Such an amazing program that leaves nothing uncovered!

I came into this program feeling incredibly lost and suffering from constant panic attacks and anxiety. After trying so many modalities over the years, I became afraid of my own body and all that was trying to come up and release. Petra’s program was perfectly laid out from day one and most importantly, she was so kind, caring and gentle and made sure that everyone was seen, heard and on track at all times. Petras amazing generosity and kind heart, along with her skills, knowledge and experience has created such an amazing program that leaves nothing uncovered! Thank you so much Petra for servicing humanity in such a wonderful, nurturing way!

Livia Macdonald
School of Personal Change, Workshops

Powerful meditations, yoga and profoundly reflective homework

Wow!! What a ride!!! The Petra School of Change has led me on an incredible journey of personal transformation. The weekly catch ups to share our experiences combined with powerful meditations, yoga and profoundly reflective homework has provided me with the time and space to deeply heal some of the traumas that have been holding me back in life. Petra guided us through the experience from a space of love, compassion and strength. It has been one of the best things I have done to connect me with my soul and to rediscover my true purpose for being here on this 3D earth, to clear away so many old patterns and programs so I can get to the truth of who I am. I am tremendously grateful for the opportunity to have learnt from such a powerful and loving teacher.

Gabe Morahan
School of Personal Change, Workshops

Petra carries and shares her wisdom, combination of science and transcendental knowledge in most humble ways.

Petra is one of the most heart centred people I have met and be fortunate to be connected with. She is selfless in her guidance and spiritual teaching of others. Petra carries and shares her wisdom, combination of science and transcendental knowledge in most humble ways. Petra is a true healer and I cannot recommend her enough to anyone seeking spiritual growth, personal freedom and peace.

Alja Hopkins
School of Personal Change, Workshops

Working with Petra one on one was nothing short of miraculous!

What a beautiful, gentle and kind soul! Working with Petra one on one was nothing short of miraculous! Petra is very observant, very kind, comforting and very patient. She definitely went above and beyond to help me face my greatest fears and trauma that I have been dealing with for years and her approach was very careful, loving and thorough. Petra is an angel and carries the gift of knowing how to deal with serious trauma. I LOVE her passion and unconditional love for humanity!

Advanced Energy Work, Private Sessions

Every morning, I enjoy meditation and the wonderful music

Dear Petra,
a sincere and big thanks for the Masterclass you have given us. Every morning, I enjoy meditation and the wonderful music that really heals, as well as the writing through which I purge and release more and more of myself.
Greetings and a big thank you again for the “challenge” you are giving us

Lea Sokolic
_Istaknuto (usluge, EN), Free Masterclass, Workshops

Forever grateful for this experience

For anyone who feels ready for the long awaited CHANGE, for those who just don’t want to settle with ‘good enough’ but want ‘GREAT’ in any area of their life, for those who feel lost or stuck and don’t have a clue what they want as well as for the ones who know exactly where they want to be but don’t know HOW to get there…I couldn’t recommend this course enough. 😊🔝🔝🔝👌
Petra’s guidance is so gentle, loving, subtle, yet SO powerful. 💓💪 And the value of connecting with other souls who share their journey with you throughout this beautiful process and the power of vulnerability and shared experiences is absolutely — AMAZING! 💙💚💛🧡💜
– Forever grateful for this experience. 😊🙏

School of Personal Change, Workshops

A special thank you for all you’ve done for me

Watch Klaudia’s testimonial here

Klaudia, Austria
School of Personal Change, Workshops

Petra’s workshop “Create a new life” has changed my life from my roots up

Dr. Dispenza’s week long retreat in Berlin was a wonderful experience for me: I moved my boundaries several times, I found out that I was not afraid of height and that I was much stronger than I thought. On the other hand, I was shocked to see that the root of all my troubles and problems was actually feeling unworthy. As long as I meditated and worked on that belief, I could not overcome the enormous sadness that covered me. I saw Petra first time in my life on the challenge in Berlin, not knowing who she was, and second time when Falco talked about his experience. I was very pleased when I found out that she is from Croatia and even more when I saw that she was a therapist.

Petra’s workshop “Create a new life” has changed my life from the root because now I can better understand the  patterns of my parents behavior and, above all, better understand myself. With her expertise, experience and love, Petra led us through the tiniest parts of our soul and heart, and I have no words to thank her for that. I felt like sailing on a soft cloud supported and loved, so perfect just the way I am. Whenever I went astray, Petra and a group of beautiful women met me with a lot of understanding, they would strengthen me and encourage me to move on.

Nevertheless I have experienced the most beautiful experience in individual work with Petra. The wonderful journey to the hidden parts of my being helped me to breathe differently, to finally begin to feel my true needs and to really hear what my soul has to say. For the first in my life I  have felt so safe that I can fully relax and release all the burdens from the past.

Thank you, Petra, from the bottom of my heart <3 <3 <3

School of Personal Change, Workshops

She led me with gentle and firm steps

Preparing for the Week Long Retreat of dr. Joe Dispenza, in Berlin, I really had a big expectations (from myself?) . I thought I would experience a big transformation and that would be it. I will take away all my burdens and continue with my new life. The experience was beautiful, 1200 people in one place with the same intention – to love life. I’ve taped a world I did not even know existed. However-… I did not even suspect that I would just spit out the surface. I returned home exhausted physically and with more question marks over my head about my life. I came back to the old environment and it was challenging to stay in the same vibration. Petra s School “Create a New Life” And 30 day online program have changed me in a much deeper level.

With gentle and firm steps led me to the darkest parts of myself. I actually needed that. To face myself with all my parts … to awake my blockages … to find out what beliefs do not serve me. And then, when I “broke up” and opened heart to “unknown” people, the second part of the transformation began, such as a solid, stable flower – every part of me began to come to its place.


From a person who was lost and on daily basis had terrible thoughts about herself… I’m not worth enough…I m not smart, beautiful, capable…- who always thought about what someone else would say,… who always compares with others … from a person who cried a lot..who doubted in his own intelligence … I became firm, stable, I returned my faith to myself, my existence and my value. Now I know it’s OK to be happy even someone else is not, realizing that everyone has the CHOICE. I learned to separate myself from other thoughts and feelings and stay in my mind, calm and content. I opened my heart and returned faith to miracles. Now I look forward to my future, knowing that I am creating it in the present. Petra’s leadership throughout this process is priceless. From Berlin I came back happy, but in the depths of myself, in disintegration … And I did not know where to go. Then I got the opportunity to go to Petra’s school and to go through the whole process of the transformation to the very end, step by step, with true support from Petra and other participants. I am really gratitude from the depths of my soul. Now I see every challenge as a blessing and opportunity for growth. I look forward to my life.

Emilija Hostička
School of Personal Change, Workshops

She is teaching from her own experience

I acquainted myself with the teachings of Joe Dispenza 2 years ago and soon after I started with “the work”. After a while, working on my own and dissapointed with my progress, I decided to begin attending his workshops. At one of those workshops I met Petra as a member of Dr Joe’s team. I immediately noticed that several Croatian students in my group, which I didn’t know form before, were already working with her and were at a much more advanced level than me. After that I applied immediately to one of Petra’s online workshops and I realized that they are an excellent addition to Dr Joe’s. The benefits are numerous like smaller groups so each attendee gets the appropriate attention, each can ask questions and share his/her experience, people bond during the workshop so they continue to motivate and support each other during and after the workshop, they share problems they are struggling with so all the others within the group are benefiting from this sharing… Petra’s workshops are exploring other techniques of working on yourself, she is teaching from her own experience so people recognize the authenticity of her words/work. Petra gives individual sessions as well and is specialized in other alternative healing techniques which might be just what you need. Instead struggling on your own I recommend attending Petra’s workshops, it might help you as it helped me. I can say I improved my technique, my meditations are deeper, my motivation is higher, I am more present and more aware.

Ana Prpić
School of Personal Change, Workshops

Grateful for this wonderful program

Thanks for the wonderful masterclass. Although I meditate daily, Petra’s meditations are one of those that have helped me to get deeper into myself and release a lot I kept in. I am grateful for that ❤️

Free Masterclass, Workshops

As a former procrastinator, I am telling you without a doubt I found the recipe for happiness

I took part in Petra’s school in order to get my life straight, focus on my goals and stop procrastinating. To be clear, I didn’t have any severe problems, such as health or broken mind issues, I didn’t experience any traumas in my childhood nor did I have unloving surroundings or unhealthy relationships, yet I didn’t feel satisfied with my way of living. Basically, I enrolled to get the best out of myself. To become the best version possible. AND I DID.

I’m not trying to say that after 2 months course I made my life perfect, that would be far fetched and impossible. What I’m saying is that I found many little unresolved issues within me that I first recognized and then with Petra’s guidance and group support learned how to fix. I found the knowledge I was lacking to enhance my focus and see what was holding me back. Petra’s words weren’t just supportive and motivational, but also full of knowledge and wisdom.

Through everyday meditations guided by her I started to be aware of my thoughts and feelings, I started to learn to control them and I got the most amazing ideas whilst doing so. I found out that all answers come from within and that I already had them all, but just couldn’t reach them. I feel like I only scratched the surface of what exists inside of me, and I never would’ve been able to do so without professional guidance provided by Petra. And as a former procrastinator, I am telling you without a doubt that I will not stop doing introspective like Petra taught me through various techniques. That implies that now I know that I have enough strength to do literally anything I set my mind to. After 2 months I really did become a new person. I found the recipe for happiness, and it tastes better than any pizza napoletana!

If you know that feeling when someone gives you something and you lose your mind because you don’t even know how to properly thank them, that’s the feeling after this course. THANK YOU PETRA! You made a nonbeliever believe.

Darko Andrić
School of Personal Change, Workshops

Safe to face my fears

Petra is an angel that I’m really grateful to know. Her energy is so peaceful and comfortable that with her guidance I felt safe to face my fears and move on with my life! Thanks Petra for helping me on my journey, love you.

Advanced Energy Work, Hypnotheraphy, Private Sessions

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Free Masterclass, Workshops

A useful experience

It is useful to find a chance to devote oneself to himself and listen to someone else recall certain things about himself.

Free Masterclass, Workshops

You’ll be transformed by her love, care and expertise

Petra is absolutely amazing. If you’re thinking to work with Petra, don’t think just do it. You’ll be transformed by her love, care and expertise. Whatever you need she’ll be there for you. I was touched by her level of being and passion for what she does. Don’t let fear get in your way, jump on and go all in, because you’ll love who you’ll become in the process. Thank you Petra for supporting me on my journey. So grateful to have met you. ❤️

Veronica Trufasu
Advanced Energy Work, Private Sessions

She is a Real Master of her skill!

I met Petra during a dr. Joe Dispenza workshop. I was a healee in a coherence healing. I received a lot of energy from all the healers, but the energy in my body was stuck so I couldn’t release it. My body was shaking and my arms were flying up and down all the time. I was so lucky that Petra asked if I would like her to help me. She asked me in which energy centers my body has health conditions. She gave me instructions what to do and assisted me to move the stuck energy.

This stuck energy was so huge I felt it like a real big stone and Petra helped me step by step to release it. I still remember and feel her warm and beautiful hand. She put it on my heart and I just wanted to hold and hold it all the time. I was so touched by her pure love, caring, kindness, heartwarming professionalism…! She is a Real Master of her skill! My dear Petra I am so grateful to you, big, big hug and good luck in your very important job!

Elena Fountain
Advanced Energy Work, Private Sessions

A big step for me – I started meditating

Thanks for the masterclass. Definitely this is a big step for me. I started meditating. What I have been able to discover is the sadness I hold in my back. The rest of the days (unfortunately) was more of a fight with my ego and being present in the moment, because I am a beginner. But I’m grateful to you and to myself for starting with this masterclass. I will continue on with my work!

Free Masterclass, Workshops

The masterclass helped me

It was very nice and it helped me, thank you

Free Masterclass, Workshops

Thanks to Petra I now know that I don’t have to be afraid

Thanks Petra for your support of my soul!

in March 2019 on a retreat I got my first Healing. I was totally excited and full of awe for what would await me. When I came back into the hall together with the other Healees, it vibrated with energy like I had never experienced before. Something magical should happen. Full of trust I walked aside and left my body the guidance to absorb the healing energy. Each cell of my body vibrated with energy (as created in my mind movie!), it was an incredible feeling. I was outside my body without knowing it, only when the Volunteers and Petra joined me and explained what was going on, I realized the whole thing. I had been given a biological upgrade and now had to come back into my body. I didn’t know how and was so happy that Petra was at my side all the time to accompany me. She stayed until the end, until I was able to walk again to leave the room (we were the last ones in the room). I now know what it feels like to be outside this body, but thanks to Petra I also know that I don’t have to be afraid.
It was an incredible experience and I am so grateful to you Petra from the bottom of my heart for your support and your unconditional love.

In love and gratitude for your being!
Your Liv

Advanced Energy Work, Private Sessions

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