Heal the woman within

Dear women,

We are inviting you to join us on a healing weekend reserved for women only!

Heal the woman within you under the leadership of a world renowned therapist in the very heart of the world’s pearl – Plitvice National Park. Awaken your feminine side with the power of wild, clear waters and the tranquility of the untouched nature of this sacred region.

This is a special experience that you will carry with you for years. In a safe and sacred environment you will rediscover your hidden goddess in the depths of Barac’s caves, where untouched water will heal your core. This profound workshop, held only for women, lets you dive deep and allows you to show who you truly are.

Participate in this entertaining and inspiring workshop! Set yourself free from boundaries and expectations. Empower and inspire yourself by walking the only Croatian Virgin Forest. This beautiful prehistoric nature creation breathes and lives under our feet, and just as the woman within you – wild and magnificent – it is at your hands reach! It is called a “school of natural perfection”, clearly showing us life cycles and energy flow. From the monumental majestic trees, thousands of year old, to the new shoots in the ground …. these forest complexes are truly magical. It is here that we will combine our cyclical nature with the original cycle of Mother Nature, coming back to our roots.

This weekend is the perfect combination of all elements: water, sun, earth, fire. Enjoy the nature and the company of other women, where we will take a deep dive within ourselves with a single intention: healing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Interesting, new, different. It helped me see myself through other personalities and yet preserve the integrity and strengthen myself. Thank you! Sandra, 24.04.2018.


During this retreat you will:

  • Rediscover your femininity and true nature
  • Regain your inner strength and power
  • Learn how to embrace the woman within you in this modern world
  • Reconnect with you sexuality
  • Understand how to preserve your overall health, be happy and fulfilled in spite of the numerous commitments and roles we have in this life
  • Learn how to use your intuition and understand the messages your body is sending you
  • Gain insights to the healing process in you as well as your life’s purpose
  • Learn exercises, breathing and visualization techniques tailored for women’s well-being



Gathering starts on Friday at 18:00, and after initial introduction and dinner we are retreating to a space dedicated to us only, so we can create a female circle by candlelight and a starry sky. We open a sacred space where together we begin the healing process of each and every one of us.

During this first night, through specially design group-games we get to know each other better, we connect with each other and start awakening our femininity, wisdom and love. Each of us sets a goal for herself, delving on the most important issue of that moment in her life. This is where we create a base for the rest of our healing journey.


We start the morning with a balancing yoga session and guided meditation. Then, after breakfast we prepare to reconnect with the woman in us in Barac’s caves, following a wild, adrenaline challenge to face our fears.

During our time in the cave, which is reserved for us only, we sink to the core, supported by the powerful female energy of Mother Earth. We awaken our femininity, inner strength and power, we connect with our deepest source of intuition.

By consciously walking to the challenge activity, we re-examine ourselves, our lives, the circumstances we are in, as well as the challenges we encounter. We can thus clearly see everything that limits, spurs, scares, angers us … and we step forward with one clear intention: set ourselves free!

Accepting the challenge we make our first steps on the new path we are building for ourselves – we release fears, nonsupporting beliefs, disagreeing thoughts and learn how to be strong, self-confident and powerful, courageous, yet gentle and feminine. To move onto this new path in life by fulfilling our deepest desires and unspoken dreams.

After returning from this eventful day, we will have obtained the power from within the interior of the Earth and freed ourselves of the old, stagnant energy. We return to our hotel for a relaxing Saturday night. In this feminine circle we exchange impressions, wishes for the future, and continue to heal and strengthen ourselves with meditations and visualizations.

Saturday night is the night of re-birth. During the evening gathering, we will open the doors to new possibilities, inner fire, spontaneity, purpose… to a new life.


The next morning, after breakfast, we head towards the lakes and the magical forest. Consciously walking the paths to the Virgin Forest, a magnificent prehistoric forest in the heart of Plitvice National Park, we connect with the goddesses in us. Hear the primordial call, and receive the blessing and inspiration for all that is in front of you.

On the river banks of Plitvice Lakes, through yoga, we focus our attention and breath, connecting with our bodies while grounding ourselves with deep roots in Mother Earth. Understand the messages that your body is sending you and allow it to restore your overall health and strength with these simple techniques. Sisters and mothers together in peace, love and understanding – indulging in the full femininity in the embrace of the elements.

With a group meditation, the final ceremony energizes our journey to an end. We close this sacred space together now, born anew, carrying the wisdom and messages we received in our soul.


Note: during all the workshops and get-together every sharing is completely voluntary, no obligations. Your personal experience and healing is the primary thread that leads to your healing. You can choose to completely keep to yourself your thoughts and feelings, you are safe in this sacred circle where all is accepted.






Petra Brzović is an intuitive therapist with a strong background in many disciplines in which she is certified. She holds workshops, retreats and courses all over the world, as a result of her long-standing experience in working as a therapist and a yoga teacher – they are a fusion of various healing techniques making them unique, intuitive and liberating.

She actively participates at Body & Mind conferences, seminars and trainings, follows the latest research in the field of medicine of the mind and body, and passionately researches the consciousness, correlation between brain, body and soul with an international team of scientists and doctors.

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Main information and registration


Retreat includes:

  • lodging in a boutique hotel surrounded by nature, where you can relax your senses
  • meals with organic and wholefood local products that will awaken your taste buds
  • welcome drink and care package to fully immerse yourself in the experience
  • all workshops and the necessary materials
  • entrance to all activities planned during the retreat
  • early morning yoga sessions
  • free parking and airport transfer
  • free wi-fi

Places are limited! We recommend reserving your place in advance.

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