Research – A tribute to all

Research – A tribute to all

Research day #3 finished

We’re half way through our research on body, mind and soul connection…and I am struggling to find the words that could express how I feel. Not only because I am reeeeaally tired by now, but because I am simply speechless from the whole experience.

As you already know from previous posts, we are really impressed by the results we’re getting by measuring changes of heart, brain and body functions, alongside with energy fields. More still, we are in awe… often in tears and with goose bumps while witnessing enormous relief, seeing our patients release pain, sadness, remorse, guilt… that were often carried for not years, but decades.

Most of the times patients don’t even know what is actually the cause of their problems so, no, they don’t come to heal a trauma on purpose. However our bodies, subconscious minds and souls remember. They keep the score of everything we went through, so we often run into some trauma which was waiting for an opportunity to heal. We embrace that opportunity and bravely face whatever we need to, in order to finally become FREE.

Can you imagine at all how would it feel if you would suddenly be free from the burden you’ve been carrying for ages…sometimes lifetimes?
How would you feel if you remembered where your Home is, who you truly are and what is your purpose here?


Together we are stronger

These sessions are true team work between the therapist and the patient…and some moments can be very challenging for me despite my knowledge and experience.

I usually don’t do these type of sessions more than once a week, or even less, as they require huge amount of energy and focus. Now I am doing 10 of them in 5 days for the purpose of this research.
We work 12 hours every day…often diving deep in traumas or multiple dimensions of the spirit realm. I never finish a session until patient feels happy, free, relieved, grateful, full of love and ready to embrace life. Sometimes it means that those sessions last even up to 6 hours.

It requires a great balance of focus and knowledge on one side, and trust and intuition on the other side.

Doing session after session, day after day at some moments I am so tired and exhausted – but then I look up and see Normen always being there to silently support me. Sometimes it is a glance we exchange moved by what we’re witnessing. A friendly “keep up, you’re doing great” look in his eyes, a cup of coffee he handles me, a hug when I need it in between sessions. Even German men jokes that you need a special gift to understand, or a 15 min meditation recording he prepared for me to re-calibrate between sessions.

So, I always say to my patients this work is sacred and it is a teamwork between us, but I couldn’t do it without Normen having my back and being on my team.

Not to mention my dear friend Marina, who flew all the way here to take care of me in any way I might need…including cooking for me delicious, healthy food so, I can give my best to our patients ❤.


From the bottom of my heart

So, this is a post to say thank you to all the patients who came in from all over the world to be part of this experience. To Normen who is the best colleague I could have asked for. To Marina who always has my back. To my boys who, although being still young, understand and support my purpose. And to my friends and family who are helping me aid in healing the world.
And also a thank you to all of you who still doubt – you just fire my curiosity and will to explore. A big thank you to all of you who believe with me, in me and in the work that I do.



Petra Brzović

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