Deep life changing experience

Life between Lives® gives you a chance to find out WHO YOU ARE, WHY YOU ARE HERE AND WHERE ARE YOU GOING in a highest possible level, traveling to special time between incarnations.

It nourishes your spiritual side but is an extremely effective form of therapy, revolutionary and unique, made after more than 25 years of research in a respected science institution Newton Institute.

In this modern time, lots of people feel like something is missing in their lives. There is nobody in this world who doesn’t want to know the answers to the questions above. It is not necessary to believe in reincarnation or the afterlife to benefit from these techniques.

We are more than just physical that we see – we are a mixture of energies, experiences and learnings from our previous lives. Our eternal quest is a search for growth. During this experience, you’ ll get a complete perception of your path. Words can not explain how empowering it is to know your true aim.



LBL® is a deep hypnotic process which enables you to meet your Soul, your loved ones and your guiding beings who help you explore your life’s purpose and understand your path.

It is a unique and overall experience to deeply understand yourself, your needs, your mission, your emotions and your current challenges. What do you need to learn in your life now? You will get a completely different perspective. LBL® level of mind can be accessed due to deep physical relaxation, guided by a therapist certified in Newton Method of LBL® Hypnotherapy.



The Micheal Newton Institute® invested more than 25 years of research, led by its founder Michael Newton, with over 7,000 clients. One of the biggest research findings is consistent reports from thousands of clients about existence and support of Higher Beings in the inter- life known as guiding beings, who stand as personal guides and teachers.

Today 200 LBL® therapists heal people in 40 countries worldwide.

Petra Brzovic is the first in the world to launch a research with a team of international scientists, on what is happening in the brain and body during the Life-to-Life® therapy. The research is conducted in Germany and Switzerland and brings a number of new discoveries. Data is currently being processed and will be available to the public in a few months.


I noticed that in fact all the advice I received I am subconsciously using and that life is leading me now in such a beautiful way. From the bottom of my heart I am grateful for everything, with all I have now I'm devoted to my healing. Dušica, 05.04.2018


Hypnosis + Regression + Integration = Complete Therapy

It begins with a long and very deep hypnotic induction to help the conscious mind to relax and achieve a highly-expanded state of consciousness.

After that, with regression techniques, we go back to some pleasant childhood memories. From childhood, we continue back to that unique time in the womb, after conception and before birth, where we can get first soul memories. In the womb, we can explore such things as how you feel about coming to be born and what it is you hope to do, learn or work on. Then we go back to the most recent past life to review some of the most significant events as well as how that life ended. This is the key point: LBL® differs from traditional regression because it doesn’t deal with past life review based on therapist interventions. All the work is done in the „Spirit Realm“, in a loving way by the guides and your loved ones, not the therapist. We do so by using the past life death scene as a doorway into the spirit. Once the Soul is in the “Spirit Realm”, it enters „Now Time“ where all the past life review is possible, including all insights about the current life and future events.

So, regression is the gateway to the LBL® process. Regression offers the opportunity to explore agreements, contracts and relationships made with other souls in previous existences and can uncover the roots of habitual behaviors. All Life Between Lives therapists are qualified and experienced in regression and can’t get a LBL® certificate without a regression certificate.

Life Between Lives® spiritual integration then brings all these experiences together in an overview of who you are as the sum total of all your previous lives – and of your essence as a soul.

By integrating all the understanding gained into your present life, the explored past life becomes a positive reminder of the growth achieved so far. All is done in a very organic and effective way that is respectful of every aspect of your life and person.

Book an LBL Therapy

Main information and registration


  • The therapy is long and intense, with a total duration of 5 to 6 hours (3 to 4 hours LBL® + introductory talk + talk after the session).
  • It is not advisable to schedule any business or social obligations after the therapy because you will most likely feel exhausted and / or wish to enjoy the solitude.
  • Stay rested and avoid caffeine, sugar, alcohol and other types of stimulus on the contracted day of the therapy.
  • Also, we advise you not to read books dealing with similar topics until after therapy, so that the mind is as open as possible to your own experience.

Before the therapy, I will ask for a short summary of your current challenges, key people in your life and about the issues you would like to get responses to – to be able to focus on the same during the session.



The Life Between Lives® therapy is only performed after the client has passed at least one regresotherapy (either with me or somebody else).



  • Duration: 5-6h
  • Location: Online via Zoom
  • To attend an LBL®, at least one Regression therapy in mandatory before the LBL®
  • f you have already attended a Regression with Petra and would like to do an LBL® now, please contact us for further details
  • Installment payment available


  • 1x LBL® = 700€
  • Package with Regression = 1000€

Make your appointment:


Before the session

Sessions are long and intensive with a (3 to 4 hours of LBL® plus pretalk and debrief after the LBL®). Don’t schedule social or work commitments after the session, you might feel exhausted and want to be alone. Be well rested and well fed, avoiding stimulants like caffeine, sugar, alcohol and other types of drugs on the day of the session. Don’ read books about this topics, until after the session, to keep your mind more open to its own unique experience.

Before the session, we will be in contact and you will send me keynotes about the current struggling situations in your life, key people in your life and questions you want to get answered so I can focus on those things during the session.

The session

  • First we will talk about what you want to achieve. We will review some useful tips that will help your analytical mind to stay more open for what your intuitive mind wants to share.
  • We proceed with the hypnotic induction, we help the body to deeply relax, so the analytical mind is naturally released of stress. Stress is what generally prevents you from staying synchronized with your intuitive soul-mind.
  • As you relax more, you will gradually enjoy a very pleasant sense of peace and control.
  • Entering a deep meditative state, your analytical mind becomes receptive to what your intuitive mind wants to address.
  • After that, with regression techniques, we go back to some pleasant childhood memories. From childhood, we continue back to that unique time in the womb, after conception and before birth, where we can get first soul memories. In the womb, we can explore such things as how you feel about coming to be born and what it is you hope to do, learn or work on. Then we go back to the most recent past life to review some of the most significant events as well as how that life ended.
  • From there we go to the Spirit realm where you are guided by your Guides and other loving higher beings.
  • During LBL® integration, we ensure that the understandings translate into something concrete and well integrated into your current life.
  • Thanks to this workflow, you put your entire existence in a context in the process. It’s like achieving in one session all that you can achieve with multiple regression sessions of prenatal, age and past lives.

After the session

You get a digital recording of your session as a lifetime memory of your experience, but you can get through it when you want and remember yourself on all your answers and findings. We are in contact after the session to make a follow up on all your questions and impressions.

Read how this therapy was experienced by clients. [More testimonials]


Where there used to be fear now there is peace. Where there was uncertainty, now it's security. Today, I relate to everything around and inside me more easily, happily and gently. Marina, 19.04.2018.



Perception is the basis of your self-image, your beliefs, survival/defense mechanism, behaviors, habits, reactions, concepts and more. These are the things that, at the subconscious level, influence your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Changing your perception during the session, you:

  • Free yourself from things from the past that limit or harm you.
  • Objectively view all the options you have in your path.
  • Clarify the Why of things and your purpose in life.
  • Find the inner peace that allows you to move forward after a painful loss.
  • Minimize or neutralize unhealthy habits, stress, phobias, fears, pain, anxieties…
  • Stimulate, empower, accelerate any part of you and your life.
  • Improve the balance of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual you.

After the therapy, interviewed clients get an:

  • an intense sense of enlightenment
  • experience healing and unconditional love
  • feel less fear of death
  • feel less anxiety about current challenges in life
  • get a new perspective on their problems, especially troubling relationships
  • get new strategies for their problem-solving
  • The biggest value is a clear sense of the life purpose.

Some people think reincarnation, guides and having a soul are just interesting concepts. Others believe in it.

During this therapy, you not only remember, but you experience your own reincarnation, your guides and yourself as an immortal soul. After the therapy, YOU KNOW that these concepts are true because you have experienced it yourself and you KNOW YOURSELF as the soul that you are.



Petra Brzović gained her knowledge in this area through continuous education, and is now leading and mentoring other therapist studying under the Micheal Newton Institute®, as well as creating advanced educational programs for hypnotherapists and LBL® therapist. Thanks to her outstanding results, she is a member of the Educational Board of the Michael Newton Institute®.

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