My LBL story: Part #2

My LBL story: Part #2

Bringing Light

By Petra Brzovic, Certified LBL Hypnotherapist


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This is the second part of my LBL story, authored by me, the client, and is from my perspective. I wrote it following a LBL regression I had, that revealed some important insights connected with the destiny of our world and how many souls are involved in renewing Earth’s energy.

In the first part of this story, I shared how my time in the spirit realm helped me to see my role in this world, the very reason why and how I was born, as well as why I choose to be a woman and to share my life call with as many people as possible.

Let me then continue this amazing journey…



After spending a some time in the after life, my hypnotherapist helps me get answers to my questions :

Therapist (T): Is this a time to ask some questions that Petra prepared?

Client (C): Yes.

T: So, Petra wants to know why does she feel so alone and want to go Home?

C: (smiling) Because this is Home. Now it will be easier for her as she knows what Home truly is.

My therapist then directed me to ask my guide to take me to a place where I can meet the souls of my children. I expected to go to my soul group, but then understood I don’t have a soul group. That also explained the deep feeling of being alone.

C: I had to leave my group. That’s why I feel alone. I am with others that are putting lights on Earth. My children are there, too. They are being prepared to put the lights on Earth.

T: Who else is there?

C: Teachers. They look like lights. They are brighter in the head area, with lots of colors – orange, yellow, red and purple – like little rainbows. They are teachers of the ones that bring light. They teach how to integrate on Earth and at the same time stay connected to the higher intelligence.

T: Tell me more about what you are doing.

C: We are so busy, so busy on Earth; we didn’t leave much energy here. The Earth is in such bad state we had to take almost all energy down. They are preparing more souls. Everything is so busy, focused on healing, there is no time for relaxation and having fun, they are not losing a second of time. That’s why I am fast and busy. I wouldn’t mind if we could do it slower …

The teachers finally slow down to answer to my questions.

C: I have to do these researches. Information will come that way. They are saying, “Brain … Energy … Waves … Colors.” It’s hard to understand.

T: Ask them to explain it to you. Use your antenna to understand.

C: I have to connect to that galaxy and then the information will just pour. This area is more like a station, a working place where we are closer to Earth. From here we connect to our Home place and then the information comes as energy to us, into our brains.

I see I have to talk and do research and show the results but I don’t see what kind of research. They don’t want to tell me more. They say it won’t be fun if they tell me. They just say that I have to stay connected and that information will continue coming. In my meditations, I need to be aware of my antenna and connect. Not just be in space. I need to use the antenna because light carries the information. They want me to learn. They still treat me as a student. They are saying: “Keep on connecting from one side and working from the other side.”


After this experience at the “working station”, I am taken Home. It is the most profound moment I will never forget. I am taken to this amazing golden galaxy.


C: Aaah …

T: How does it feel to be here?

C: Like Home. We are so intelligent, so loving. Everything is full of love. Everything is in order. Although there are millions of us – millions of lights – everything is in order and full of love. Moreover, there are places like this all over the Universe. Everything is made of lights, little golden lights. When I get closer to the source it gets brighter.

One of the lights approaches me and says: I told you that you are not alone.” I recognize him from this life. Others have the same mission as us – putting lights around Earth.

They are telling me we need to form a network to put the lights on. We need to connect, it will be stronger and more efficient that way. Through meetings, conferences, meeting each other, supporting each other, remembering where are we are from, love, it will come. We need to meet and share information, be coherent, in tune, not being separate. Like a wave. If we work together we create a stronger wave, if we don’t we create a mess. We need to create a network of those waves.

Then my guide takes me to a big place with books where I get answers to my other questions that were important for me as Petra. After we go through all the questions and get answers, it is time to return back to this life … to this time and place … to this body. There is a lot of work waiting for me to do.

After the session, it took some time for all the information to sink in. I felt like I had wind under my wings and soon my life took an amazing turn. People started coming into my life and are supporting my mission in such a beautiful way that I feel blessed and humble. I started doing research on the connection between brain, body and soul with some of the world’s top experts in the field. I am living my life’s purpose every second of the day.

This LBL session literally changed my life and renewed my passion for my work on this planet. I am more than grateful for all insights I received. I trust that Earth will be healed and my heart is filled with joy because of it. The work that we do is truly sacred, and I will dedicate the rest of my time here to making it more accessible and knowable to each and every being on Earth to ensure there will be only love and peace … as it should be.


Petra Brzović




This profound experience gave true meaning to my work, as well as a much deeper understanding. I pour now all my knowledge into my sessions and online workshops – using the latter to reach as many people as possible and help them create change in their life.

I’m truly grateful for being able to share this path with all of you! ♥



Petra Brzović

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