An advanced restorative process

Advanced Energy Work Therapy is a therapy that is primarily intended for all those who have experienced  a deep energy surge or release and are unable to cope with it properly.

As I have the chance to work at many events, workshops and retreats with more and more people who have big experiences – I witness huge changes their bodies, minds and souls go through. Those changes sometimes leave them feeling unable to cope and adjust to the change in a way they can function normally when they get back to their lives.

What is a big energy release?


A big energy release or surge is unlocking of energy stored in our bodies or a big download of energy (information) that happens during meditations, mystical experiences, Life between Lives therapy or Near Death Experiences.



As we go through our lives we emotionally experience everything we go through. And if we don’t allow ourselves to process those emotions we store them in different parts of our bodies. Often we store similar emotions in particular areas of our bodies, and that is why certain energy centers are associated with certain emotions.

Usually we store:

  • sadness and remorse in our hearts, lungs and chest (4th energy center)
  • anger and shame in our stomach (3rd energy center)
  • gulit in our reproductive organs and urogenital tract (2nd energy center)
  • fear in our bowel, lower back and legs (1st energy center)
  • all of above mentioned emotions are reflected in our 5th energy center (we can’t express ourselves or live our truth if we feel afraid, guilty, ashamed etc.)
  • and so on…

One of our coping mechanisms or ”survival strategies”, as we often call it in therapy, is learning how to suppress those emotions and not show them. But, after some point our bodies can’t hold all that inside anymore so, we either get ill or energy starts to get out. It often happnes that energy is being released involuntarily, for  example when ”we lose it” and yell at our family members, partner or colleagues at work.

In time, during our adult life, we more or less learn to control those outbursts and regulate them. Sometime in a healthier way (like going for a run when we are feeling like we are going to burst or EXPRESSING how we feel) or less healthy way (like shouting and breaking things around us and relationships we’re in).

If we don’t express our feelings and process events we go through in a healthy way – it is easy to understand how illnesses form. When we don’t manage our stored energy properly (talking about lower frequency emotions like fear, anger, shame, guilt…) it starts to affect our balance and health. More information about the connection between energy centers, emotions and ilnesses you can find here.


The ways we voluntarily release this stored energy

When we start practising meditation, yoga asanas, pranayama (especially techniques like Sudarshan Kriya or Kundalini) or some other techniques that can trigger the release of store emotions that energy is finally getting the chance to be released.

For some this process happens  gradually in a way that they might experience shivers, goosebumps, gentle body movements or an ecstatic feelings. Sometimes we might not be aware of it happening at all, but as time goes by we find ourselves more peaceful, calm and balanced.


For others this release can happen as a big eruption of energy. Their bodies suddenly release such big amount of energy that they start to tremble, shake or move uncontrollably. Sometimes people know how to surrender to this process, letting the body do what it has to do, trusting that it knows best how to cope with this surge of energy. If possible, that is the way to go with it. Let go, let your body shake and do what is has to do to unblock. Remember, our bodies are much wiser than we think!

Sometimes, however, these sensations your body goes through can frighten you. You might feel the urge to stop the process, or you might be stopped midways by someone or something happening outside of you. In these cases, not all of the energy that started to be released gets out. Part of it stays under the surface (but still wants to be released) and that can cause big problems.

There can be two reasons people struggle after such event. One is that they’ve experienced some kind of trauma in their life, didn’t process the emotions and the memory of it finally started to be released but it got stuck due to above mentioned reasons.

Or they’ve received a big download of information and energy and their bodies and minds are struggling to integrate it.

Both reasons are great reasons and we need to embrace the change although it might be very challenging. Often we need help to do it properly.

Download of information and energy

A big surge of energy isn’t necessarily released only outwards. In fact, one of the best experiences one can have in meditation is the download of information. That experience is truly life-changing. In that moment we basically get a biological upgrade and nothing is the same afterwards.

The energy  that downloads in our bodies at that moment, enters every cell of our being, clearing blocks and importing new information. Our bodies and minds try to integrate this new information that we received. Sometimes, if the amount of that energy is so big, they can struggle to process and integrate it.

Again, this process can be gentle, feeling like a huge wave of love and light passing through you, leaving you in awe, gratitude and understanding that everything is just as it’s supposed to be.

Or it can be a tremendously energetic one. Your body may start to tremble, you may even feel like electricity is passing throughout your whole body.

There is no rule on how this download should look or feel like. Each and every one of us experiences it in a different way.

Do I need help to process the download?

When the information and energy we received was so big, that our bodies and minds are struggling to integrate it, we might need help to process it. I would recommend you seek help if:

  • you sense that you are having difficulties coping with your everyday life,
  • you are unable to control your emotions and the way your body reacts to the new information
  • you start shifting to the 5D world without being able to control it
  • you are unable to properly ground yourself after the experience.

Trust me, I know how amazing 5D is ;), yet we are all here on Earth to be part of the 3D as well. We should aim to be balanced meaning being able to live joyfully present in this reality and connected to higher realms at the same time.

So, if you feel you need help to process what you’re experiencing and find that balance feel free to contact me.


Releasing the memories of our past

In case of trauma our bodies, minds and souls carry memory/information on a subconscious and super-conscious level. When we experience some event that we perceive as traumatic, regardless how big or small it is, we can process it in different ways. Sometimes we have all the resources and help we need to go through it and deal with whatever might be happening. That’s the best case scenario, which doesn’t leave long-term consequences. However, for the majority of people traumas leave big marks behind although we aren’t even aware that we’ve actually experienced trauma.

Therefore, most people don’t deal with it in a proper way. They often focus on physical problems, or suppress and numb their feelings but neglect mental, emotional and soul health. That is often the case with accidents, surgery, abuse, sudden loss of a loved one, living in extremely stressful circumstances for a longer period of time – like taking care of an ill loved one, etc.

Nonetheless, our bodies keep the score on a subconscious level and our souls remembers as well. Even though we seemingly get back to our lives as nothing happened.

What are the consequences of trauma?

One of the consequences of such situations is dissociation (separation of the mind from the body). Dissociation allows the person to survive the event imagining that it is happening to somebody else; or not being fully present during the event itself (we might feel numb and not remember clearly what was going on).

It can happen when physical pain is too strong, like during an accident or when something is happening to them; for example in case of abuse or even if it is ”just” breaking up with a partner or loss of a job.

It can also happen in case of near death experiences (NDE) – whether during/after an accident, traumatic birth, surgery, coma, mystical experience or during anything else when the soul decides to come back to the body and to continue being present in this life.


However, it’s not only the mind that separates from the body. What actually happens is that part of our soul (or the whole soul in case of NDE) is being fragmented and kicked out of the body.


People in that state often look like they are living their lives as mere bodies, seemingly and visibly present, but the truth is that part of their energy field is not fully there. That state of being can lead to many problems, ranging from:

  • not being able to function in the 3D world,
  • having a loving relationships and being productive at work,
  • to having various mental, emotional and physical problems.

How do I know I suffered a trauma?

You might suspect you suffered a trauma if you have some of the post traumatic symptoms.

Post traumatic symptoms are various, some may not appear for decades and then suddenly float to the surface.

Symptoms vary and can be any of the following:

  • numbness (‘’I don’t feel anything. I don’t know how to open my heart.” etc.),
  • disconnection between the mind and the body,
  • being unable to work or engage in everyday situations and relationships
  • nightmares,
  • retrospection,
  • distrust, helplessness and powerlessness,
  • problems with relationships, sexual dysfunction,
  • physical illness,
  • depression, guilt, shame, fear, anger, rage, confusion,
  • self-injury, self-doubt,
  • eating disorders,
  • hearing voices, having hallucinations,
  • addiction,
  • suicidal thoughts…

Most people know that something is wrong but they don’t know what exactly…and they don’t know how to help themselves. When we are in state like that – we do need help from a skilled professional.

People are then often searching for help on various events but as they are living fragmented and disconnected from themselves, their bodies and their feelings – many of them don’t have the inner resources to deal with processes happening on such events. In that state they can get very frightened, upset or even more dissociated.
That in turn can lead to retreating, staying stuck where they are, or to re-traumatization and those out of body experiences (OBE) which are not a pleasant mystical experiences. Their bodies might continue to shake when they get home, have outbursts of energy or they might be feeling like energy is stuck in various parts of their bodies. They might be experiencing some or all above mentioned symptoms.

What happened to me and what can I do?

“I attended a Group Session but I still need help”

During various group events, where the energy of the group is used to uplift, change and heal, many can find the push and strength they need to shift to a higher frequency. Often in those kind of sessions, there are facilitators who are giving their all to provide a safe environment and appropriate guidance. If you have the chance to attend such an event, do so! It will help you greatly.

In fact, working with a large group of people can have several strong beneficial effects. In example, the group energy that forms due to multiplying energies from every person at the event has the potential to heal and uplift every single being who is part of that group. In fact, many miraculous healings happen during those kind of events.

Sometimes, if the person is very traumatized, fragile, weak and doesn’t have enough inner resources, he or she might be unable to open to love and healing. That can make them feel as a failure, especially if they see others succeeding around them. In their fragile state, they might be unable to cope with all that energy, emotions and memories that are coming to the surface seeking to be released. In the worst case scenario, they might even end up feeling worse than before. Yet, that doesn’t mean that the process didn’t help them, it just means they need an extra hand to deal with it properly.

On the other hand, when we have a big download of energy/information our bodies and minds need to adjust to it and it might require time and professional help.


Do you need help?

Therefore, if you are feeling you might be one of those that needs additional help to transcend and free yourself fully, or to learn how to cope with the energy that has been released and is running through your body or being stuck in some part of your body – I wholeheartedly recommend you to have a session of Advanced Energy Work Therapy  and join the School of Personal Change.


Petra helped me to understand and become aware of what is really the cause of all my problems. Through therapy she helped me to deal with the problem and solve it easily. Ana Varga, 18.01.2017.

Main information and application

  • Duration: around 2 to 3 hours
  • Location: ONLINE
  • Price for 1 Advanced Energy Work Therapy: 320 €



Advanced Energy Work Therapy helps you to:

  • connect with deep emotions and the source of the problem
  • release stuck energy
  • learn how to navigate excessive energy running through the body
  • heal where it is needed and in the way that is needed
  • expand your awareness and gain greater control over your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being
  • reduce or neutralize physical pain and accelerate the healing process.

It really gives you an opportunity to rebuild yourself on all levels and retrieve parts of you that were lost, learn how to work with energy, heal and set yourself free.

It is a personalized, sacred work and is always performed as a team work between you and me. Although during the therapy you are in state of expanded consciousness you are always in control and safe.


I had been given a biological upgrade and now had to come back into my body. I didn’t know how and was so happy that Petra was at my side all the time to accompany me. I now know what it feels like to be outside this body, but thanks to Petra I also know that I don’t have to be afraid. Liv, 04.05.2019.



Attending the School of Personal Change:

  • gives you a step by step guidance to learn about yourself, energy and energy centers
  • helps you to get to know your personal mind and body connection,
  • helps you realize what beliefs are holding you back and how to change them,
  • helps you find what emotions are stuck, where are they and how to release them,
  • teaches you how to heal various parts of yourself
  • gives you specific tools and techniques on how to live free, independent, joyful and happy life
  • and so much more.

Hundreds of students already went through this school that rebuilds you from the bottom up. You can check out their testimonials here.


Contact Petra

If you want to:

  • learn how to work with energy running through your body
  • release stuck energy and allow it to move freely
  • learn how to incorporate new knowledge you might have received during the event you attended
  • learn how to combine being in 5D and 3D at the same time being able to enjoy your life fully

contact me with confidence. Let me help you heal.



Petra Brzović gained her knowledge through continuous education with many world’s leading therapists and healers. She is a teacher and trainer in the education of other therapists in the world, as well as creator of advanced educational programs for therapists.

Thanks to outstanding results, she is  a member of the Educational Committee of the Michael Newton Institute and Research Committee of The Michael Newton Institute for Lives between lives therapy.

Using various body & mind healing methods, Petra is committed to helping clients who have experienced trauma and who suffer from fears, phobias and anxiety. Thanks to the extraordinary techniques that help us be aware of the wisdom inside the body, Petra is also helping people who are suffering from chronic or acute diseases. She helps them get answers to why the disease emerged in the first place, so that they can heal on all levels.

With international team of scientists she is running a research on body, mind, energy and soul connection exploring new realms of consciousness combining knowledge, intuition and science.


She is also a proud member of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Leadership team with whom she is dedicated to bring light, love and healing to as many people as possible around the world.

Read more testimonials here.

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