Petra Brzović

Petra is certified in many fields, and today she is most active as:

  • Transpersonal and clinical hypnotherapist,
  • Regression and past life regression therapist,
  • Life between Lives therapist,
  • IACT Master Instructor and Trainer teaching other therapists,
  • Member of IACT – International Association of Therapists and Advisers,
  • Member of The Michael Newton Institute’s Educational Committee
  • Member of the The Michael Newton Institute’s Research Committee.


Aside from being a therapist, Petra leads workshops and seminars around the world and teaches in international schools training other therapists. She actively participates in Body & Mind conferences, seminars and trainings; and follows the latest research in the field of medicine of the mind and body, quantum physics, epigenetics, neuroscience and soul.

She passionately conducts research of consciousness and the correlation between brain, body and soul with an international team of scientists and doctors. 




Her work with clients

Using various body & mind healing methods, Petra is committed to helping clients who have experienced trauma and who suffer from fears, phobias and anxiety. Thanks to the extraordinary techniques that help make us aware of the wisdom of the body, Petra is also helping people who are suffering from chronic or acute diseases, in order to get answers to the question of why the disease emerged in the first place so that they can heal on all levels.

Today one of her biggest passions is working with Souls through Life between Lives sessions that bring deep healing and understanding to her clients.

She intensively holds individual and group therapies and workshops online and around the world, which help clients recognize the power to heal at the deepest level and make the changes they want to make in order to live as happy, healthy and free. The classes and workshops she holds are a result of her long term experience in working as a therapist and yoga teacher – they represent a fusion of various healing techniques which makes them unique, intuitive and liberating.


During every private and group work with Petra, I remain speechless because it is challenging to choose the right words to describe the experience and the results. Her methods are so gentle, empathic, relaxing and, on the other hand, so thorough, accurate and revealing. Stunning experience! Kruna, 20.04.2018.

The Michael Newton Institute

As a member of the Educational Committee of The Michael Newton Institute she is dedicated to ensure the highest professional teaching standards, acknowledging the wealth of teaching talents within the Institute and contributing to the evolution of consciousness of humankind happening at all levels.

Petra thus teaches with Paul Aurand and Allison Axinn from The Michael Newton Institute educating other therapists in the world.

As a member of the Reseach Committee of The Michael Newton Institute Petra is dedicated to explore connection between Soul and human mind and body, effects of Life between Lives sessions on clients’ lives and exploring mystical experiences and consciusness.


Holistic principle and support for fertility

The holistic principle is the basis of Petra’s work, so Petra is also a Certified Fertile Body Method therapist, aromatherapist, yoga teacher and doula. In co-operation with the Croatian hematological and oncological society, she participated in the education of medical staff for the purpose of introducing clinical aromatherapy to Croatian hospitals.

She’s a co-founder and co-leader of the training for prenatal yoga teachers in Gaia Yoga School, certified by Yoga Alliance.

In co-operation with top experts from the field of gynecology, nutrition, acupuncture, psychology and holistic treatments, she runs a support program for couples who wish to get pregnant and especially for those who are facing infertility issues. For that purpose in her Zivia studio in Zagreb, she designed group and individual lessons for pregnant women, making sure that babies and moms are healthy and taken care of, making birth a wonderful experience and helping them prepare themselves adequately for the postpartum period. Today, these lessons are conducted by Petra’s pupils, Certified Prenatal and Postnatal yoga teachers.

Having been educated as a Doula at the Dona International School, she has deepened her knowledge of the transformational power of giving birth, which along with her own personal experience helped her more to support women, their partners and the babies they bring to the world.

Moreover, as a Fertile Body Method therapist, she helps with the problem of infertility, and prepares couples for assisted fertilization, pregnancy, childbirth and parenting.

Meet Petra’s work

Petra Brzovic is an intuitive therapist with a strong background in many disciplines in which she is certified. She conducts workshops and seminars all over the world, as a result of her long-standing experience in working as a therapist and a yoga teacher – they are a fusion of various healing techniques making them unique, intuitive and liberating.

As Master Trainer and Instructor Petra is training and teaching therapists around the world, helping them learn how to help others heal. If you feel called to join this path feel free to contact us regarding future trainings.

She also actively participates at Body & Mind conferences, seminars and trainings, follows the latest research in the field of medicine of the mind and body, and passionately researches the consciousness, correlation between brain, body and soul with an international team of scientists and doctors.

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