Now I have the strength: We can do everything we want!

Good company, positive vibrations, encouragement for a new and better life.

Now I have the strength and a new belief: We can do everything we want! We are perfectly capable for everything! WE CAN. End of story.

Retreat, Transform the woman within

Positive vibrations!

Beautiful weekend! Positive women, positive vibrations!

Petra, big thank you!! I definitely want to repeat this experience!

Retreat, Transform the woman within

I felt like I was in some game – every day was full of surprises and joy!

The online course with Petra has opened up a new level of understanding of life for me. I appreciate my life, I enjoy it much more.

This is not the first time that I meet with Petra’s work, yet she still keeps me amazed at every turn. This time, I managed to dedicate, observe, and enjoy each and every thought and feeling during the day. Each day was a new task, a new focus, and thus a new challenge for my busy lifestyle. I felt like I was in some game – every day was full of surprises and joy! Or as if I was reading an excellent book that kept revealing an unexpected, deep and yet so simple truth …

Petra’s dedication to each person in the group has also been felt in the digital online world, regardless of time and space.

The concept of the workshop is carefully designed, but at the same time very spontaneous because it is tailored to the needs of the group. All the tasks, meditations and total energy of the group, guided by Petra’s vision and faith, just kept on growing during the one month of the course.
We all connected so deeply that I did not feel like I was a part of an “online” course. When the course ended, we all became so close and open as we had known each others for years!
Now, almost two weeks after the course, I breathe easier and with full lungs. I’m calm and focused on all new things in front of me. I keep on thinking how many more magical months are in front of me!

30 day course, Workshops

Changes and nice things began to happen…

After intensive weekend with Petra, it was naturally for me to proceed with online workshop. It has forced me, on a very gentle way, to pursue with intense rethinking and analyzing my behavior patterns and gave me a chance to reshape them. In the same time, I succeeded in my meditation discipline. Now meditations are something I am looking forward to, something I do often and even couple of times on a daily bases. Now I think I will never give them up! During the workshop, you can share all your doubts with the group and with Petra, who is always available.
Changes and nice things began to happen to me and I know I have initiated them with patience and techniques learned from Petra!

Petra, big thank you!

30 day course, Workshops

Example of how we should always live! There are no more excuses with this workshop!

I recommend this online workshop to all who feel it is time to sort out something in their life, to make a change, to find out a bit more about themselves, to get into what they have felt for a long time but have not dealt with just yet. It is especially great for those who cannot physically attend the workshops. There are no more excuses with this workshop. Everything is served on the tray: daily instructions, motivational messages, meditations, homework, and full-time support from the leader as well as all members of the group through Facebook.
30 intensive days create a base and serve as an example of how we should always live: conscious, strong, uncompromising … so every moment, every situation and emotion may serve as a stairway into ourselves – built of knowledge and of our true path in this Life.
Thank you Petra for this wonderful experience!

30 day course, Workshops

The best self-growth course in the country!

This is the best self-growth course in Croatia. I claim that based on my 4 years intensively exploring education, due to my personal growth career development. This course is unique. It is perfectly adapted to your daily schedule because you don’t have to physically be somewhere, you get all directions online. The fact it is held online doesn’t affect your benefits. Just the opposite, this is a military drill! You learn the discipline and make new healthy habits in 30 days. There is no chance you get out of this without a change! The course is modern, comprehensive, radical and fun. In one month I did things I set back for months or I believed were impossible…The concept is great: every day is a new shift and a surprise! Be aware; this is only for the bold ones who really care for their self -work!

30 day course, Workshops

Fulfilled and smarter!

Fulfilled and smarter because of this great experience!

I was happy, but now I am even happier 🙂



Retreat, Transform the woman within

Surely one of the best gifts I have decided to give myself

School of personal change ‘Create Your New Self!’ is surely one of the best gifts I have decided to give myself. I recommend this „must have“ education to everyone – eight weeks have passed in the moment resulting in incredible outcomes! Petra and her team are extraordinary and I’m indescribably grateful for the time we spent together.
An amusing, ambitious, emotional, sincere and encouraging female group under Petra’s leadership succeeded in what many experienced coaches did not – to let me be here and now, in peace and love with myself. Already during the first week of the course I began with the demolition of primeval and unnecessary structures of perception and behavior, continued by re-examining my life goals, detecting and deactivating silly blockages, and (un)expectedly, ended up with significantly changed lifestyle and one big step closer to the life I want and deserve. A wonderful and liberating experience, moreover, magical.

8-week program - School of Personal Change, Workshops

Free in love!

Dear Petra, you entered into my life and sprinkled it with the flowers.

Throughout your Regression Workshop, my life  unwound  and turned all over in a just two days.

Leading not only me, but all the other beautiful people through those days,  you helped us to awake our minds and souls towards a completely new spiritual, energetic level so much that I only have words of gratefulness and love.

Turning through all the stages of my life, I saw moments I was not aware of, and my sadness completely suppressed.

You’ve helped me deal with my life blockages in such a wonderful way, that I really feel free like a bird; trough the smiles and tears, you helped me to break the wall, I sometimes thought was impossible.

Leading me trough this life and the previous one, you opened my eyes, brought relief and moved long lived burden from my heart.

Why free, free in love? … because you helped to recognize that love is my middle name, that my soul has chosen the body of this life to absorb love, learn in love, and be love. You helped  me to see  I shouldn’t hide this name of love  or embarrass it, but to embrace it warmly with love. You helped to recognize what it means not to only love others, but primarily to love myself so that I could share it unselfishly, understand it and live my life through it.

You illuminated my path in a such beautiful ways, warm ways, without condemning … you have recognized in me that wonderful world. I am full gratitude with all my heart for you.

You are an angel, and I’ll carry you in my heart through all my further worldly paths.

Thank you, you beautiful soul!

Intensive Weekend Workshop, Workshops

Recalling of the suppressed events…

Dear Petra!

Thank you so much for your effort, patience and guidance on this fascinating and unforgettable 2-day journey into vastness of our forgotten past!

This seminar contributed to recalling of some of the suppressed events, forgotten desires and discovering the purpose of our existence.
But, of course, only for those who are ready to accept those insights and everything that comes along…


Intensive Weekend Workshop, Workshops

Stunning expertise!

During each private and group work with Petra, I remain speechless because it was challenging to choose the right words to describe the exact experience and the results of the entire sessions. Her methods of work are so gentle, empathic, relaxing and, on the other hand, so thorough, accurate and revealing. Stunning expertise!

I went to the workshop without much anticipation, only with the desire to better understand myself, how I react and how to deal with some life challenges, especially those repeating over and over again. After two days of workshop I did not pick up all the knowledge of the world or colossal doctrines – even better! I came back home with a sigh of bliss and grateful for the experience that changed my perception of my own life and enriched me with the friendships that leave a mark for eternity. More than a finding of sense – invaluable.

Intensive Weekend Workshop, Workshops

I would repeat this journey with Petra again..and again…and again 🙂

This workshop  is a delightful and intense journey with Petra as your guide. She is experienced, gentle,  gives you security and consideration. She took me to all kind of beautiful places where I would never go on my own. She led me to hidden parts inside of me, where I have found new paths and shortcuts towards the things I really need and want.

I would do it again. I would repeat this journey with Petra again and again…and again 🙂


Intensive Weekend Workshop, Workshops

My present is much happier, and my future looks brighter and brighter every day!

I faced the same repeating situations over and over again. First time, second time, I didn’t react. I thought it was just a coincidence. But when it happened again for God knows which time, I got scared. There was only a gray future in front of me, full of sadness and pain. That’s exactly how I felt. I was sad, tired, exhausted. I knew that I didn’t live my intended Purpose; that I didn’t live a Life for what I felt I needed to live and, after all, the Life I want to live.

Trying to find a solution to this problem, I faced the wall. I no longer knew how and where to go, where to turn. I was stuck. Everything I tried backfired. There was no right path for me to take. I tried some therapies, both classic and alternative ones, but they all left me tapping in place.

When I first came to Petra, I cried. She was so kind and compassionate right from the start that I felt free to cry, right there in front of the complete stranger. To get the answers to my question about why I’ve been facing the same repeating situations over and over again, we have done three therapies – hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, and LBL – Life Between Lives regression. A lot of things felt clearer right after the first therapy, but I took a fraction of the puzzle – a fraction of the answer to my question form each therapy.

Life Between Lives regression was the most rewarding. It was beautiful and very comfortable. I like to describe it as my most beautiful earthly experience so far. I got a lot of insights and clear guidelines. And now, after everything, I can say that I understand myself much better, I understand why I chose this very Life, I clearly see the role of certain people in my life, and, most importantly, I understand why certain exhausting situations were repeating to me over and over again.

Regression therapy has given me the kind of answers I didn’t get on any other therapy, but I can’t say that, having undergone that experience, I magically started living the Life of my dreams, no. What I got is the starting point for the future, a recipe for braking down the wall that has been disabling me to live my Purpose. And so I moved on, slowly. At first, I was pretty uncertain, but now, after a few months of following that recipe, I have to admit that my present is much happier, and my future looks brighter and brighter every day.

Thank you, Petra!

Life Between Lives, Private Sessions

This was so neccessary!

About five years ago, I started to struggle with chronic fatigue. As a professional athlete, it was difficult to break my contract and sign a defeat, but it was even harder to stop following your dreams. At that time, for the first time I heard about hypnotherapy, and good friend of mine said that it might help. As I lived outside of my origin country, it was difficult to find a person of trust. One year ago, the pain and fatigue were so strong that I had to give up and sign the capitulation. Studying the work of Dr. Joe’s Dispenza brought to Petra and on her website, I found out that she is also working with hypnotherapy. It did not take long to schedule an appointment.

Although for the main reason I mentioned tiny phobia and curiosity, in the initial conversation, Petra said that chronic fatigue could be also good to cover in hypnotherapy. We started with meditation and relaxation, and then Petra took me to one of the most interesting adventures of the lifetime. The journey started in my safe place, a mountain I always like to return when I came home. She met me with my phobia, took me to early childhood, and through communication with myself at age of 6 and 4 years, but also with the phobia itself, gave me the right answers.

Through various sensations in my body, we have reached the main source of fatigue. Unlike the phobia which was outside of me, tiredness manifested itself as part of me. Petra then took me back to the mountain where we tried to throw away that fatigue. It turned out that it is still not the right time to be thrown, because in my life for the last several years there was no time for tiredness.

For the end of my journey, two young version of myself (6 and 4 years old) joined me on the mountain. And when I thought it was all over, there were some new questions which brought new sensations in my body. Suddenly I am shown up in the sports hall, at my last match of a professional career. Watching myself on the sports field, the whole situation has become very emotional. Petra then took me to come closer, to embrace myself and congratulate on everything we have gone through together. Although I was proud of everything I did, the athlete in me could not stop tears.

After returning to the present moment, returning home and the rest of the day was quite emotional, but the next morning everything had somehow become different.

Two months after – I signed a new cotract for new sason – I am back in the game full of power and joy!

Thank you Petra for this wonderful and amazing adventure! 🙂



Hypnotheraphy, Past life regression therapy, Private Sessions

Powerful messages in LBL experience!

It is wonderful how everything fits in and how powerful are the messages we receive during the LBL!  I see things much more clearly now. First, I didn’t know what to do with information I got, but when I look back, I see how useful they have been to me. Since the therapy, my life is giving me new ways of dealing with problems. I noticed that at first I didn’t noticed all the advice I have received. Then I listened to my recording and realized I have been subconsciously driven by them! Guided by life itself.  I am so grateful, from the bottom of my heart, for everything I received, with all learning I can heal myself in the future…

Thank you once again! Sending you tons of love 🙂


Life Between Lives, Private Sessions

A journey opened up to me

I found my inner balance in this group; I have no more anger in me, which makes me happy, and I go through my life with a smile. A journey opened up to me. I’m happy to have found myself in a group that is fantastic, not to mention our mentor – a wonderful person who guided me towards inner peace.

8-week program - School of Personal Change, Workshops

This workshop demands work and commitment

Great tools for creating a new life, becoming aware of the negative behavior patterns and eliminate them. This workshop demands work and commitment, but Petra and the group are always by your side. And of course, all the methods, knowledge and support stay forever!

8-week program - School of Personal Change, Workshops

I became aware of my negative beliefs that have been stopping me

Now after few months, when I look back at my workshop experience, I can see how many things have changed in my life! New horizons, new and interesting people, new opportunities, new way of thinking. With Petra’s support, who persistently guided the whole group in facing the patterns of “Old Me”, I became aware of my negative beliefs that have been stopping me to create the future I want. This created total catharsis for me! Its effect I look on with thrill, deep respect and gratefulness for having such an experience.

8-week program - School of Personal Change, Workshops

I gained the ability to see myself and the things happening to me on a much deeper level

Petra’s workshop represents a systematic way of questioning and realizing yourself and your life from various aspects up to this moment. It also gives you useful techniques and methodologies which enable you to continue to work on yourself after the workshop is finished. The irreplaceable experience of working in a group gives you the opportunity to perceive yourself through differences and similarities of others.
It was interesting to see very visible changes on people attending the workshops and to hear about the ways the workshops helped them. Each of them mentioned different aspects of growth they experienced but still all of us knew what she or he was telling us about. That is exactly what constitutes the very essence of Petra’s workshops, everybody goes through the same content, same techniques and tools but still the effects are different and exactly the ones you need at a given moment.
By adopting learned techniques into my daily practice I’ve noticed an increase in my capabilities in many fields but above all I gained the ability to see myself and the things happening to me on a much deeper level.
It is not easy to find the words to describe the effect of Petra’s workshops – the best way is to feel it.

8-week program - School of Personal Change, Workshops

This is one of the most beautiful life experiences

This is one of the most beautiful life experiences to get to know yourself and empower yourself. Petra is an expert, a caring person you can confide in completely. The workshops are unique because they combine several different approaches to self-development and they are based on a scientific approach. I recommend them to everyone to improve the quality of life in general, because they will help you create personal peace, health, better relationships and self-confidence.

8-week program - School of Personal Change, Workshops

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