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This workshop is designed to be an introduction to theory and practice for all beginners, as well as for those who wish to get to know Petra’s work.

Beginning with an introductory lecture, which explains the most common mistakes and the first steps we can all do right now, you will gain basic knowledge that you can continue to build on your development and journey. Then, through the five-day challenge with meditations and short exercises, you will start to get to know your body and emotions better. This first step is really important precisely because it is turning you inward, in that place of the inner silence where your questions and answers lie. [More…]

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Join Petra in this LIVE ONLINE FREE MASTERCLASS! Make use of this rare opportunity!

The key to change is to become aware of our thoughts, feelings, beliefs. That is why change is often challenging and uncomfortable – because you need to be aware of your feelings, and this often means getting out of your comfort zone. In addition, if you have a physical challenge or illness, the change may be even more demanding because your body constantly reminds you of the state it is in every moment.

However, if you look at the challenge as a lesson that life is trying to teach you, you open the door to a whole new world. This first step is really important precisely because it is turning you inward, in that place of the inner silence where your questions and answers lie. [More…]

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March 25th, 2021 -- 7PM CET


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8-Week Online Course

Level: 1 - BASIC

As the most sought of all workshops, this new 8-week long Online Course brings together smaller groups of participants, who are led directly by Petra through video lessons and 8 LIVE sessions each week. For this very reason, each group is special – Petra creates and shapes exercises and guided meditations dependently on the participants who are attending it.

Learn about the power of the mind, thoughts, and beliefs with which you create your life. Understand how our habits are related to our brains and how to change them. In a safe environment, face the emotions that are suppressed in your body and free your body and life of everything that keeps you in the past. [More…]

8-week long Online Workshop

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30-Day online workshop

Level: 2 - ADVANCED

Join us on this journey of change, create the life you want! This course is an ideal sequel to the 8-week online course “Through Yourself To Yourself”. This is the journey through which you continue your life’s transformation.

The program is made up of carefully selected exercises, tasks, meditations and yoga exercises, through which you are guided day by day to create the changes and magical life that you want.

Since this is an advanced program the previous attendance of the 8-week School of Personal Change  is required before attending this workshop. [More…]


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Intensive weekend workshop

Level: 2 - ADVANCED

If you attended the School of Personal Change or Online Workshops and you want to re-boost to do the work, strengthen what you already achieved, heal on a deeper level and raise your energy even more – this is the right workshop for you! Prepare to jump into the inner world and make great changes in the very essence of your being! For two days, we dive deep into ourselves. Through concrete exercises, meditations, hypnotherapy and regressive therapy techniques, we remove the layers of everything that inhibits us from living our full potential and from creating the life that we want. In addition, as the group progresses, we also work on strengthening the energy field, the coherence of mind and heart, and on many new techniques.[More…]

Zagreb, Croatia

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10:00-17:00 (Sat & Sun)

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Coaching program

Level: 3

This is a special, advanced program developed for all those who have gone through the advanced workshops and want to continue working on their own. With Petra’s leadership, group online meditations, lectures, a space for questions and discussions, we continue to move the boundaries, explore deeper and deeper parts of ourselves, widen the level of awareness and the unlimited potential that is hidden in us.

If you want to join our Memebership or Coaching program, check out the latest news in our Live In Flow program – here.



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