Petra’s testimonial: Always a student of life

Petra’s testimonial: Always a student of life

When my students write like this about their change and their new lives my heart overflows with love. Actually, my heart is getting so much bigger and wider I sometimes ask myself – is there really more? As I feel I might burst with love

When I work with groups…I don’t work with a group…I work with each individual in that group. I observe, I listen, I feel, I sense each one of them. (After all – we are all One.) And then I let my intuition guide me.

Yes, there is always a theoretical structure that forms the base of a particular session or workshop, whether it is in person or online, but as the word itself says: it is only a base. All the rest forms as pure magic as I allow myself to be guided – to guide them.
I can’t explain how I know certain things…I just know. The thing is – now I don’t question that knowledge anymore. I surrender to it, let go and allow myself to be guided…Now, after working with thousands of people, I can tell you: It knows…and then I know.

Knowing there is so much more to learn and explore, each day I feel like a new student. There isn’t a single day I don’t take time to study, whether from books, research papers, manuals or even more importantly by sitting, sometimes for hours, in meditation.

I am excited like a little kid exploring the world of healing, energy, quantum physics, genetics, body, mind, medicine, souls, consciousness…and I know I will be learning as long as I am here.

Be that kid with me – allow yourself to be inspired to learn more about anything you feel excited about! Because there is always more…and there is always a reason why you are pulled into that direction. We all have a purpose. Trust.

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Petra Brzović

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