A perfect combination of meditation, yoga, sound healing and lectures

A transformational retreat that is almost impossible to describe with words!

Petra Brzovic, Guy Lawrence and Matt Omo together create a pure spell that does not leave a single student indifferent! If you want to change, and you are not sure how or exactly what you need – you just have to come! We know 🙂

The following retreats are held in:

  • Australia 22-25th August 2019. SOLD OUT
  • Australia 09.-12th August 2019. Yep, since we’ve sold out the previous one and have a big waiting list we decided to do one more!- [More information]
  • Italy April 2020. – More details soon
  • Australia 09-12th January 2020. – More details soon

Main information and registration

Lecturers: Petra Brzović. Guy Lawrence and Matt Omo

Date: 09-12th August 2019.

Location: Australia

Language: English

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