School of Personal Change - Create Your New Life

We squeezed in one more Group before Fall – starting May 22nd, 2019!



Hundreds of students around the world have taken this program and are already living their new lives!

Now You can do it, too!


This program is carefully crafted to guide you through the change step by step.

It combines ancient teachings with the latest findings on body&mind medicine, energy work, quantum physics, neuroscience and it:

  • helps you to get to know your personal mind and body connection,
  • helps you realize what beliefs are holding you back and how to change them,
  • helps you find what emotions are stuck, where are they and how to release them,
  • gives you a step by step guidance to learn about energy and energy centers,
  • teaches you how to heal various parts of yourself,
  • gives you specific tools and techniques on how to live free, independent, joyful and happy life
  • and so much more.


This program is for you if you want to:

  • have someone to guide you through process of change and make sure you don’t give up on yourself
  • figure out why some things keep happening to you (or not!) and change it
  • learn about the power of your mind, thoughts and beliefs that shape your life
  •  change unhealthy beliefs under Petra’s guidance working on subconscious mind
  • discover and release emotions suppressed in your body under Petra’s guidance in a safe way
  • free your body and your life from the burdens of the past
  • learn proven tools and techniques to create and live happy, healthy and fulfilled life
  • create harmonious relationships
  • create abundance in all areas of your life


Main information and registration

Starting May 22nd, 2019.

Course length: 8 weeks

Location: Online

Language: English

  • Limited number of spots available, secure yours now!
  • No previous knowledge required

Regular price:

  • 6000 kn (~ 810 EUR)
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Package options available

  • get more value at better prices!

Group May 22nd, 2019.

A new group is open for registration!

Apply soon since the places fill up quickly.

The workshop is conceived as follows:

  • 8 week guided program
  • 8 online live sessions (one 3-hour session per week) – Wednesdays, 18:00-21:00 CET
  • A total of 24h of guided sessions with lectures, exercises and meditations
  • Independent work with written materials, instructions and guidance
  • Recordings of guided meditations, visualizations and yoga for everyday use at home
  • Continuous support from Petra and other members during the whole program in space specially provided for you

Additionally, we offer you discounts on products and services which you may choose to support your change:

Package options:

Package options available – get more value at better prices!

  • School of Personal Change + Free Masterclass: 20% off
    • 6000 kn 4800 kn  (~640 EUR)
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Meet Petra

Petra herself has gone through an extensive process of change, facing her weaknesses and transforming them into her strengths. From illness and the painful, dark and heavy end of the spectrum, she rose up to abundance, love, joy, and peace.

This school of personal development is the summary of Petra’s life and work experience, working as a therapist, teacher, healer and yoga teacher for years. It is a fusion of various healing techniques and newest findings in the field of body and mind medicine, which makes it unique, profound and liberating.


You can read more about Petra here.



If you feel ready to make a meaningful change in your life, book your place now.

This course really goes into depth with each energy center and provides a deep understanding of blockages in our life (physically, emotionally and mentally). Petra is absolutely amazing coach and a heartwarming, caring person. She leads by example and although she is highly professional she always makes you feel like we are all alike and on the same path. She is a great teacher of this time where we are flooded with all sorts of spiritual awakening courses for she has a great expertise but is able to make it simple and understandable. Barbara Jedovnicky, 19.04.2019.

By using specific tools, techniques and guidelines, you will:

  • experience changes within yourself and in your life
  • learn to meditate and how it benefits your daily life
  • get out of old habits and behaviors that don’t benefit you anymore
  • heal traumas and painful experiences
  • find that inner power hidden inside you
  • and finally actively create your new life!


Let us teach you how!

The School - Create Your New Life is certainly one of the best gifts I have given to myself. I recommend this experience to everyone - eight weeks have passed in a blink, and the results of the work are visible immensely! Petra and her team are exceptional and I'm indescribably grateful to our common work and bonding. Kruna, 05.04.2018.


Read more experiences from Petra’s students and find out how they have changed their lives! [More testimonials]

This video was created by Petra’s students without her knowing, as a “Thank you” for all she has done for them by teaching them tools how to fulfill their dreams and live the lives they want. Take a look at it:

The School through eight sessions:

The first session addresses the relationship between our physical bodies and the circumstances we live in, our relationships, work, families as well as our thoughts, emotions and beliefs. Every following session provides more specific information about the energy centres and their role in our life. We learn to recognise the patterns, beliefs, thoughts, emotions and traumas that weaken our bodies, but also to balance ourselves, make particular changes, heal and invigorate ourselves on physical, mental and emotional level in order to start living the life we want, one step at a time.

First energy center

First energy center is located in perineum area and is connected to the physical body through adrenal gland. Related disorders manifest in form of fear, insecurity, restlessness, anxiety, lack of organization, financial difficulties, over-thinness or obesity, lack of physical strength, „head in the clouds“, bone, teeth and leg problems, bowel and lower spine problems…

Second energy center

Second energy center is located in the area of lower abdomen and is connected to the physical body through ovaries and testicles. Related disorders manifest in problems regarding reproductive organs, spleen, urinary system, period, sexual dysfunction, lower back pains, knees, hips, lack of flexibility, loss of appetite, sex drive, will to live, fear of change, hysteria, bipolar disorders, emotional dependency…

Third energy center

Third energy center is located in the area of upper stomach and is connected to the physical body through pancreas. Related disorders manifest in form of low self-esteem, poor self-discipline, poor digestion, blaming others, passivity, uncertainty, aggression, dominance, yearning to be right at all times, outbursts of anger, stubbornness, eating disorders, diabetes, ulcer as well as stomach, pancreas, bile, liver disorders, etc.

Fourth energy center

Fourth energy center is located in the area of chest and is connected to the physical body through thymus and heart. Related disorders manifest as antisocial behaviour, reticence, inward and outward oriented criticism, loneliness, depression, fear of intimacy, narcissism, lack of empathy, jealousy, sacrifice, heart, lungs and arm disorders, tension between shoulder blades, chest pains, asthma…

Fifth energy center

Fifth energy center is located in throat area and is connected to the physical body through thyroid gland. Related disorders manifest as fear of talking, weak voice, hardship in verbal expression of feelings, shame, (deaf-)muteness, emphasized talking, incapacity to listen, gossiping, neck problems, throat, ears, voice, jaw of thyroid problems, etc.

Sixth energy center

Sixth energy center is located in the area in the back of the head, above the neck and is connected to the physical body through pituitary gland. Related disorders manifest as poor visualization, poor memory, being unimaginative, denial, believing that there is only one that is right and true, hallucinating, obsession, concentration problems, nightmares, headaches, vision problems…

Seventh energy center

Seventh energy center is located in the area of the center of the top of the head and is connected to the physical body through pineal gland. Related disorders manifest as cynicism towards spirituality, learning difficulties, apathy, materialism, greed, dependency on spirituality, confusion, body detachment, migraines, brain tumors..

Read more experiences from Petra’s students and find out how they have changed their lives! [More testimonials]

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Lectures and workshops led by Petra are a result of her many years of experience working as therapists and yoga teacher – they are a fusion of various healing techniques that makes them unique, intuitive and liberating.

Following the latest research and findings in the area of Body & Mind Medicine, Petra is actively participating in conferences and trainings around the world. She goes even deeper, leading a research team exploring the field of medicine of the mind and body, quantum physics, neuroscience and soul.


As a support to your work, we recommend books and meditations of dr. Joe Dispenza and a world number 1 visualization tool Mind Movies. More info:  here and here.

Read more experiences from current students and find out how they have changed their lives! [More testimonials]


When, after a couple of months of attending, I look back at the workshop Create Your New Life, I notice how many new things I have started in my life; new perspectives opened up, I met new and interesting people, new opportunities began to appear and I am changing the way I look at the world around me. Along with Petra's support, who led the whole group relentlessly through coping with the old-me patterns, I became aware of some negative beliefs that blocked me in the creation of the future and liberated the catharsis whose effect I am observing even today with enthusiasm, deep respect and gratefulness that I been given the opportunity to experience it. Ines, 14.02.2018.

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