Transpersonal And Clinical Hypnotherapy

Transpersonal and clinical hypnotherapy is a therapy that quickly and precisely helps us determine causes of habits, fears, phobias, anxieties and beliefs that we carry with us in life that prevent us from fulfilling our full potential. Moreover, it helps us to quickly discover the causes of various imbalances in our body; diseases and conditions that prevent us from living a happy, healthy and free life.

By focusing our attention, with expert guidance of a therapist, we can see more clearly the patterns that we can then change, abandon, accept… depending on what we want to achieve.



The reason for such efficiency lies in the fact that as many as 95% of our mind is subconscious and only 5% conscious. Our conscious mind is an active mind. It contains our current thoughts, experiences and sensory experiences. The analytical mind is a function of the thinking neocortex – the part of the brain that is the center of our consciousness, which contemplates, analyzes, compares, judges, reviews, questions, polarizes, studies and rationalizes.

Our subconscious mind is the part of the mind that stores all of our past and present experiences which we are currently unaware of. The subconscious mind also contains our habits, emotional reactions, learned behaviors, conditioned reactions, associative memories, attitudes, beliefs and perceptions. It is in close correlation with the limbic system, which is still called the “emotional brain” or “chemistry brain”. Limbic system is responsible for subconscious functions and autonomic nervous system.

When we experience different emotions we activate that part of the brain which creates certain chemical molecules of emotion and through neuropeptides sends information to each cell in the body. Also, thoughts and feelings are directly connected, so each of our thoughts creates a feeling and every feeling creates a thought thus forming a closed circle. That is why it is so important to change patterns of thinking and behavior in order to change the state of our body and environment. Everything that manifests today in our life comes from the beliefs that are deeply rooted in us. To make the necessary and desired changes while our mind is fully active and conscious requires a great deal of effort and repetition for the purpose of removing, adopting or altering a belief, which is the underlying approach of classical psychotherapy.

Transpersonal hypnotherapy provides an opportunity for an effective and rapid change through a guided, personalized treatment. During this treatment, the person is fully conscious and in control while the body is deeply relaxed and safe.


We are not even aware that what is struggling, burdensome, and hurts us does not have to be faced in a painstaking and difficult way. Marija, 24.12.2016.



Hypnosis is state of deep relaxation induced by focusing attention on thoughts, feelings, images, sounds or sensations. It is a normal, natural state that everyone can achieve. Hypnotherapy uses the state of deep relaxation to make changes at the unconscious level, using visualization, suggestions, and other analytical tools. People are different in the degree of suggestibility but with practice every person can experience the benefits of hypnotherapy / deep relaxation. Since every person is unique and the circumstances are different, the therapy is tailored to each person’s needs in order to achieve an individual desired result.



Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress and increase feelings of peace and relaxation. In addition, it helps restore confidence in yourself and your body. Under hypnosis we gain insight into our sub-consciousness, which allows us to get rid off what may be a barrier to health and fulfilled life. Besides reducing stress and helping the body to return to the state of emotional, mental and physical balance and well-being, hypnotherapy helps, among other things, with:

  • Fears, phobias, anxiety
  • Diseases (it helps to find the cause of the disease and initiate healing)
  • Past traumas (trauma may already be from the time when we were in our mother’s womb, during childbirth or childhood – even something (seemingly) as banal as staying home alone when we were not ready for it, teasing from other children… to abuse, rape, etc.)
  • unresolved childhood relationships
  • the fear of public speaking (in front of the audience or at work)
  • low self-confidence
  • nail biting, smoking, hair pulling
  • stuttering
  • the feeling of lack of control
  • excessive worries and depression

Indeed, if you want to achieve change there is no area where hypnotherapy cannot help you.



It is good for every therapist to choose the states and clients he wants to work with so that the therapist can give and the client can receive the maximum – my areas of expertise are:

  • insecurity, low self-esteem and finding the causes of unwanted situations, relationships and events that repeat itself; changes of lifestyle and the environment
  • diseases / imbalances in the body; sensing the cause of the disease and initiating healing and returning to a state of equilibrium
  • fears, phobias, anxiety, trauma
  • preparation for success in upcoming events such as giving birth, assisted fertility treatment, parenting, exams, performances, changing your job, or any event / upcoming period in life
  • guiding clients through Life Between Lives therapy to gain most profound answers from their Higher Self in state of very expanded consciousness obtained in deep hypnosis. More details here.

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Aside from reducing stress and helping the body return to the state of emotional, mental and physical balance and well-being, hypnotherapy helps also with:

  • Stroke, phobia, anxiety
  • Diseases (helps to find the cause of the disease and initiate healing)
  • Past Trauma (irrespective of their intensity)
  • Resolved relationships from childhood
  • Treme from appearing in front of the audience or at work
  • Low self-confidence
  • Biting nails, smoking, hair pulling
  • Stutter
  • The feeling of lack of control
  • Excessive worries and depression


  • Duration: depends on each therapy, please plan up to 3h for the session
  • Available Online via Zoom
  • Price: 320 EUR


Hypnosis is indeed a wonderful state of deep relaxation in which you are aware of everything and at the same time your attention is focused and the analytical mind is calm so that communication between the conscious and the subconscious mind is more effective.

In the first therapy we talk a lot with the purpose of creating the goal of the therapy and defining what you want to achieve. You can ask me whatever you want and I also ask many questions to help you define your goal. Then I help you to relax slowly (I do not use the old methods of hypnosis) and enter the state of hypnosis to allow the communication with your subconsciousness. We always get precisely and only the information we need at that time. Our sub-consciousness knows what information we need to make the necessary changes and, therefore, guides us and points us to where we need to go and gives us the insights we need in the way we need it – be it in the form of memories, events, clear instructions or explanations. Much information comes in the form of messages, pictures, feelings, smells and sounds – depending on what type of person we are. For example, some of us are very visual and our sub-consciousness will most often send us information in the form of images while others are very auditory so messages and insights will be received in the form of sounds or messages.

Anyway, during the therapy we talk, I ask questions and point you to the cause of the problem and help you make the changes you want. I cannot do anything without your effort and desire. So, I repeat – only if you’re ready and willing to change – miracles can happen and I’m here to help you manifest them. If there is no desire and effort – the conscious mind creates a blockage and without your cooperation I cannot do anything. Likewise – clients willing to collaborate create such deep and beautiful changes (even the ones seemingly impossible to them at the beginning of the therapy) that I am often moved to tears as well. When it’s time to wrap up the session, I slowly lead you to a fully awake state. You will feel rested, fresh and regenerated. You remember everything we went through. Then we talk briefly, I give you some instructions for independent work and we finish the therapy. The purpose of my work with you is to teach you how to be an absolutely independent, strong, calm, happy, confident and healthy person who is capable of and ready to face everything that life brings her, aware of the power of her thoughts and with the knowledge of the tools and techniques that you will be able to use in any life situation.


Since I had no previous experiences with hypnotherapy, working with Petra was a surprising experience. She was the first person in my life to who i told some things about myself that I did not tell anyone before, and she heard me without judgment or condemnation. She gently calmed me and while we were going through the therapy we managed to get my deep-rooted and restrictive beliefs on the surface. Vesna, 18.01.2016.


Read more experiences here. [More experiences]



Duration of the therapy depends on each case however it usually takes two to three therapies. Sometimes only one therapy are enough and sometimes you will feel the need to come a few more times after the third therapy. If you want to overcome your health problems, the emotional trauma you have experienced or other personal problems you struggle with, contact us with confidence.

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After the end of hypnotherapy, and during our active treatment, we advise you to continue to take care of yourself actively and consciously in order to stay in a good shape.

  • Workshops: You can join us at our workshops “Intense personal changes – CREATE A NEW LIFE!” in which we learn about the power of the mind, thoughts, and beliefs to change your life. We learn how our habits are related to our brain and how to change them. We face our suppressed emotions buried in our bodies in a safe environment and we liberate our body and life of everything that keeps us in the past. We learn the basics of quantum physics to understand the invisible energy field in which there are endless possibilities. We learn that energy goes where we focus our attention, thus creating everything that happens or ’doesn’t happen in our lives. Using specific tools, techniques and directions you can first feel the changes in the core of your being, and then manifest them in all aspects of your life. For more information, see this link.
  • Tools: To make it easier and faster to heal yourself and find your true nature and purpose, I’m sharing with you some meditations, blogs and resources for free that can help you in your process. For more information, see this link.

For additional questions or to make an appointment, feel free to contact us or apply for an appointment with Petra.

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