My LBL story: Part #1

My LBL story: Part #1

Bringing Light

By Petra Brzovic, Certified LBL Hypnotherapist



Unlike other case stories, this story is authored by me, the client, and is from my perspective. I wrote it following a LBL regression I had, that revealed some important insights connected with the destiny of our world and how many souls are involved in renewing Earth’s energy.

For the purpose of sharing this story, I will focus solely on my time in the spirit realm.



After spending a short time in my most recent past life, my hypnotherapist takes me through the death scene:

Therapist (T): So, you are slowly moving up. And what’s going on now?

Client (C): I am like star dust! A light star dust … I am slowly moving up … it’s like I am moving in a slow dance. I can see the light … I had to go through some dark tube … and now I am up. I can sense the presence of my guide.

I speak slowly and quietly. My guide is taking me somewhere.

C: My guide is taking me to a place to do the adjustment, adjustment of brain or head … something like that. I am in kind of room that looks like a space with stars. I am floating there. It feels strange. I feel strong pain in the middle of my forehead and I feel like I am in some kind of blender. My guide tells me I need to be here for the adjustment. I can see stars and shapes and electricity … it is unexpected … I can see millions of stars. They are just turning me around in this Universe. It’s like I am being upgraded or … they are making some kind of antenna for receiving. I can just see Universes and Universes and Universes … everything is just swirling … I am just letting them do whatever is needed. The Universe is just endless. They want me to be aware of that. That the Universe is endless. They are saying “you need to know”. When I ask “why?” they say it has something to do with consciousness, information, communication, like communication with distant intelligence, distant knowledge that I can now receive what I need to receive from that distant intelligence. They are upgrading me now so I can have the sense of vastness of space and they are showing me there is great intelligence but not near Earth. We need to be high enough to be able to receive that information. It is too dirty around the Earth.

T: Can you receive that information now with your antenna?

C: Yes, it will keep on coming. It is so endless, unbelievable. I can see life in distant galaxies … so much wiser than us. And we think we are clever!

T: And what is happening now?

C: I am just being aware of these intelligent places … like galaxies. They are waiting for us to grow. We are like little kids to them. Yes, we are like little kids not knowing what we are doing. We are doing so much damage to the planet. I can so see it now. (it feels so sad) Oh, we need some order! We are like kids without anybody to take care of us and put us in order. I can see people like kids in kindergarten throwing food, throwing broccoli on each other. We need somebody to take care of us!

T: Is there a guidance? Someone watching over the Earth?

C: Yes, there are many, but they are still watching. It feels like they don’t know where to start. It is a mess! Looking at Earth from this perspective it is such a mess.

T: I wonder what is your role in this mess?

C: To wake them up. To bring light. I can see little reflectors being put around the Earth bringing light. It is not just me. There are more of us. We are working all at the same time. Putting lights around the Earth. The lights are so interesting that people stop doing what they are doing and turn to look at the lights. They are still making the mess but eventually they stop and turn towards the lights one by one. I just got an image of mosquitos and flies going to the light, they become mesmerized.

T: And how do you do it when you are on Earth?

C: Talk. I need to do talks. I can see myself talking. That’s why I have to be a woman. That’s why they listen. Research is important. So I can show them. They need facts. Then they will believe. And then they will start to change. But it is not just me. It is happening at the same time on the Earth. And we are communicating with those far away galaxies, getting the information.


This amazing experience, too big to fit into a single blog post, gave true meaning to my life. So come back next week when I will be posting the second part. ♥



Petra Brzović

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