Past life regression and Life between lives therapy


Thank you all for your applications for our previous event in May 2019. We will come back with new dates as soon as they are formed.

New Revolutionary Therapy And Research

Reconnect with your Soul and Soul’s home and be part of this amazing project!

  • Petra Brzović and Genius Research Unit inivite you to join life-transforming experience „Past Life regression& Life between Lives” – mind blowing healing on all levels and join an unique science research
  • During these sessions certified team of neuroscientists conduct a unique survey to declare what happens in human body and brain when you purify yourself from the burden of old suppressed emotions, resolve traumas of this or past lives, become aware of the Soul they are and communicate with higher beings
  • Our clients get unique and rare measurements of changes in their bodies and brains

What is Past Life Regression?

  • Past Life Regression is a beautiful and powerful journey through time to relive memories and explore events from past lives
  • All our experiences are stored in our body, mind and soul. They become available and can be explored through profound hypnosis
  • We return to childhood, the time we spent in our mother’s womb and past lives
  • There we discover forms, contracts, arrangements with other souls, perceptions, beliefs, and strategies that are shaped, at the subconscious level or at the level of the soul
  • As an impartial observer we are able to see, feel, hear, or experience, in a way that is suitable for us, some past events that have contributed to the present situation

Regression therapy: Journey with a goal

  • We form questions in order to determine the goal and the purpose of regression therapy
  • You define significant situation, event, person or relationship that is troubling you
  • We reach a past life that is most relevant to a particular situation/ skill / person/event
  • The client is fully aware of his environment during regression; the therapist and the client are conversing all the time and the client is completely in control

What regression therapy helps with?

  • Expanding awareness of yourself and gaining greater control over your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being
  • Reducing or neutralizing physical pain and accelerating the healing process
  • Connecting us with deep emotions and sources of causes of the problem and healing them where it is needed and in the way that is needed
  • Connecting with the parts of the consciousness we lack in order to truly break free from the vicious circle repeating in our lives and thus open to change and new experiences
  • More clearly seeing our purpose and the direction in which we need to go in this life
  • Creating a healthy and lasting change on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels simultaneously

What is Life Between Lives (LBL)?

  • Profound experience in which you find out WHO YOU ARE, WHY YOU ARE HERE AND WHERE YOU ARE GOING in a highest possible level, traveling to special time between incarnations
  • It is not necessary to believe in reincarnation or the afterlife to benefit from these techniques
  • Deep hypnotic process which enables you to meet your Soul, your loved ones and your guiding beings who help you explore your life’s purpose and understand your path

LBL: Safe, gentle and extremely effective

  • It nourishes your spiritual side but is an extremely effective form of therapy, made after more than 25 years of research in a respected science institution Newton Institute
  • One of their biggest research findings is consistent reports about existence of guiding beings in the inter-life

LBL: How does the therapy look like?

Hypnosis + Regression + Integration = Complete Therapy

  • Specific type of hypnotic induction – help the conscious mind to relax and achieve a highly-expanded state of consciousness
  • Regression – the gateway to the LBL process – journey to the pleasant memories in the childhood, to the womb after conception and before birth and to the ultimate past life
  • LBL process – we enter the „Spirit Realm” throught the death scene of the last past life – we meet our guiding beings, loved ones and get all the answers from them (difference from regression where the therapist has a key role)
  • Integration – brings all these experiences together in an overview of who you are as the sum total of all your previous lives – and of your essence as a soul

LBL: Mind blowing benefits

  • Free yourself from things from the past that limit or harm you
  • Objectively view all the options you have in your path
  • Clarify the Why of things and your purpose in life
  • Find the inner peace that allows you to move forward after a painful loss
  • Minimize or neutralize unhealthy habits, stress, phobias, fears, pain, anxieties…
  • Stimulate, empower, accelerate any part of you and your life
  • Improve the balance of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual you

After the therapy, interviewed clients get an:

  • An intense sense of enlightenment
  • Experience healing and unconditional love
  • Feel less fear of death
  • Feel less anxiety about current challenges in life
  • Get a new perspective on their problems, especially troubling relationships
  • Get new strategies for their problem-solving
  • The biggest value is a clear sense of the life purpose – Words can not explain how empowering it is to know your true aim

The research – new technology for new insights

  • In cooperation with Genius Research Unit we entered a new level – with increase in knowledge and modern top technologies it is possible to look at the brain, heart, body and energy level and measure and scientifically prove changes
  • We measure QEEG, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and Electrophotonic Imaging by using Gas Discharge Viewer (GDV)
  • GDV – captures and quantifies energy emited from the body and instant change of the energy level – on physical and emotional level it measures and determines the balance in the individual energy centers (chakras)
  • This unique opportunity gives you the chance to determine your personal state of being as well as your progress and growth!

Body Energy Scans – Analysis

QEEG (quantitative EEG)

Accurate evaluation technique to recognize the current mental state, electrical brain waves energy level and real time progress in state of expanded conciousness during Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives sessions

Gas Discharge Viewer

GDV allows sensitive detection of certain stress and relaxation reactions within the human organism. Furthermore, GDV-specific meridian analyses indicated the presence of individual energetic weaknesses. Comparisons of GDV results with biochemical parameters and stress reactions show an apparent interrelation

Thermografic Camera

Thermographic camera is used to measure and visualize temperature differences. Changes in blood flow are indicated by changes in body temperature as well as energy changes in different parts of the body during healing sessions and can be recorded with this camera.

Heart Rate Variability – HRV

Evaluation technique for biological heart health that shows immediate response of one’s autonomic nervous system functioning. A high heart coherence is a sign of increased emotional stability and a good connection between the brain and the heart.

About The Team


  • Certified in many fields – most relevant for this study: transpersonal and clinical hypnotherapist, regression and Past life regression therapist, Life between Lives therapist and a multi-style yoga teacher
  • Trained in Neurofeedback I.F.E.N.
  • Member of IACT International Association of Counsellours and Therapists
  • Member of Research and Educational Board of the The Michael Newton Institute
  • Certified Master Trainer and Instructor for educating therapists in the world
  • Committed to helping clients who have experienced some kind of trauma and suffer from fears, phobias and anxiety or from a chronic or acute diseases
  • Holds individual and group therapies and workshops around the world, especially those intended to health, stress management and life coaching, self esteem and self love, partnership and emotions – her sessions and workshops are an unique blend of various healing techniques
  • Today her biggest passion is working with Souls through Life between Lives sessions that bring deep healing and understanding to her clients


  • Healing Practitioner and Occupational Therapist
  • Certified Neurofeedback Instructor I.F.E.N.
  • Certified QEEG Expert, teacher and trainer for Neurofeedback, QEEG, Peak Performance
  • 2007 degree in “systemic consulting”
  • Since 2006 owner of the clinic “Ergotherapy and Neurofeedback in Hannover”, which is one of the largest bio and neurofeedback institutes in Germany
  • Scientific evaluation in the brain research team for Dr. Joe Dispenza (Meditation)
  • User and further developer of the Neuromeditation in Germany, to facilitate the entry or further step in the meditation, through a feedback on the respective brain activity
  • Co-founder of the Brain Research Unit, which offers a mobile and highly flexible Brain Research Lab for events or companies around the world
  • Founder of a global network of “Human Energy Centers” and owner of center “Daily Genius“, where energy work and measurements are combined.


Here are some of our clients testimonials.
More testimonials you can find under Testimonials

Florence Bory: “Amazing and a respectable team of scientists”

I was one of few lucky ones to be able to do two sessions of hypnotherapy with Petra, guiding me through the work, and Normen studying my brain, during their first week of combined work in Hannover.
I am a hypnotherapist trained by Paul Aurand with the teachings of Michael Newton, so I know this work and have seen a few different hypnotherapists during my training and afterward.
Regression is a very interesting tool if, as Roger Woolger says: « You have tried everything you could think off and you still have something that is bothering your inner life and you don’t seem to be able to get rid off or to understand.” It is not something that I recommend for the fun, I really think it is a therapeutic tool.

I have known and deeply trusted Petra for a few years now, so I was really eager to be in her «hands» and see what was going to come up during my sessions. I find Petra so amazing as a therapist in the sense that she is very empathic and she is really dancing a close ballet with her client. I could see her work with another client and we should use her to teach students how to be present with their clients. A work of very high level, I wish more therapists were working as she is, completely respecting her client and also very importantly the pace of her client. She is a real doula of the soul. You can see she has done this work for years, and somehow I felt like in a birthing room, with her at my side and Normen ensuring a kind of security.
I hope that Normen and Petra’s studies will show data that can be used for the benefit of many. I feel that the work that we did in Hannover continues to grow afterward. There are personal things that are shifting in my life with new insights that are shedding a very interesting light on some events or feelings. So what can I say more than if you are considering doing this work, I can absolutely highly recommend you this amazing and respectable team!

Natalija: „This is a miracle”

• The therapy accompanied by a QEEG scan was an extraordinary experience. It had multiple effects on me
• Firstly, seeing the results of the initial QEEG is a treat for itself because people rarely have the opportunity to see the status of their brainwaves and all the other values associated with the scan
• Then, the therapy itself was an amazing process. Being taken back to the origins of a problem you have in the present and dealing with it then is similar to being taken out of your comfort zone in order to be rewarded for it
• I got wondrous insights, learned new things about myself and my past and dealt with all of it in a safe environment. Finally, seeing the analysis of the QEEG scan that was being recorded during the therapy was another miracle. Seeing activation at times and places that indicate accessing and processing new information, as well as emotional processing at the times when it was happening during the therapy was a real physical proof of the real brain processes taking place during the therapy
• The whole experience is something I still keep thinking about and would like to do all over again


Margareta: „Every thought leaves a mark!”

• The most accurate description of what I felt during and after the therapy is complete DELIGHT. I was fascinated with seeing my emotions on the screen and with a fact that they become available to us in a material way. Each emotion has its own frequency and we can see it in a form of a brain wave

• The moment when I had realized the cause of all my life experiences and WHY I was ment to get through them, why I have attracted those specific events….this moment of awareness is unbealivable
• I was wondering „Is it really possible that all my emotions are here just because of me, because their source is within me? After I figured out the very cause during the therapy I felt like all the dots of my life got connected, I experienced pure enlightment and finally got a clear picture
• Even more fascinating is a fact that every part of this journey is being recorded, shown in its authentic way, in a form of a wave. When you look it as just a wave, as it is, you are completely stunned – every my taught has left a MARK!
• When you learn how your brain works, you can’t stop thinking about it and you figure out that with controling your taughts you can make new emotions which become new waves!!
• This fact really helped me to understand that my possibilites are endless, so I can choose the ones I like!
• Now I choose new thoughts, new marks, new energy. Isn’t that beautiful?

Event info & Application

  • Place: Hannover, Germany
  • Date: Coming up soon, stay tuned for more!
  • You can apply for the waiting list, we will let you know if an empty spot opens up
  • Each participant must stay for three days:
    • First day duration: 4 hours
    • Second day: break
    • Third day duration: 6 hours
  • Price : 850 € (including Past life Regression, Life between Lives session and all scanning and measurements)

If you wish to talk and consult with the science team regarding all your data and results of the measurements afterwards additional cost is 120 EUR per hour

Apply now for your life-changing experience and get a scientific proof of Soul and your new Self!
Contact us with confidence and be a part of the revolutionary research.

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