Change while your body suffers

Change while your body suffers

Change is uncomfortable and we all have challenges. Yet, it is not about not having challenges, it is about overcoming them and practicing doing what we do: being aware of our feelings and thoughts while at the same time shifting our energy – making an effort to live every moment as our new selves. TRUSTING… KNOWING everything is just as it is supposed to be.

Being physically challenged makes it all the harder as your body keeps on reminding you every moment of the state it is (was) in.

Look at it as a great lesson where life is teaching you. Trust there is a HUGE reason why you’re dealing with that challenge, although you might not know it while you are in the midst of it. Still, everything happens for a reason. Everything.
Your Soul chose to go through this experience for a reason. Trust.


Power lies within

Realize, know deeply within, that YOU have the power to change. You have the POWER TO CHOOSE how will you look at your current situation. Will you (by “you” I mean all of us) chose to blame and feel angry, resentful, guilty…or will you chose to stop and take your power back and start/continue creating the change.

Are you afraid? Of course you are. No one said you shouldn’t be. After all it is not about not feeling fear. It is about going forward DESPITE THE FEAR. Keep on doing the work and shifting your energy even if you are aware you are CURRENTLY scared like sh*t.



Remember to always return back to the PRESENT moment. When you are in the now you aren’t thinking about the past nor worrying about the future. So, when you catch yourself either:

  • living in your past (feeling emotions of the past, thinking about something that happened or maybe your body is reminding you of it),
  • worrying about your future,

STOP. Just breathe.

When you pay attention to your breath you are in the now. And the POWER LIES IN THE NOW. That is how you shift your state.



Be aware. By being aware you’ll get to know what is holding you back…what is still there energetically preventing you from living that life that you want. You will begin know it by making an effort to ask yourself:

  • How does that make me feel?
  • Am I still angry at someone? Maybe myself?
  • Do I need to forgive someone?
  • Am I blaming someone for something he or she did? Or myself?…”

When we blame we give our power away. Realize it happened in the PAST. It happened because they (including yourself) didn’t know better.
As long as you keep on blaming others/yourself or being angry, frustrated, resentful…, as I mentioned, you are giving your power away and living in your past instead of using that energy in creating your future!


Triggers me

Pay attention to people/situations that trigger you…making you feel angry, jealous, not good enough, sad, guilty…those will show you what needs to be healed. People that piss you off the most are your greatest teachers. And it is never about them! It is about you and why did you create them in your reality.

Be grateful – they are mirroring your shadow, showing you where you’re still hurting and what is calling inside of you to be healed. Then be aware and shift it in everyday life and in meditations.

Remember we are the ones who have the power to change and we are the ones creating our reality. The reality you live in – you have created before.
NOW you have the power to create your NEW reality by being very clear: what is it that you want and what is it that you want to change. We need to make an effort to raise our vibration every day and live like our new life has already happened.



And yes, it often doesn’t happen overnight. We need to do the work over and over again, making the effort every day. Until one day we stop and realize we ARE living our new life because we do feel happy, fulfilled, loved, abundant, healthy…

Which means meditating daily…and yes, sometimes even 2, 3 or more times a day and living every moment as your new self.


Switch to your life

Whenever you catch yourself fall, just pause and switch.
We all fall. It doesn’t matter if we fall. What matters is do we get up.
Sometimes it will be enough to stop, breathe, change your state by deepening your breath, changing your focus, your thoughts…and sometimes you’ll need to sit down in meditation AGAIN. And AGAIN. And you WILL switch it. YOU ARE SWITCHING IT. TRUST.

Meditating using those meditations that focus you on creating change in your life – is a MUST do.

And guess what – you might find yourself feeling grateful for the experience, not wishing to change a single step of your journey, much sooner than you think ♥

I say that from personal and professional experience 🙂 Plus, I’m here to teach and help you do it!



If you are going through such a challenge yourself, you can join like-minded people in our new groups starting this Autumn. We all go through the same process, gather from all corners and dedicate ourselves to change. Through online sessions, meditations and exercises, you will learn how to shift, how to safely process any burden you have been carrying and how to transform all your life experiences into wisdom.

I personally lead all of them, so I keep the groups small. Plus, that makes the group even stronger, as participants support each other in the journey!


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This is a workshop in the full sense of the word. You’re learning and working. Not only that you change your habits and correct your everyday life, but you discover the depth of your personality, transform your consciousness, and truly change your life. You create your new Self. DC, April 2019


We often know where we want to get but we do not know which way to take. After the workshop I feel great cleansing, much more determination, clarity and confidence in myself! Great Thanks to Petra on her flawless leadership, motivation and energy. Thanks to the whole group for the support, courage and will. It is wonderful to be a witness to your own and other’s changes to a happier and more fulfilled life! Elena, March 2019




Petra Brzović

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