You’ll be transformed by her love, care and expertise

Petra is absolutely amazing. If you’re thinking to work with Petra, don’t think just do it. You’ll be transformed by her love, care and expertise. Whatever you need she’ll be there for you. I was touched by her level of being and passion for what she does. Don’t let fear get in your way, jump on and go all in, because you’ll love who you’ll become in the process. Thank you Petra for supporting me on my journey. So grateful to have met you. ❤️

Veronica Trufasu
Advanced Energy Work, Private Sessions

She is a Real Master of her skill!

I met Petra during a dr. Joe Dispenza workshop. I was a healee in a coherence healing. I received a lot of energy from all the healers, but the energy in my body was stuck so I couldn’t release it. My body was shaking and my arms were flying up and down all the time. I was so lucky that Petra asked if I would like her to help me. She asked me in which energy centers my body has health conditions. She gave me instructions what to do and assisted me to move the stuck energy.

This stuck energy was so huge I felt it like a real big stone and Petra helped me step by step to release it. I still remember and feel her warm and beautiful hand. She put it on my heart and I just wanted to hold and hold it all the time. I was so touched by her pure love, caring, kindness, heartwarming professionalism…! She is a Real Master of her skill! My dear Petra I am so grateful to you, big, big hug and good luck in your very important job!

Elena Fountain
Advanced Energy Work, Private Sessions

Thanks to Petra I now know that I don’t have to be afraid

Thanks Petra for your support of my soul!

in March 2019 on a retreat I got my first Healing. I was totally excited and full of awe for what would await me. When I came back into the hall together with the other Healees, it vibrated with energy like I had never experienced before. Something magical should happen. Full of trust I walked aside and left my body the guidance to absorb the healing energy. Each cell of my body vibrated with energy (as created in my mind movie!), it was an incredible feeling. I was outside my body without knowing it, only when the Volunteers and Petra joined me and explained what was going on, I realized the whole thing. I had been given a biological upgrade and now had to come back into my body. I didn’t know how and was so happy that Petra was at my side all the time to accompany me. She stayed until the end, until I was able to walk again to leave the room (we were the last ones in the room). I now know what it feels like to be outside this body, but thanks to Petra I also know that I don’t have to be afraid.
It was an incredible experience and I am so grateful to you Petra from the bottom of my heart for your support and your unconditional love.

In love and gratitude for your being!
Your Liv

Advanced Energy Work, Private Sessions

Thank you for changing my life!!

Petra Brzovic you have a very special gift and I am so grateful to have met you and to have completed this life changing course! You are wise beyond words and your heartfelt connection to everyone is felt even via Skype and multiple time zones away!
You meet everyone where they are at and are able to tune in to the exact blockage that is holding them back and provide powerful guidance.
Your meditations are soooooo inspiring and provide a much needed focus for me every morning. Thank you for changing my life!! ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏

Peggy Morison
School of Personal Change, Workshops

Another layer shed off, feeling so grateful

It was a beautiful journey of healing in a lovely group. Lots of insights, and inspiration. Another big layer felt off. Petra is a very intuitive and lovely soul – grateful.

Klaudia Hillekens
School of Personal Change, Workshops

Petra creates a safe, loving and trustworthy environment for the group and in the same time she is very attentive of the individual. It was definitely life-changing for me!

This course really goes into depth with each energy center and provides a deep understanding of blockages in our life (physically, emotionally and mentally). It is structured amazingly well and offers significant and crucial knowledge. It’s definitely transformational and you can always go back to the practical tools that are given to you during the course. Petra is absolutely amazing coach and a heartwarming, caring person. She leads by example and although she is highly professional she always makes you feel like we are all alike and on the same path. She creates a safe, loving and trustworthy environment and group gets connected and everyone really benefits from that. She is a great teacher of this time where we are flooded with all sorts of spiritual awakening courses for she has a great expertise but is able to make it simple and understandable. She is also very attentive to the individual and has an amazing subtle feeling for when you need additional care and keeps an eye of everyone. She even adapts the course in between just to meet all of the individual needs. Not many teachers are able to do this and still go through the intended material. This workshop will definitely lead you to great depths and if you commit to it at least a little you will recognize a change in you. This school helped me break down some walls and gain a different perspective. Definitely moved me forward in my life and already a lot has changed during the course and right after. Would sincerely recommend it to anyone, whether you are a beginner in this journey of mastering yourself or you think you’ve done it all. Definitely life changing! So grateful to have done this course!

Barbara Jedovnicky
School of Personal Change, Workshops

I became aware of my deepest beliefs.

The Masterclass helped me to become aware of my deepest beliefs. I appreciate it.

Janja, Masterclass
Free Masterclass, Workshops

A wonderful experience that left me grateful

It was wonderful. It has helped me a lot in this moment of my life. I am grateful to the group and Petra.

School of Personal Change, Workshops

Now, even awake I’m able to dream – I know how to live! Is there anything greater than that?

The School of Personal Change ”Create Your New Life” is neither a course nor a seminar or a lecture that you are listening to and continue with your life as before. This is a workshop in the full sense of the word. You’re learning and working. Not only that you change your habits and correct your everyday life, but you discover the depth of your personality, transform your consciousness, and truly change your life. You create your new Self. If you do the work. Only when you realize how much you have learned and done during the workshop, only then you really fall in love with the whole process, with all the new knowledge, with life, with the world … and then the real joy and new life begins 🙂 Thank you Petra, for waking our hearts with your heart, so that now even awake we are able to dream 🙂 we know how to live! Is there anything greater than that?

School of Personal Change, Workshops

The eight week program passes in a moment, leaving behind the experience, tools and the feeling that so much more is possible than we dare to dream of.

An excellent program for all who wish to realize what are those thoughts, beliefs, emotions and patterns that spin beneath the surface and hampers them in living the life they want. Petra leads brilliantly – she has the knowledge, experience, and passionate devotion to the mission to help and support everyone on their path of creating their new self. It is wonderful to have such support throughout the process. The energy of the group created through these 8 weeks is an extra bonus and of assistance to anyone who participates. The eight week program passes in a moment, leaving behind the experience, tools and the feeling that so much more is possible than we dare to dream of.

School of Personal Change, Workshops

Great Thanks to Petra on her flawless leadership, motivation and energy!

I am very satisfied and grateful for this wonderful workshop. Despite my many years of experience in working on myself, I often find that we are easily “lost” in a multitude of information and methods. This energy center oriented program is ideally formulated for anyone who feels the need to make an “inventory” in their interior. See what is hidden there, what are the patterns that frustrate us in our progress in life, what bothers us that we are often not aware of or don’t know how to resolve it. We often know where we want to get but we do not know which way to take. After the workshop I feel great cleansing, much more determination, clarity and confidence in myself! Great Thanks to Petra on her flawless leadership, motivation and energy. Thanks to the whole group for the support, courage and will. It is wonderful to be a witness to your own and other’s changes to a happier and more fulfilled life!

School of Personal Change, Workshops

I discovered the power and will in me!

In these 8 (9) weeks I’ve had an unprecedented experience of all that I can do and how much power and will are in me. I certainly want to point out that I have succeeded in achieving my goal and that my life has already radically changed. I have created all my new experiences, by invoking them in my life through Petra’s methods. A big thank you to Petra Brzović and the team, for the knowledge that it is up to us to say ENOUGH to the life that lives instead of us, because then shortly life turns towards us, and WE start living our lives and enjoy our creation.

Danijela Jozic
School of Personal Change, Workshops

Wonderful Program

Dear Petra,

It was wonderful, words cannot express it all really.

Thank you for sharing this with us, wishing you all the best.

Kind regards from Beograd

Žaklina Laudanović
Free Masterclass, Workshops

The course was exactly what I really needed to open up

Hello Petra,

I was lucky enough to see you at Bonn and personally give my heartfelt thanks for all you have done for me.
The course was exactly what I really needed to open up.

I can fully understand what you said about The Masterclass video when YOU watched and reacted the way you did. I thought it was beautiful. The clarity of words and the way it was explained.

Thank you again.
Big Hug

Brian Battle
Free Masterclass, Workshops

Free in love!

Dear Petra, you entered into my life and sprinkled it with the flowers.

Throughout your Regression Workshop, my life unwound and turned all over in a just two days.

Leading not only me, but all the other beautiful people through those days, you helped us to awake our minds and souls towards a completely new spiritual, energetic level so much that I only have words of gratefulness and love.

Turning through all the stages of my life, I saw moments I was not aware of, and my sadness completely suppressed.

You’ve helped me deal with my life blockages in such a wonderful way, that I really feel free like a bird; trough the smiles and tears, you helped me to break the wall, I sometimes thought was impossible.

Leading me trough this life and the previous one, you opened my eyes, brought relief and moved long lived burden from my heart.

Why free, free in love? … because you helped to recognize that love is my middle name, that my soul has chosen the body of this life to absorb love, learn in love, and be love. You helped me to see I shouldn’t hide this name of love or embarrass it, but to embrace it warmly with love. You helped to recognize what it means not to only love others, but primarily to love myself so that I could share it unselfishly, understand it and live my life through it.

You illuminated my path in a such beautiful ways, warm ways, without condemning … you have recognized in me that wonderful world. I am full gratitude with all my heart for you.

You are an angel, and I’ll carry you in my heart through all my further worldly paths.

Thank you, you beautiful soul!

Intensive Weekend Workshop, Workshops

No doubts anymore!

I feel wonderful and full of love after this two days!!!  I am so happy and full of gratitude to Petra. She is a beautiful and such a sensitive person!

I am much more in love with my partner since before, there are no doubts anymore!  I feel happy and joyful. So many new thoughts and discoveries!

The whole time I felt Petra’s care and knew I was absolutely safe with her.  She did an amazing job!


If you want to change your life, there is no better way!

That was an amazing experience! It’s great to see the condition of your body before and after the sessions. It is unbelievable how fast we can shine and completely change the colors of our aura!

Petra and Normen are great therapists,so lovely, nice and supportive. My LBL session didn’t go as I expected. I wanted to quit, but Petra didn’t let me. She was so patient and supportive. She really worked hard and gave herself into the session. I’m so grateful. Without her persistence, I wouldn’t continue my session and I wouldn’t have the most beautiful journey of my life.

I’m still processing all that I have experienced. This is the best way to know yourself and to change your life.

This isn’t only my subjective opinion. My family noticed changes immediately when I returned home.

If you want to change your life, there is no better way!

Thank you Petra and Normen!

_Istaknuto (usluge, EN), Research

Awaken from a deep sleep

Mind-blowing ̶ a word that could sum up the experience of therapy in combination with measuring. There are several reasons I recommend it! A human as a rational being unquestionably needs as much evidence as possible to start believing – this therapy empirically demonstrates to each participant there is a higher purpose of our behaviour.

Moreover, participants learn to plunge into the obscured part of themselves, to listen their inner voice and find the solutions for their doubts and life challenges. After I had enlightened the real cause of my difficulties, I changed the perception of my reality which empowered me to live conscious and fulfilling life. Reframing my everyday challenges have never been easier. While I was watching the activity of my brain on a computer screen, at one point it seemed I was awakened from “deep sleep” and became aware of myself. I realized that each of my thought left the mark on my mind and body – positive and negative. I could see how exactly my notions create my reality!

There were no words to describe my surprise, joy, fascination, respect and admiration for my brain, body, soul, nature and evolution. This therapy provided me the scientific insight into my life and the evidence that the enormous network of brain activity in my head is nothing but my reality and life that can be learned to change in a safe way. Once you have been “eye to eye” with your brain, you simply want to learn as much as possible about this extraordinary part of the body and become its best friend. Encountering my Soul is a breath taking and life changing event!

Watching out for changes that are happening in our brain and body while living conscious life, we are witnessing the wonder of nature and becoming active participants in recreation of our reality, our evolution. By revealing my brain and its intrinsic magic, I finally found myself in a real dimension that offers me infinite possibilities because my mind is now easily demonstrable and changeable.


Amazing and a respectable team of scientists

I was one of few lucky ones to be able to do two sessions of hypnotherapy with Petra, guiding me through the work, and Normen studying my brain, during their first week of combined work in Hannover.
I am a hypnotherapist trained by Paul Aurand with the teachings of Michael Newton, so I know this work and have seen a few different hypnotherapists during my training and afterward.

Regression is a very interesting tool if, as Roger Woolger says: « You have tried everything you could think off and you still have something that is bothering your inner life and you don’t seem to be able to get rid off or to understand.” It is not something that I recommend for the fun, I really think it is a therapeutic tool.

I have known and deeply trusted Petra for a few years now, so I was really eager to be in her «hands» and see what was going to come up during my sessions. I find Petra so amazing as a therapist in the sense that she is very empathic and she is really dancing a close ballet with her client. I could see her work with another client and we should use her to teach students how to be present with their clients. A work of very high level, I wish more therapists were working as she is, completely respecting her client and also very importantly the pace of her client. She is a real doula of the soul. You can see she has done this work for years, and somehow I felt like in a birthing room, with her at my side and Normen ensuring a kind of security.

I hope that Normen and Petra’s studies will show data that can be used for the benefit of many. I feel that the work that we did in Hannover continues to grow afterward. There are personal things that are shifting in my life with new insights that are shedding a very interesting light on some events or feelings. So what can I say more than if you are considering doing this work, I can absolutely highly recommend you this amazing and respectable team!

Florence Bory

Every thought leaves a mark

The most accurate description of what I felt during and after the therapy is complete DELIGHT. I was fascinated with seeing my emotions on the screen and with a fact that they become available to us in a material way. Each emotion has its own frequency and we can see it in a form of a brain wave.

The moment when I had realized the cause of all my life experiences and WHY I was ment to get through them, why I have attracted those specific events….this moment of awareness is unbealivable. I was wondering „Is it really possible that all my emotions are here just because of me, because their source is within me? After I figured out the very cause during the therapy I felt like all the dots of my life got connected, I experienced pure enlightment and finally got a clear picture.

Even more fascinating is a fact that every part of this journey is being recorded, shown in its authentic way, in a form of a wave. When you look it as just a wave, as it is, you are completely stunned – every my taught has left a MARK!

When you learn how your brain works, you can’t stop thinking about it and you figure out that with controling your taughts you can make new emotions which become new waves!! This fact really helped me to understand that my possibilites are endless, so I can choose the ones I like!

Now I choose new thoughts, new marks, new energy. Isn’t that beautiful?


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