were relieved to tell me that all I need is a cervical collar and bed rest.

You can say that I was imagining all that due to brain concussion I suffered 😉 but, I still have that crystal and I know that in that moment I learned to trust the higher power that heals us and I started learning how to interact with it and to continue learning and exploring the world beyond our senses that brought me onto the path of working with energy, souls and helping other people.


There are no coincidences

The intention behind this post is to remind you that there are no coincidences, that everything is divinely played in your life and to cherish all moments in your life.

Even more I encourage you to perceive each person that comes your way as someone bringing you a perfect gift for you in that moment – be aware.

And I remind you to open your heart and let go of the people that were briefly in your life and had to leave. Hold them in your heart, knowing that on a soul level you are always connected and that that encounter was a divine intervention for your highest good. Instead of being sad, choose to honor and bless that short time together, the gifts and lessons it brought you. Look up to the sky, smile and say: ”Thank you.”. There is something bigger than us that knows what we need. All we need to do is open our hearts, trust and surrender.

If you wanna talk more about this and other topics come and join me this Thursday for a free Masterclass.

I am looking forward sharing another part of this journey with you. See you on Thursday! ❤

Petra Brzović

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