Research – The science behind the mystical experiences

Research – The science behind the mystical experiences

We can’t deny the rise in consciousness occurring on a global level today.

There is no doubt that endless information has been constantly available to humans, but for one reason or the other, only recently as a civilization have we started to tap into the mystical truth of the Universe and life itself.

Personally, I am witnessing more and more people having mystical experiences, whether in one-on-one sessions, or at big events where hundreds of people go into trance with the purpose of healing or reaching the Divine.

It is not that the mystical wasn’t accessible to us before, because the Divine was and is always present; yet, not many people were willing to explore it. We could all access it through social isolation, prayer, meditation, fasting, shamanic rituals, hypnosis, dance, ingesting plants with hallucinogenic properties or by using other tools, allowing us to reach higher states of consciousness.

Today we feel more and more comfortable talking about this topic and sharing our experiences. Thanks to the large shifts science has contributed to in recent decades, and all the efforts various people have put into exploring consciousness, quantum physics and neuroscience – healing energies, spirituality and the mystical, healing by thought, intention, prayer and love are becoming the new normal.


So, what are mystical experiences?

Mystical-type experiences are often fleeting, yet potentially transformative, and often leave a lasting, even lifelong imprint on the person experiencing them. Mystical-type experiences are diverse and often marked by: a sense of loss of self; being one with everything; perceiving the subjective nature of all things; transcending the environment, including the mundane senses and the quotidian boundaries of time and space; ineffability; peace and joy; sacredness; and a poetic quality (Cardeña, 2005; Hood, 1975; MacLean, Leoutsakos, Johnson, & Griffiths, 2012; Stace, 1960).


As LBL therapists we witness mystical experiences in every session we conduct, which exemplifies the beauty and divinity of our work.

People who have had mystical experiences often report a:

  • Overall sense of peace
  • Loss of worry and doubt
  • Feeling of losing the known self and physical boundaries
  • Experiencing unity with a non-local mind, including nature, the Universe and life itself
  • Unconditional love
  • Losing a sense of time and space
  • Meeting guides or other spiritual entities
  • Receiving a symbolic gift or message that has healing effects
  • Integration of that gift with the Self and physical body
  • Feeling that this experience has changed them for good

Research shows that when people have mystical experiences their brainwaves change from beta to alpha, theta, delta and often gamma states.

Switching from high beta to other brainwaves not only offers a multitude of positive effects on our health, but enables us to tap into the Divine and opens up the door to healing and mystical experiences that leave one changed for life.


Living in the high beta brainwave state is common to the majority of people today. Research finds that modern humanity spends 70% of its time in a high beta brainwave state, thus living in everyday stress. These high beta brainwaves elicit high levels of stress hormones flooding our bodies, weakening our immune systems and negatively impacting our overall health.

When people start engaging in meditative practice, prayer or some other form of reaching expanded consciousness, brain scans show high amounts of alpha, theta and delta brainwaves. When they loose sense of time and space, and experience oneness and unconditional love, they release hormones such are serotonin, dopamine, endorphin, oxytocin and anandamin (called the hormone of ecstasy). Those are the hormones which are responsible for a sense of happiness, oneness, safety, connection and love. Even if we don’t mention the healing effects mystical experiences have on a soul level, and the life changing impact they have on one’s life – being in a state in which we are bathed in these hormones allows us to regain balance, health, clarity and peace.

Many profound healings happen during mystical experiences. In our LBL practices, we so often witness emotional healing taking place, and very often a physical healing that can occur instantly or in time following the experience. People release lifetime traumas and suffering (whether from this or other lives), bodies heal, and hearts and souls find comfort and peace while being guided by a certified loving therapist.

Mystical and physical

Thanks to globalization, social media, Internet and the rising trend of spirituality, there are more possibilities to learn the tools to reach the mystical. Yet, one must stay aware of the responsibility required to yield the benefits of both worlds.

I always emphasize the importance of being willing and able to function in this physical reality, while remaining aware of the greatness we all are and in contact with the super intelligence holding the connection between our earthly and divine expressions. Simply floating in space, wandering between realms and timelines is a great trip indeed, yet we have come to Earth to experience this particular existence as well, haven’t we? Otherwise, these mystical journeys can become a tool to escape this reality and all the beautiful opportunities to grow as the humans and souls we are.

Therefore, I find that having an opportunity to work with a certified LBL therapist who knows how to hold a safe space for exploring the mystical, and to bring revealed wisdom and healing back into this reality in order to integrate and embody it, is a true gift from the Divine.

And for me, as an LBL therapist, the newest mind-blowing findings of neuroscience and quantum physics give wind under my wings, so I can continue to explore the mystical and allow healing to happen making the world a better place for all.

Petra Brzović


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