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This workshop is designed to be an introduction to both theory and practice for all beginners, as well as those who wish to step into the wonderful world of Petra and her work.

Masterclass kicks off with an introductory lecture, explaining the most common mistakes people make and the first steps that can be done immediately. This will provide you with the basic knowledge you can then continue building on going forward.  A five-day challenge follows, with a wonderful meditation and short exercises, that will ensure you start getting to know your body and your emotions better. This first step is really important as it´s gently turning you inward, to that place of inner silence where both your questions and your answers lie.


If you are not sure where or how to begin, this free introductory course is for you. Sign up today!

Main information and registration

  • Start date:  Today! 🙂
  • This program is completely free
  • Apply now or any time after that, you decide when you wish to start
  • 40min introductory lecture
  • 5 day-challenge with meditation and exercises you can do from the comfort of your own home
  • No previous experience required
  • All who apply for the Masterclass will receive a 20% discount for the online course Through Yourself To Yourself

Sign up for the Free Masterclass here!

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