Listen to your body whisper

Are you having frequent headaches? Your back hurts? Perhaps your stomach isn’t well? Or your doctor just told you you have cysts or fibroids? Or…


Your body is trying to reach out to you. It is trying to tell you something. It might be something you don’t want to hear like it is time to change your job or love relationship you are in. Or it might be something that is craving to be let out.


Our bodies record all our experiences.

They store memories of all we went through.

In case we don’t take care of ourselves and set ourselves free they keep all hurt, sadness, guilt, shame, fear…deep inside.

First they whisper, then they talk…and then…if we don’t listen they shout and yell. And so we get ill. Don’t wait for shouts and screams. Listen while your body is still whispering.

Love your body. You won’t get another one in this lifetime.

Your body is your ally. It has been with you through all that you went through. It witnessed all your battles and kept on carrying you. Give it some praise.

Listen to it. You won’t get another body in this lifetime.



Petra Brzović

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